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Rainbow Good Wishes, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:07am

I’ve started volunteering at school again, working with kindergarteners on literacy. Most of them speak Spanish at home. Some of them in any given moment can’t tell whether they are speaking English or Spanish, some still speak very little English at all. However, when I give them words to copy, almost all like to write in rainbow letters.

So here you are, multicolor advance Happy New Year, with rudimentary fireworks and child-inspired hearts. I sincerely hope everyone has as happy a 2019 as is humanly possible, and also a very good weekend.


Your friend Lisa

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  1. What a wonderful contribution – a well-established American woman helping immigrant children adapt to their new country.
    At a different age spectrum, I work with University students, many of whom have survived trauma, family dislocation and war to come to our country, and who have somehow found the strength within themselves to pursue higher education.
    You are likely sowing the seeds of a lifetime of success with your early intervention. Kudos to you and very best wishes in 2019!

  2. Happy New Year, Lisa. Giving back to the community and working with children on their English language skills is a wonderful act of kindness and good will. I’m sure you will make a difference in their lives. Seeing your children make progress has to be very satisfying.

  3. Children’s art is the best. So free, full of imagination and all the magic of life.

    Many hopes that the New Year is full of rainbows. Thanks for another wonderful year of posts. XO

    1. @KSL,

      Picasso has been quoted as saying, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

  4. I promise you those children will always remember you and be grateful for your kindness in helping them feel like they belong. That feeling that someone cares matters even more than the reading and writing skills you are teaching them. Thank you for doing this. Wishing everyone a happy new year full of rainbows!

  5. You’re doing a wonderful job,Lisa <3!
    Rainbow coloured letters are love
    All the best in 2019

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