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See You Tomorrow, Or, Saturday Morning Running Too Late To Publish

I have a draft post in process but my sister and I are canvassing again today and I have to leave my house soon and while I meant to get up at 5:30 this morning I got two spam texts last night at 2:32 and 2:34am respectively and then catastrophised as is only possible in that window between 2-4am so when my alarm went off I did not leap from my bed but instead reset my alarm for 6:30am and although I in fact woke up at 6:15am I could not have breakfast and do you all justice in the 75 available minutes so instead I plan to return tomorrow morning because this policy of Saturday posts written 100% on Saturday is no good if it serves no one and I suspect no one truly cares about it except me which makes me the manager who is telling the worker who is also me to please go home and come back tomorrow.

See you then. If you are so inclined. Hope you slept better than I did.

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  1. I am sure I speak for all of your readers when I say I will happily wait while you do life :)

  2. Your travails re early-morning wake-up call, with big day ahead, sound all too familiar… Happy canvassing today, and we all look forward to tomorrow!

    How about a description of what the well-dressed canvasser might wear? A whole new fashion category (“when on the hustings”) …

    1. @Victoire, Don’t think I don’t consider what to wear! Don’t want to put anyone off!

      Answer for Saturday: black Eileen Fisher midi tube skirt, gray tee, white patent Birkenstocks, and a hat. But my sister is DEFINITELY the best accessory. Or perhaps, I am hers.

  3. Sacrificing sleep for a good cause is admirable, not having enough sustenance and strength from skipping breakfast won’t do very much for the “cause”…:) Like someone else said above, “we can wait”. Wishing you a productive and fruitful day at the trenches. Amelia

    1. @Amelia, Thank you. I had to get an extra large tea and a pumpkin muffin, so I bought locally, from a small business. Walk the talk!

  4. Hey, as long as you and sister are helping all of us by canvassing, you may certainly take all of the time you need…Thank both of you for your time…We indeed shall overcome…

  5. Got it and get it! Tell me, what is canvassing ? I am thinking something political? Door to door? Just curious.

    1. @elaine, In our case, yes, door to door knocking, talking to people to hear their thoughts on key issues, letting them know we support a specific candidate, explaining his positions if they are interested, registering them or signing them up to vote by mail, again, if they are interested.

      Some people also do it in high-traffic areas, like shopping centers and farmer’s markets.

  6. Yes, of course I’ll wait.

    Reading a run-on sentence written by you was worth stopping by.

  7. Full sympathy to you for the middle of the night carastrophizing, which has to be one of the worst things ever. Full admiration to you for getting up and out to canvass despite your difficult night. Post when it feels right for you. I look forward to it (I always do) whenever it is. Take care, my dear. xo.

    1. @Katherine C. James, It is the worst thing. I have however begun to tease myself for it a bit, in the depth of despair I’ll say to myself, oh, yes, because it’s 2:30am the world is definitely ending. Think of something else awful, I dare you;).

  8. Hopefully Tracy
    If so I was there to canvass last weekend ~~~
    Really wonderful people!!!!
    I will be ther in September
    And Lancaster just before the election
    Yes to all the positive energy

  9. Even though this is a quickly dashed off apology, it still really captures the moment, which is what drew me to your Saturday posts in the first place. I hope your canvassing efforts were successful and felt fulfilling!

    1. @Lynne, Thank you:). Canvassing feels successful as long as you do it! Even if only 3 people talk to you, in 50 houses, that can still feel pretty good.

  10. You can put your phone on airplane mode overnight. Or if you need to be reached by certain people in an emergency, on iPhone you can add them to favorites for calls and messaging. Then turn on do not disturb and set it to allow incoming calls/texts from favorites. Spam texts will not get through.

    1. @Jennifer, The problem is that I need to be available in case something happens with my mother, and the caregivers have once or twice used their own phones. I don’t have all those numbers, so I have to keep the phone on for unknowns:(.

  11. Oops do not disturb will not allow any texts through. But there is an option on it to allow calls from all contacts. It is in in settings menu.

  12. Phew. What a great sentence.
    I second Jennifer’s advice. No need to be notified of anything except emergencies during the night.

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