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Taking A Bye, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:33am

Hi all.

I’m writing my thoughts for Mom’s memorial service tomorrow. As we might have suspected previously and have now proven conclusively, that’s all I can do in one morning.

See you all next week. Have a spectacular weekend.

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  1. You’ll be brilliant, will be thinking of you, your Mom and your whole clan tomorrow. Don’t be late because remember what she says, “Five minutes early IS on time.” [Will never forget those bumper stickers!] xo

  2. There aren’t many people who write their thoughts as well as you do. I’m sure it will be just right.


  3. Hope your mom’s memorial is a rich and rewarding shared experience with family and friends. Writing my mom’s obituary, speaking at her first memorial, and then writing thoughts for her later interment were difficult at the time, but became precious composed moments to refer to later. xo.

  4. I surmise she would be proud to know that you are using your love of language and gift for nuanced communication to share her story. Love is complicated between mothers and daughters (in my experience) but when the gift of time shared in the later years makes it sweeter…what a treasure!

  5. You are so eloquent, Lisa – your family are fortunate to have you to eulogize your mother. I can think of no better use of your Saturday morning writing time!

  6. Whatever you write, or say, dearest Lisa, will be right – because you will be speaking from a place of love and truth. If life is a question, then love is the answer.

    Have a beautiful, meaningful day, shared with those you love most.

  7. Thinking of you…
    knowing your eloquent writing skills you will deliver a wonderful tribute to your mom.

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