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The Uniform, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:52am

All I want to wear these days are sweatpants, tees, sweatshirts. Enormous caveat, they have to contain a large percentage of cotton and they have to be Sturdy, not slippery. Viscose need not apply.

To these I add teeny tiny earrings that won’t get yanked from my ears, when I’m up a ladder lopping off flowering tree branches by a fall of stamens and other vegetal debris.

I want cotton, precious metals and precious stones, and ideally I want sumptuous and striking color because absent the beauty of the vast world I have to crowd as much as I can into this small life.

If I lived in Europe, I’d go for these, by Colorful Standard, even though given their unisex sizing they will run large.

Sadly, shipping’s too expensive to the USA.

I already own these. Oxblood and turquoise would be pretty, even intriguing.

Someone with a warmer color palette than I might try these,

with citrines.

Rose and burnt yellow, a desert sunrise if we allow ourselves some fanciful and some folly.

If I revert to my culture’s classics, we find these, from Tory Burch, in navy. Of course.

Maybe with these. From the UK.

Navy and ruby. The Grand Dame might still shoot me a thin-lipped look at the lack of structure, but I do not care because pandemic. My blogging platform wanted me to categorize this post as Bad Fashion. But I will not.

Finally, for those who crave neon, from Bandier. They come in a bright pale pink called, contrarily, Coral,  too.

I might stick to gold with these (50% off.) But those of you who can carry off bright might even brave purple.

In the end, unable to find my perfect hue, in my size and preferred fabric, I have in fact reverted to $13 gray sweats from H&M. I’ll wear them with gray tees; monochrome isn’t quite the same as good color but it’s better than a random assortment. The earrings will have to provide any spark.

Have a wonderful weekend. Maybe you find yourself able to wear actual clothes. I will now rise and applaud with great good cheer. Thanks for putting up with me.


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  1. Oh thank you for showing those citrines! I’ve been looking for some post styles that aren’t too diminutive and those are perfect! Just ordered…

    I love the Vuori sweats, but they probably aren’t structured enough for you. Have a good weekend.

  2. You have always posted the prettiest earrings. Love all of them. I think we are all in pretty much the same sartorial boat(if there is such a thing). my uniform is jeans and a tee shirt, along with a sweater or sweatshirt. Sometimes those knit pants that just pull on. Kind of like sweatpants, but I tell myself its ok to run to the store in these. Let’s not be judgemental and just try to survive as comfortably as we can.

    1. Thank you. And lack of judgmentality around people’s choice of pants is a very good thing.

  3. Hi Lisa
    I’m with you on comfortable clothing.
    I just got back from walking in a small urban area. Wearing a mask in the heat is stifling but necessary.
    I can only say that I am very sad about it all today. I am trying to think of this pandemic as having a beginning, middle, and end.
    I applaud you for continuing to write under such difficult circumstances.


    1. Thank you. Sorry it’s so hot but thank you very much for wearing a mask. The writing helps me, for the most part. I really hope you have a better day tomorrow. xoxox.

  4. Aren’t the grey areas of life and wardrobe the key? The key that says, “I need a little room today….” …. a little room at the spa. …. or a little room away. Say, six feet away, where I can just decompress. No mask, no questions, it is what it is. Thanks for respecting “the grey”.

  5. My use cases have shrunk: babysitting, packing food bags, and hiking. I’m not even doing the shopping. Thus my wardrobe needs are: jeans, shorts, breathable hiking pants when shorts won’t do, 12 t-shirts (because I change shirts after packing food bags) , and assorted bandannas because my head sweats. No jewelry whatsoever. Because we are co-mingling with the family we are babysitting for (essential worker) and have had a couple of occasions to celebrate, I have occasionally put on something else and jewelry. But I don’t expect that to happen again for awhile.

    I’m actually pretty happy with this arrangement. I have an excuse not to bother.

    1. It is an excuse not to bother except if you want to. I do find I want my sweatpants to look OK with the t-shirt I choose;).

  6. Grey sweats — so classic! So insouciant. . . .
    As for the shipping costs from Europe, I bought a lovely pendant for my daughter in Rome made by an artisan jeweller there, the mother of her friend, and had it sent to her as a surprise during these times we’re so rudely separated. And I’d ordered a second one for myself — sort of BFF, but Mother-Daughter pendants ;-). . . . Except it turned out it was going to cost 47 euros to ship, with the possibility of Customs fees on top of that as it arrived in Canada. The pendant was only 104 euros. . . so I’ll do without for now. . . . sigh. . .
    Happy Weekend!

