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Waving From Afar With Roses, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:49am

Good morning:).

Today I am up in the Pacific Northwest, either helping or along for the ride (you decide) with my daughter, as she looks for an apartment. I would prefer to mention the exact city, as then I could say things about said city that would make sense, but I do not know that I should be so direct.

After all, would my daughter want to be so direct linked to all this folderol?

In any case, here we are. We will set out on the hunt this morning. I have no idea how this will go, I haven’t looked for an apartment since 1979. Whoa.

If anything of interest happens, I’ll report back. In the meantime, I wanted to show you this rosebush. I planted it 30 years ago and it never grew, certainly never bloomed, because other things were planted in front and around it. Suddenly I’ve got an arch of red, red roses along my fence. Let’s hear it for living things that get their turn.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Apartment hunting with my children has always involved my checkbook. I hope she has chosen a city you can afford!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter. The GPNW (the G is for great) can be a trying place to live in the winter, but the summers of late have been glorious. Here’s to an illustrious career.

  3. Hello Lisa, Even if your daughter is the type to make up her own mind, it helps to have someone to talk things over with, to bounce ideas off and help her make up her own mind. Also, apartment hunting is usually an adventure, so it is fun to share it with someone. Good luck to both of you.

  4. Ah apartment hunting and the shock of realizing
    how we don’t live anymore. A nod to you and your beautiful roses Lisa.


  5. Your rose bush was a slow starter but now that it’s got it’s feet, it can blossom and soar. My wisteria took eight years to bloom. I waited impatiently each Spring in hopes of all those glorious blossoms, to no avail. Then, I found out it takes 8 – 10 years to mature. It was certainly worth the wait.
    Road trips are fun, even if it is to look at apartments. I’m sure you’ll do some exploring and eat at some great restaurants, as well. Any time spent with a daughter is precious. Good luck!

  6. Blooming season,indeed :-)!
    Beautiful roses
    Good luck with the apartment hunting

  7. One year ago I was doing the very same thing with my youngest daughter. Let’s hear it for Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle!

  8. Intriguing. My parents met in the PNW. Their first date was in Portland. I have many relatives there, and many extraordinary memories. Your daughter is doing her residency? I’m trying to imagine where. I have a niece in Portland (Reed, then UChicago, then back to Portland to live in the rain with her husband), and a nephew in Seattle (Harvey Mudd, then Amazon, then left Amazon to become a world traveler for a while with his girlfriend before he gets another job, which I find to be a genius idea). I hope your daughter finds a place she loves. The PNW is beautiful, and I think it has an extraordinary energy.

    Living things that get their turn have been on my mind recently. I will choose to take your rosebushes’ triumph as a metaphorical personal encouragement. (I was in the gym today for the first time in over a year, and met a lovely woman who took my information so her trainer can call me to possibly help me with upper body strength. I did an hour of exercise today and I did not crumble.:)

    Happy Saturday. Happy Mother’s Day. xo.

  9. Talk about a late bloomer! But it seems it was worth the wait. Good luck with the apartment hunt.

  10. Looking at apartments, imagining life in new surroundings and different neighbourhoods must be fun, even if it is not you who is moving.
    Congratulations on your beautiful rose. For my part, I have had to accept the death of my New Dawn ths spring which had bravely survived all the struggle for my garden and lived in a container for the last three years. Perhaps a particularly cold night this last winter killed it off. I do not think I’ll get another one as I am moving out within a year or two. (It is all about moving and changing, isn’t it? And finding out when to wait and when to move on.)

  11. Happy Mother’s Day, and I hope there’s an apartment for your daughter that you’re both happy and comfortable with. xo

  12. Glorious roses, and how wonderful to spend Mother’s Day weekend with your daughter. I hope that you find a lovely and convenient place for her. Seven years ago around this time I was apartment and house-hunting with my son and daughter-in-law in the PNW as she was about to begin her residency. It’s a beautiful part of the country.

  13. Such a deep red rose…and lovely to see it bloom after all those years!
    Enjoy your Mother’s Day and good luck finding an apartment…
    I hope that your daughter likes the city that she has chosen for her residency.

    The PNW is a beautiful place to live but we do get a lot of rain here…a waterproof coat and boots are wardrobe staples for the Fall and winter…fortunately they are easy to find!

  14. “I planted it 30 years ago and it never grew, certainly never bloomed, because other things were planted in front and around it.”

    Today’s schedule is on the brink of eating me alive, but I forced myself when waking up to do my morning pages – 15 minutes or 3 pages, whichever comes first and whatever comes out of the pen. Today, what came out was about sitting still and listening in a very new place (finalized a divorce from my husband – we were together 25 years, 18 of them married) and figuring out how it feels now that what used to be in front of me isn’t there any longer.

    Sometimes the universe sends lovely messages. Enjoy your apartment-hunting!

  15. Hope you and your lovely daughter had an excellent Mother’s Day Weekend apt-hunting together, and that neither rain nor sticker shock interfered with finding an acceptable abode. And what fun for you, to be part of this exciting new stage in her life!

    And fun to return to your beautiful roses, and to all the pleasures that a spring garden brings…

  16. Waving a late but a very large Happy Mother’s Day banner back at you Lisa. Hope the apartment searches went well for you and your daughter. A time and season for everything… as in the renewed vigor from the rose bush, in your garden. May it continues to bloom and grow…:)

  17. How lovely to spend a weekend with your daughter, supporting her at the beginning of a new stage in her life. Such a special experience to share and that rose is bloomin’ marvellous!

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