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Something I Wish I Could Design, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:12am

So I broke my iPhone 6s Plus screen, but it still worked. Then I rebroke it beyond use. I did not subsequently embark on a rediscovery of the joys of life undigital. Instead we put my SIM card into an old 5s until we could get my phone up and going again.

And I loved it. So teeny tiny! So easy to hold! So not taking over my entire perceived universe! I’ve got my 6S working, but I took it back only because the 5S can’t support my apps.

All of which made me kind of wish I were still working so I could design the Teeny Phone For Older People. (To be fair, the iPhone SE probably gets close and probably when I get a new phone it will be this.)

  1. A great camera with super easy Share functions for photos
  2. All the Very Important Apps like Yelp, Uber, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Email
  3. A more resistant sideswipe function – I am forever fidgeting my way out of where I want to be
  4. More screen space for large font typing and more screen space to read texts. Enough with elegant white space.

It’s not uncommon that I want to design user interfaces even when it’s not possible. My goodness freeway interchanges are often awful. I could go on. But I shan’t.

I have two questions for you guys this morning.

  1. How are you feeling about your phone these days?
  2. Are there aspects of your job, current or past, that you carry over into your day-to-day living?

Also have a good weekend. Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and the hope of a happy spring season for all.


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  1. You should design it :-)
    And the answer No. 2: yes-every day-a lot !
    Happy Easter,Happy Passover,Happy Weekend…..

  2. It’s less my phone and more my social media apps I’ve had to make better for myself. Deleted Facebook from my phone, put a timer on my browser that keeps me from lingering there forever. Blocked twitter on my browser, only check it periodically on the app. Instagram as much as I want because it doesn’t make me feel INSANE.

    I use my job skills acquired doing statewide operations and logistics for Hillary Clinton all the time – turns out after you do that for 450 employees on a Presidential campaign, getting your own life together feels easier.

  3. I have tiny hands so I’ve never ever looked at the iPhone plus models. I recently upgraded to the iPhone X and I’ve had a bit of trouble because my fingers won’t stretch across the screen like they could with my iPhone 7. I do enjoy the X as the camera and screen is incredible. However, I feel like I grossly overpaid for something that basically does the same thing as the 7. Oh well, you live and learn.

    1. @Honora, Oh, the battery life on the X is phenomenal. I used to have to charge my 7 at least twice a day (as well as over night) even for just minimal usage. My X will easily last all day.

  4. 1. Super-annoyed at how short the battery life is on my iPhone 6s, while on the waiting list for a new battery. Resisting buying the iPhone X notwithstanding the apparently wonderful camera, mostly because I feel manipulated by Apple as a result of the short battery life of the 6s.
    2. Of course! Sometimes I use my organizational skills from my life as a lawyer for good, for example by chairing a church committee. Other times I lapse into cross-examining, just because I can.
    Happy Easter to you as well.

  5. #1 -I have an HTC phone and I love it. It’s small and the browser buttons figure out what I like to read, and those buttons for those sites appear. My husband’s phone camera is better so I generally use it. He has a Samsung.
    #2 – Once a project manager, always a project manager. I still say things like “that’s your long lead time item so start there” or “that’s your red node on your PERT-CPM chart”. Not sure my husband really likes that much managing, I do try to keep it in check.

  6. Have the 6 with a new battery and I’m fine with it. My iPad is a mini, so no need for a gigantic phone. As to things from work, I would have to say I kept my organizational skills (or maybe I had them all my life) and the ability to get along with many different types of people is helpful forever.

    Happy weekend!

  7. 1 I had a Fairphone 1 and gave it to my son because it drove me nuts despite its excellent camera . So now I have no mobile ‘phone and don’t think it’s worth the aggravation – despite having thereby disqualified myself from the human race . I hate the bloody things – the world is full of people I might have talked to if their ‘phone wasn’t more important . When I’m hassled about it I say I might get an iPad mini . But I don’t think so ! My digital camera is better than the various iPad ones .
    2 Oh yes as a current artist and previous artist manquée I am unreasonable about ugliness and very fussy about colours . This doesn’t make me a great housewife – just a permanently dissatisfied one !

  8. It was time for me to upgrade just as the 8 and X were released. As an actor who is thrifty, even frugal, the very notion of the X struck me as gluttonous and obscene, despite the Verizon attendant’s yeoman efforts of persuasion. A cursory glance at my history would have revealed my having had iPhones 2, 4 and 6; thus, I could not be fooled by the blandishments of the X. I opted for the 8, and I love it. That said, I still miss the Blackberry.

  9. I have the iPhone 7+ and I love the large size as I have big hands and it has a great camera, which is why I originally got it. Other than Instagram, I’ve deleted social media apps, as I’d rather not stare at my phone as much as I had been.

    What I don’t like is how many people, stores, etc. have my number and how freely they call or text. Sometimes I think about getting a second phone that has a different number that only a few people have.

    I also changed my email to only download when I do it manually. Less intrusive.

  10. I have a 5SE and i’m Ok with it. It’s not my only “screen”, i’ve Got a desktop, a laptop, a tablet….

    If I didn’t have all those other devices I might go with a bigger phone, but I do, and I don’t. I do wish the SE had the portrait mode camera, that’s nice.

