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3 Worthy Enterprises, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:45am

As part of a New Year process, and in a continued attempt to deserve my retirement by feeling happy as often as possible, I have come to understand that I like to help people. Or at the very least, offer support –  my actions might not have an effect but I can at least try.

So, in that vein, three worthy enterprises for your consideration.

First, a college friend and her husband run Fine Antique Prints, out on the East Coast. These are not inexpensive pieces,  especially when you get into the 17th century, so to buy online you need to trust the dealer. You can. Or you might just want to browse history.

Second, and here, really, my support is of no use it’s just the sheer enjoyment of someone else’s success, an online friend received this review in the New Yorker recently. So if you need a brilliant actor for your film, you’re set.

Finally, my blogger friend Kim of Northern California Style, will be at a Coyuchi event in San Francisco today, from 2-4pm. Coyuchi sells beautiful, sustainable home goods, along with a couple of pieces of cozy clothing.

I plan to attend, it’s at the headquarters, 1400 Tennessee St.

I find that by cheering people on, supporting them, helping them out, I feel sort of lifted by their success in turn. Huh.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Looks like you are enjoying yourself!
    Love that you share your energy and enthusiasm with us!

  2. I too am trying to be a light for others. It’s strange how that very light helps reflects onto our path. Thanks for all the ways you make the world a better place Lisa.


  3. Have just returned to Australia after spending four weeks in San Francisco,
    would love to have visited the pop up shop, just missed it. Love your city.

  4. I think it’s a very good thing to promote those you feel are doing worthwhile things and that you appreciate. It not only helps them, but it puts them in front of others who may not know about their endeavors. Excellent all the way around.

  5. I suspect you’d rather hide that proverbial light under a bushel than brings attention to yourself and your good works. You are a good egg Lisa (borrowing the phrase from the Brits). I am loving your friends’ Fine Antique Prints gallery. Browsing through the antique prints remind me of looking through old books at my grandparents house. Amelia

    1. @Amelia, Thank you. I get that feeling from the prints too – my father always had Hogarths (totally not sure if they were real or not?) in his study:). And I just feel like any good works I do are small, in context, and so no reason to make a big deal out of them:).

  6. Yet another superb blog, Lisa. I love your kindness and generosity of spirit. You have exquisite taste. Thank you for introducing me to Fine Antique Prints and to Kim of Northern California Style. (I’ve signed up for her blog.) You make my Saturdays complete and always make me smile. Wishing you and your wonderful friends/readers a great week ahead. Until next Saturday….xox Elizabeth

  7. Talk about a Colbert Bump! Thanks so much ffor your mention Lisa. Made a sale as a result the very same day. When I asked the purchaser how he knew you he said that he barely did but that he loves your blog and gave three very specific examples of why and which articles.
    You go girl!

    1. @Holllie Powers Holt, It was my pleasure. Your site is really beautiful and well done. Part of the pleasure of writing this blog is community, another part is sharing goods that aren’t widely known, so, two birds!

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