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Hanging Tough And Not-So-Tough In The Time Of Pandemic, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:56am

Sunglasses/Tee/Jeans (similar)/Shoes/Bracelet (mine is smaller, with a white gold hamsa charm)/Existential Panic (similar)

Some days in this pandemic I still wake up fragile. I hope you guys are OK. Above is a morning when I felt, even if briefly, strong.

We were driving up to the city to fetch something. I put on clothes, even though I wouldn’t be getting out of the car. The sight of my upper arms, muscular by nature all my life, supported by lifting light weights now and again, cheered me. As did the Ray-Bans, and comfortable shoes.

We find our solace where we can.

I also wore my Valentine’s Day present bracelet, enormous jeans, and a bog-standard UNIQLO sleeveless tee. Details above. I also brought a mask, just in case.

I highly recommend taking your favorite body part on a safe outing, complete with talisman, comfortable shoes, loose pants, and the toughest sunglasses you can find. An experience to rub between your fingers the next time inexplicable despair and terror descend. Perhaps you’re spared those miseries; your mileage may vary. I just wrote “very,” instead of “vary,” which, yes, that.

Have a very wonderful weekend everyone.

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  1. You look wonderful, as always. Amazing how a little outing can buoy our spirits. Have enjoyed some as well. Husband needs to go somewhere and I’m just along for the ride.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Yes, yes, Yes!!! I love this photo of you and all that it says (and all it doesn’t say as well, but only hints at, behind those reflective lenses and tough demeanour). And the words. I love the words and the suggestion/injunction as well. Brava, you! Happy weekend xoxo

  3. Yes, yes! This is why style matters, what we wear isn’t trivial. You’ve expressed it so beautifully and succinctly here. You look great, BTW. Very Lisa.

  4. It’s good to get in an outing.
    It’s not the days that are so hard, it’s the awake at 3 a.m. that can be anxiety provoking.

  5. This post is timely for me. My son and I went to Marshall’s this morning. We haven’t been going out except for walks, but he is moving to the bay area on Monday and needed some socks. Things are going well in MA so I felt up to venturing out. It was wonderful to wander through a store, even more wonderful to be with my son. He’s been a great companion and I will miss him.

    And I suspect that the bad feelings will increase when I’m alone. Still working remotely, gym is reopening but I’m afraid to go.

    You look wonderful, Lisa.

    1. @Marie, Thank you. I love that you got your son some socks. To the Bay Area, huh? My homeland! I hope he likes it out here, and I hope you can eventually come visit him. Ping me when you do, if you’d like to share a cup of tea. I imagine you will miss him, but other people may show up to fill the gap.

    2. @Marie, reply to Lisa: Yes, living in Berkeley, working in Oakland. I will definitely be visiting when things get back to normal. My college roommate is there, too. Is Berkeley close enough? I’d love to meet!

  6. I feel strong most of the time, but also have my moments of despair. One of them came this morning when I read that refrigerated trucks are being sent to counties in my state because the morgues are filling up. It is hard to realize that we can’t completely control our own safety and that we have no leadership at the top. I am thankful to not be alone. I have my husband and now our younger son, his wife and our granddaughter under our roof as they continue to work from home. I rely on your blog posts and those of others to give me a lift on some days. You look great!!

  7. First, I saw your tweet about the sunset last night and rushed out to see it–luckily we live on a hill with a view towards the Bay. Ran back in and got DH and we both gazed at it. Thank you for that.

    Second, I like your look. Getting dressed and taking a photo to post online has to be a challenge. I try to rotate through most of my clothes and jewelry because I want to enjoy it. Who knows what’s next.

    Third, I went out to take a hill walk before it got too warm. My legs are in better shape than they’ve been in years and my knees work so much better. My chin-length bob is now an inch below my shoulder. Wish I looked as good as you with it all pulled back. Thought about driving up to your county to get a haircut, but decided safer to stay at home.

    Thanks again for hanging in there and giving us something to look forward to.

    1. @Susan W, You are very, very welcome. Thank you for keeping on coming around;). I love that I served as your sunset alert! I was veritably crooning to the sky from my backyard.

  8. Oh, Lisa, you and your baggy roll-cuff jeans! I suppose my aversion to the look stems from memories of wearing my older brother’s rather baggy outgrown pairs (for playtime only – skirts and dresses were required at school), and worrying about those rolled cuffs coming undone if I got too active. Girls often called their jeans “dungarees,” which boys never did (they preferred “levis.”) But wearing them meant we could easily join in boys’ games – and the boys usually had their own cuffs rolled too…

    I’ll let you figure out the symbolism, Ms Tomboy – and I will admit that the looseness of the pant legs in this picture does accentuate the sleekness of your shoulder-to-lower-hip area, which is something to be pleased about, in this time of so little pleasure and so much pain. You look great – no “pandemic five” (or ten) for you!

    1. @Victoire, Yes, well;). You are gracious to attribute symbolism to what may well only be laziness and a dislike of constricted body parts;). Thank you.