    1. From now on any time my inner Watcher says I’m lazy, I’m just going to translate to insouciant;). Don’t customs duties feel archaic to you, these days, with the internet?

  7. Cotton sweatpants are what I’ve been living in since March. I ordered two new pairs from the Canadian company Roots. And man, was I excited when they delivered them! Some days it doesn’t take much. That event, and learning to make a passable latte with my whisk have been huge. Hope you are well, Lisa. xo

    1. I am well. Thank you. Some days it doesn’t take much, and some days it takes a LOT;).

  8. Glad to know you have found a purposeful activity outside. I have been a “jeans” person ever since I read that the shape you wear is the shape your body assumes, so no more sweatpants for me. And, yes, I find myself yearning for color, too — but pale colors this year, not Coral, I’m afraid. We acted on impulse and got ourselves a Black Knight butterfly bush for our container garden and the WORK even re-potting that plant involves! We are told we can expect blooms by mid-July, so, even with the patience of a gnat, I am giving the plant six weeks to do something bountiful. And you’re standing on ladders to prune trees? I am in awe.

    1. “..the shape you wear is the shape your body assumes…” LOL! Thanks for a good laugh.

  9. Sweatpants aren’t comfortable for me; I live in my slightly stretchy jeans. Occasionally I put on a dressed-up jacket for work or other Zoom meetings – I figure if I have them I might as well wear them if I’m in the mood. No jewelry in ages, since my ears aren’t pierced. But those earrings you show are beautiful. No judgment on what anyone else wears, unless it’s about mask wearing. Living where lots of people have been sick has made me quite intolerant on that issue.

  10. There will be no long pants for me until November, if then. We find ourselves spending the summer in Tucson (not the original plan) and it is so steenking hot. Fortunately I have a wardrobe of Target men’s lounging shorts; elastic waist and pockets. Yay! I’ve decided all colors go together and am dressing accordingly. It’s not like anyone can see me. I do love those turquoise colored earrings with the gold bezel, they’re just beautiful in their simplicity.

  11. Thank you for the relaxing vibe in your blog! We all need de-stressors in our lives right now. Since most people are au naturel – no hairdressers, no manicurists, no clothes shopping for the fun of it – something relaxed, down-home seems to be just the ticket. Here were are experiencing a sudden summer drought after an unending winter/spring alternation (it snowed on May 9!). So it’s linen and cotton, which have an unstructured feeling, silver metal jewelry which feels cool against the skin, and you are right, smallish earrings since we are not going anywhere anyways.

  12. I don’t have any sweatpants but am gardening daily so my uniform consists of yoga pants a top and an apron. wearing my big grey pearl studs and diamond earrings…two piercings in each ear. Diamond princess cut necklace and my FitBit. That’s it
    I don’t know why we have to pay duty and custom fees it takes the fun out of shopping.
    Pretty colours you have shown but I think grey is very appropriate…especially with silver hair!
    Enjoy your weekend Lisa!

  13. Grey are the classic sweatpants color, and pretty much all I wear in sweats. I walk in the morning and wear yoga clothes which I tend to stay in for most of the day until I shower and change into grey sweatpants and a tee shirt. I wear tiny gold hoops which I can sleep in (I can’t sleep in studs) and if I couldn’t sleep in the earrings, not sure I’d bother. But a beautiful selection of studs!

  14. I’m still dressing as I always have. Jeans or straight leg cotton black pants. T-shirts or oxford blouse in whatever color moves me that day. The only difference is no dresses and skirts. With no place to go, no need for much. Lately I’ve abandoned my jewelry.

  15. T-shirt dresses from Everlane or Uniqlo and shorts with a t-shirt are my uniforms for the summer. 100% cotton, of course. I’ve abandoned jewelry for some reason. Can’t explain it. Grey sweatpants sound perfect but not here in Virginia – it’s already getting hot and humid.

  16. I love the rundown of sweats, but also love simple gray. Also the studs. There is something intentional, and therefore polished about that. I have been reconsidering studs and very small hoops, things that look finished but don’t get in the way when either loping off branches or pulling off masks.

    BET she has some comfy clothing that is a STEP UP from your CASUAL DAILY RITUAL!!!
    Worth checking out……..on COLLEGE AVE in OAKLAND/BERKELEY!

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