    I am considering a smart watch. My FItbit hasn’t been pairing well with my phone and I like having something that gives me notifications since I don’t keep the thing on my person at all times.

  11. I have a iPhone 7 and I Iove everything about it. I will upgrade this summer. I prefer the small size as I would rather not carry a purse (bad shoulder). I’m an audiobook lover, blog reader & Use FB & IG for family conversation and updates. I text inside of phoning mostly.
    I was a healthcare professional for 40 years and yes I’m always diagnosing, checking lab results and generally too caring if that’s possible. I try not to interfere and keep quiet unless some asks my opinion, but it’s difficult.

    BTW Love your Saturday posts

  12. I am in the market for a new phone. I currently have and love my iPhone 4 but it is time….I very rarely use the iphone for calling, just for some texting and data when travelling.
    I will probably get the iPhone 8plus because I like the new camera functions. I hate the price tag – ugh.
    I have also wanted an apple watch but because of my iPhone 4 attachment, I couldn’t get one. So now I will get that too. My husband has one and really likes it – I think I will like the fitness features.

    I always look forward to your Saturday posts- thank you
    Suz from Vancouver

  13. I-Phone 4s, ONLY because no damn pay phones exist. I use it only for true emergencies. I have Ting and my bill is about $9 per month.

    I totally agree with Rukshana. I detest cellphones because they’ve become more important than good manners and polite human interaction. I’ve been in conversations with people who grab their cellphones & start talking, as if the phone caller is more important. I now just walk away. I’m fed up with the rudeness cellphones enable. Plus I’m convinced they’re detrimental to our health.
    Glad I never got on FaceBook, too.

  14. I have an iPhone 5 and need to upgrade before this summer because I want a better camera. But, I am not a cell phone person. I use it to make telephone calls and as a camera. I’m not addicted to it at all and wish I did not have to carry it around all day.

  15. I’ve been happy enough with my iPhone 6 plus. I’d like the large screen with less empty space around it. I am inclining toward using facebook and twitter less, but like a screen big enough that I can actually read something. I certainly don’t want anything larger for any reason. I also think there is a market niche for phones for people who are older, but still are interested in technology, that is not quite being filled.

    As for the second question, I seem to be permanently a planner and organizer and it is my default mode. I see a date or a goal I automatically start counting backward and planning and it is as natural to me as breathing. I sill don’t really understand people who don’t think this way, so yes, vestiges of the skills that shaped my careers remain. Also various industry specific knowledge sets. I think we are repositories of our life experiences.

  16. Both my husband and I upgraded to 8s because our 4s were getting wonky. They couldn’t support the updated apps Apple no longer supported the operating system.
    The camera is terrific and the processing speed is very fast. Neither of us do social media (yeah we’re dinosaurs). If you upgrade do yourself a favor and get the protective case as well as screen protectors. The prices are much cheaper through Internet retailers than the box stores. Also to preserve battery life allow the battery to go down to 30% before recharging and don’t leave a fully charged phone plugged in. I give it about an hour and remove it from the charger.

  17. Hi Lisa, you asked what aspects of my current or former job have carried over into to our day-to-day-living?

    For 10 years I worked for a company that was based on the East Coast. I am a California girl. My boss hit the email at about 8:30 EST every day. To be ready, I got up and started work at 5 am. Then, because I was in outside sales, I left my house at 8 am PST for a full day of sales calls. Never got home before 7 pm. However, not once on 10 years did my boss ever acknowledge in an annual appraisal or in any other way that I put in so much extra time. To be honest, I was wildly successful and made lots of money but a “thank you” would have been nice.

    Now, RETIRED, I STILL get up at 5 am and hit the computer.

  18. Phone? Well–I was the last smart phone hold-out in my circle, finally buying an iPhone 6S two years ago. It’s a huge distraction, though I enjoy having something to read when waiting in lines, in waiting rooms, etc. And what did I ever do without my beloved podcasts? That’s my favorite benefit of owning a smart phone; podcasts keep me entertained while walking, working out, or cleaning the house.

    Holdovers from work? I suppose the multi-tasking skills I developed (from necessity) as a high school teacher continue to serve me well as a fiction writer. Four years into retirement, I still grin with glee at no longer being responsible for making people do what they don’t want to do. And perhaps I’m a bit prouder than most, if that’s possible, of the marvelous young people standing up against gun violence, knowing how hard it is to get teens to organize and follow through on a project.

  19. I had the OVERSIZED SIX until CHRISTMAS than SANTA gave me the new 10…….
    I loved the BIGGER SIZE.
    The 10 seems to have a few hang ups…….than again it could be me other than the PORTRAIT feature in photos………I feel like I have gone back in time.
    I’m a BIG GIRL and I LIKE BIG ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!

  20. Of course I own and use a cell phone, and I am also fed up with “screen-starers” and the way people pull their phones out to be sure nothing more interesting (than your company) is going on! Just took a trip with a friend who was constantly on her phone and looking for places to recharge – so annoying. I got fed up standing around waiting and just started walking on without her. For an interesting take on how technology is changing our human interactions, read Sherry Turkle, Professor at MIT (Alone Together).

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