  9. Oh yes. Whenever I go for a walk, or a hike – almost same thing – I live in a very hilly area, I tie a scarf around my neck, wear loop earrings, and my mother’s silver cuff. It makes me feel good. It’s a safe area, and I only see the occasional dog walker.
    I realize that I’m very fortunate to live in a beautiful area, and when I’m out walking can pretend that everything is normal for a short time.
    Stay safe Lisa….

  10. Love that bracelet – so beautiful and love it with a hamsa even more. You look great and I envy your arms. Mine are the first place I put on weight :(

    I’m in a state of existential panic or maybe it’s actual reality right now. I woke up this morning realizing that we’re going to be doing this probably through next Spring at least.

    1. @KSL, I am glad you like the hamsa:). Next spring. Can you even believe it? England is opening back up. I wonder if they will be able to proceed, or whether they will experience what we’re going through. I bet it’s just us:(

  11. We’ve been having torrid (for us) 35 C weather= 95+ F, and it’s too hot to go outside except in the early morning or late evening. Now I’m basically living in cotton gauze or linen voile – the skirted pant which billows in the breeze and the airy, boxy, loose top are the only things which work for me during this hot, dry, windy spell. Wish we had your Bay area summer climate! Interested to know what others wear in the heat of the summer, because this is a new experience for us up in Canada.

    1. @M, That’s a good question. When it gets really hot here I wear very loose maxi dresses, in light cotton or linen. As our summers have heated up, I’ve gotten way more interested in dresses in general.

  12. I find myself paring everything down. Simplify and this too shall pass. It is hard for me to put on anything that sparkles. We are in a seminal time. I hope for better days.


  13. Rockin’ the tough guy look! I do envy those upper arms. I guess I’ll have to choose another body part. My grandma said I had nicely turned ankles, but that will have to wait for the warmer months.

  14. You look wonderful. Love your stern CHP-officer expression, and your gray hair, which I’m noticing now in particular because I’m growing mine out (week 17). It’s going to be the same color as yours. Eventually. Quite a change for a person who spent her life with dark brown hair. It takes a long time to grow out hair. I knew that, yet I am surprised in the doing. So far I’ve decided to ignore the demarcation line. A haircut would be lovely if we ever get to do those again. Yes to arm muscles. Mine were always strong. Then they weren’t. Last Sunday I completed a goal of going to the tiny building gym daily for 45 minutes for 30 days. The HOA closed the gym 3 days before my month goal ended, so I finished on surface streets. Toward the end of my gym time, I took a photo in the gym’s wall of mirrors, and was surprised to see my arms are again muscular. It made me happy to see that because I’ve been wearing tanks despite the less than stellar arm look, and I welcome the tone. Now I know if I add weights, my body will respond well. Lately, I’ve had an increasing number of fragile days, and more dreaming and waking existential panic. A large part of that is, I assume, the way the pandemic has halted forward progress. That’s been compounded more than I anticipated by the emotions arising as I grow out my gray. Happy Saturday to you. I wish you more good—hanging tough—days. xo.

  15. You look lovely, especially your arms, lucky you!
    I wish you more days like this
    But, one has to embrace all kind of emotions as well, to be brave but “bonjour tristesse” , if it comes, and get it out of system, the sooner the better
    Have a happy Sunday

    1. @Dottoressa, I agree, all emotions have to be supported. I’ve just found the wild swings to be difficult to absorb, and the degree of feeling “lost” to be much greater than what I had been used to.

  16. Been having a few of those moments this week, so thanks for your timely post. Won’t be venturing far (too damn hot/humid), except to see my doc–how’s that for the highlight of the week (lol). However, will dress nicely–she’ll appreciate it.

    Hang tough–even if it is sometimes just a facade–yours is quite beautiful. :)

  17. Lisa I love this look. You look chic and and bad ass in a kind of Sara Conner -ish way. Good to get out in some, way shape or form out of the bubble we are in- even if it’s for a drive. We did a quick drive to Santa Cruz for an outdoor lunch and I’ve never felt so thrilled/ scared to have lunch out ever.. Hope your weekend is good. Always love your style. xo Kim

    1. @kim, Thank you:). I always love your style too. So original and authentic and cool and pretty. I love it when we manage to get over to the coast.

  18. My favorite feature is my hair and instead of getting my annual bob I am letting it grow for the first time in a long time. It’s annoying on these humid hot days we’re having right now in New England but I don’t care. I’m letting my bohemian side out for now. I had an appointment with my hairdresser but I wrote her a funny note and sent her a check instead. Next year!

  19. Great look! I would smile and nod my head in appreciation as I walked past you on the sidewalk! I would also be slightly envious, as I am that look on the inside, but on the outside I am that women who wears athletic my surprise/horror? Not sure how that happened.. :)

    1. @Elizabeth, Thank you:). And in full transparency, that’s my dressed up look these days;). Today I’m in Nike pants, a black tee, hiking boots, with a Liberty of London mask tucked into my back pocket;).

  20. We all feel a bit lost. This is, for sure, uncharted territory. For me, staying busy seems to be important. A destination drive (short or long) is always enjoyed. Love your look and outfit. Casual chic. Stay well, Lisa. We may be living like this for at least a year.

  21. Thank you. I need to get out more, I think, because busy in the house just crowds my soul.

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