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The Kit Is Like Dries, For Less Than $100, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:58am

I do not remember when The Kit began following me around Instagram. Usually I’m there to see what my friends and often their cute children are up to. Oh, and my children. In any case, this turtleneck refused to leave me alone.

So I bought it.

In person it’s not at all blurry, nor does it have that apparent shoulder horn, but is close-fitting and extremely stretchy. Perfect with wide-legged, high-waisted jeans. Might wear nothing else until May. Should I should get a second? After all, it’s only $68. Not the most inexpensive, like this from J. Crew, for example, but compared to Dries, wholly affordable. Black and white?

BTW I bought a Small, could probably have done a Medium but I don’t like tucking extraneous fabric into my afore-mentioned, highly-hyphenated, wide-legged, high-waisted trousers. Worn above with invisible Timberlands (also in constant rotation), and a very old pair of black-flowered earrings from San Francisco jeweler Claudia Kussano.

Have a wonderful weekend guys. Here’s to patterns, vivid, subtle, and revelatory of one meaning or another.


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  1. “Highly-hyphenated” is a good part of the reason I read your blog. Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

  2. I wouldn’t buy another – though it’s fantastic! – unless it comes in a reasonably different pattern/colour scheme. In my experience, the garment has its lifespan and then, if I buy another (to wear when the first is done), I just lose interest. But this is SO my thing right now. I’m all about the pink.

    1. @K-Line, All about the pink! And that’s a good point, I mean, rn I want tight turtlenecks but how many do I need for this winter as next winter I may need none.

  3. I think as we “gray” out, these bright, bold configurations give us a boost facially without having to reach for tons of bronzer. I’ve always been a red and black sort of woman, but I’m edging into these jewel tones like there’s no tomorrow these days. Fun. Kicky. Bring on the flowers, I say!

    1. @claire, Interesting. I have every now and again been game for this kind of pink, but the ginormous flowers are completely new. It probably does have something to do with graying out!

  4. Love it. And look at your middle! Not a tire anywhere to be seen. I do love that Dries. BYW, have you watched the documentary on him “Dries” on Netflix. You’ll love it. I’d buy the Dries just because it’s divine. Only you and a 19 year old would have such a perfect body.
    Go for it.

  5. You look fabulous in this Lisa. Absolutely fabulous. Yes–buy another if there are more patterns.

  6. I LOVE the Tissue Turtleneck in black and white paisley pattern and can see you in it. If you love the Kit, get a second: One to wash and one to wear! I do this with certain items if I absolutely adore them and have never regretted buying 2. It reduces the wear and tear on the first one and extends the life, plus you always have a clean one to put on when you’re rushing out. And usually, I manage to get the second one discounted, by waiting for the sale or using member rewards. Love it!

    1. @TJ, I wonder if the Kit does anything like a member rewards program;). They now do a blue and black batik I really like.

  7. I love this, and I’d love to wear it styled exactly as you have—or with my envy, high-waisted, flared skirt….but then I’d need your long, slim torso… You wear this so well!

  8. That turtleneck is divine. The Ivory Batik t-neck would also look smashing on you. As would their Striped Iris mid tank dress.

    What a find The Kit is. I am now jonesing for their Multi Iris bomber (among other things). :) Thank you, Lisa!

  9. This looks smashing on you! And yes, I agree that the documentary « Dries » on Netflix is really good.

  10. This is certainly a fun thing to wear on a dreary November day! And it looks great on you, too – nice to see the Polished Tomboy kick over a few traces (while remaining firmly grounded in her Timberlands, of course…).

  11. It is a gorgeous print and looks much better on you than on the model . I agree with the others – why not 2 the same or the unusual ‘broken batik’ ?
    At one time I thought beautiful prints like this were only allowed within US chic if on silk scarves labelled Hermès….!

  12. Gad… that looks so good on you,Lisa. I love the bright colours and the flower power pattern.
    P.S. I’m pretty sure I have that tire Sandra mentioned. Hence no slim fitting turtleneck for moi.

  13. It’s fabulous and agree, much better on you than the model. Love it with jeans. I’m not sure another one is necessary. My experience with buying multiples is there is always a favorite. I never feel like the second one quite lives up to the first. However, it’s nice to have options.. so sorry I’m no help at all!

    1. @Susan, I am sure this pink one would be my favorite, but the style is so useful even one I didn’t like so much might still get a lot of wear this winter. Hmmm.

  14. You look spectacular. I’ve experienced both, bought a second similar and loved it – so happy and also bought a second, and meh – so wondered why.
    The price certainly could warrant a second one…..
    Thanks for all your Saturday morning posts. I look forward to them and always enjoy/reflect on your wise words.
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. @Suz, Thank you:). And thank you so much for reading. This blog and you readers and commenters have become a full part of my life.

  15. A good splash of color lifts the spirits as the weather gets cooler and the landscapes a bit dimmer.
    Your new splash is cheerful and high spirited. Plus, the price is right.

  16. Love it. Love the color and the pattern. But then I have long had a fondness for closely fitting turtlenecks that can be worn with those hyphenated clothes, but also work well for layering. Don’t know if I would get another. I would wear it until it fell apart, only then would I know, at which point it might be too late. Reasonable enough of an investment though.

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