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Hualalai Encore, Or, Saturday Morning at 9am

This year we returned to Hualalai.

We flew home last night, I have photos to share. First of all, here’s the dress I finally bought (in light of this post), to be worn henceforth to all daytime celebrations but not wrong for a night out at a Hawaii steakhouse. Dries van Noten. Is it my usual style? As we age, must we remain our usual self? Chanel ballet slippers, quizzical smile attempt my own and simply an artifact of posing. I felt wholly unquizzical.

The hotel on the other hand seems always to be its usual and beautiful self. From the lobby,

along the walkways,

to the pools.

From morning,


to night.

Surpassing beauty, however, these trips are most notable for the evolution and growth of a little family.

My daughter.

My son.

My husband and me.

By the way, just to assure you that I do not live in designer duds, here’s a black UNIQLO down jacket, with Forever21 gray and white striped tube skirt, this bag by JADEtribe, and a years-old pair of used-to-be-gold Havaianas. I was also wearing a t-shirt covered in gold triangles. Perhaps my own personal version of stars and stripes.

Finally, me and my children, posing for a post-paddleboarding photo. I’m wearing my husband’s rash guard as protection from sunburn.

No photos of the four of us, but I can promise we were there all together.

Have a wonderful weekend. All the best from my family to yours.

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  1. Oh my. I love your dress and the shoes. Great together. I see that Significant Husband is still camera shy. Your children are beautiful and it looks like a good time was had by all. Terrific post!

  2. What a beautiful place to spend some days together before Christmas! You look smashing in the dress and in the rash guard and in the non designer things. I’ve never been to Hawaii. My husband had a legal case there some years ago and made at least 10 trips. I never went along as it was all business and no time for pleasure. Your hotel looks inviting.

  3. Gorgeous photos and makes me long for a trip there. Love your Dries dress and Chanel flats as you know – just gorgeous. I’m impressed that you get yourself dressed for dinner…some of us don’t!

    And especially how wonderful to share it with your children. I’ve found traveling with our kids, even to close places brings so many new dimensions to our relationship – very memorable and special.

    Love that your husband does back shots – actually quite artistic and makes you want to know more about the person than head one photos do…xoxoxo

  4. Oh, that looks like a wonderful place, Lisa. So inviting… as I look out my window at the dark skies, and the smidgen of snow (totally un-ski-able) left from yesterday’s rain.
    I love your striped skirt and jacket. So comfy and utterly chic.
    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the holiday season.

  5. That exploded-flower “day dress” is certainly fun! And your photos of Hualalai itself should be sold to the resort for its promotional brochures – what a heavenly place! And I always enjoy seeing pix of those excellent children of yours: beauty, brains, and brawn – what more could you ask?

    Thanks for sharing some of your happiness with us … you deserve every bit of it.

    Here’s to a merry Christmas and a joyous New Year for you and all of yours – and have a great time en famille tonight!

  6. PS: I see you haven’t chopped off all your hair yet! Or are you using those long locks to stay warm over the winter, and waiting till spring to try a New You? (just joking…)

  7. I can imagine so many looks that can be had with that dress! For me, that dress looks like one that lends itself to a gamut of accessories…shoes to hats… making it a versatile wardrobe investment to convey any attitude or mood you’re feeling. In my world, that makes it a great investment piece! Love it.

    Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family.

  8. Oh, you’re making me want to go back to Hawaii. Brings back just how insanely beautiful it is there. And speaking of beautiful…your family!! What a lovely crew!

  9. Lisa beautiful photos. What a wonderful getaway. Hualailai is probably one if the most beautiful places I have ever been on the planet! We were there in April after not going for ten years and it was just as good as a I remember. Hope you have a great holiday and new year. I love your style and how you mix things. x Kim

  10. I particularly love the last photo with you and your children.
    Good for you for pulling it all off. I’m happy for you Lisa.


  11. This post and your pix made me LOL in the best possible way of LOLing!

    Your Dries Van Noten is magnificent. As are your Uniqlo garments. :)

    As are the members of your beloved family.

    And I second the notion that NOTHING is as pleasurable as a holiday venue revisited and revisited because it simply is perfection.

    Merry Christmas, Lisa. Happy New Year. Because we all deserve a beautiful holiday and MUCH better 2019.



    P.S. Thank you for your blog, where I don’t nearly enough comment or thank you for your musings.

  12. Beautiful family time together. Nothing better than a destination Christmas! Sun, sand, sea and Hawaii landscape… sounds pretty much ideal to me. Your outfits are perfect. Wishing you a wonderful island holiday.

  13. Well I like the dress but I think it might need a belt and some more aggressive shoes for wearing in a more urban setting. It looks fine for rolling out of a steakhouse after a delicious meal.
    We really liked the Big Island. We took it a special trip up to the top of Maunakea at night and had a stargazing session which was the thing that I really liked the most. We had a guide who could point out all the constellations.

  14. Beautiful photos! What a location for a vacation! Damned good looking family you’ve got there. (And one hell of a *ss….very non-WASPy comment!)

  15. What fantastic photos. OMG -I would LOVE to be in that atmosphere right about now!! Enjoy your family time! (How could you not with great place, great weather and great family?!)

  16. Aloha Lisa, love the pictures from your family vacation at the Big Island. Family time is precious especially when children are grown and have lives of their own. Gorgeous son and daughter. And husband too, even if it’s just from the back…:) The dress was perfect. Very stylish with a relaxed vibe for an island vacation. Mele Kalikimaka! xxx

  17. Love being transported to Hawaii for this pre-Christmas tradition. Thank you for sharing your outfits & children with us (relative importance not to be misunderstood by the two sharing a sentence). I love that you shop at Forever 21! My niece introduced me and I will be back.

  18. Oh, what a wonderful tradition! I love your dress and all these beautiful photos of your family, including back shot of your husband (mysterious man) – intriguing! Your daughter looks so much like you and gorgeous. I must put Hualalai on my wish list. It looks fabulous. Have a happy Christmas. Mele Kalikimaka!

  19. Hello Lisa, Each of your photos looks like a postcard–a truly beautiful place!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family, and a wonderful 2019!

  20. Aloha! So funny to see your pictures and read your thoughts on the Big Island..we just got back last night from our trip just up the road at the Mauna Kea with my family..I was so thrilled to have my adult children join me(those family times are precious now!) especially my 2nd year resident daughter from NYC..I love dressing for dinner in long dresses and pretty sandals. Did you all make it up to Merriman’s up in Wiamea? That is our favorite!Seems like a great time to visit, right before the Christmas crowds, the beach at the Mauna Kea was pretty empty. Off to get ready for Chirstmas! Thank you for your thoughtful essay’s this year. They are a gift.

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