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Elegant Waistlines, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:15am

Today marks three hundred and seventy-something days of all elastic waistbands all the time. That’s not quite true, on the rare occasions I’ve ventured out beyond my neighborhood streets I have attempted oversized, non-stretch jeans. But still, I’m not sure I’ll ever feel the same about my beltline again.

And summer is coming. Vaccines are coming. We in California open to 50+ on Thursday and I see that groups are calling for the US to use the big production pipeline we’ve built to supply the rest of the world, soon. All of which to say, it doesn’t feel completely unreasonable to imagine a coming season of walking around in the sun and company of other human beings.

Yes, I will surrender my sweatpants. How to replace them with something more socially enthusiastic? Why, long dresses, of course! One and done, as they say; no fastening devices required.

Sometimes I like my dresses to pretend they are t-shirts.

And sometimes I prefer that they belly up to the bar and state with supreme confidence, “I’m a DRESS and I’d like a fresh lemonade please!”

Today I woke up cheerful, probably because I slept well. If you woke up sad, or grumpy, or worried, I will try to send some cheery energy through the ether. Please return the favor when I, as I will, feel as you do. What goes around comes around. I miss people.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. I, too, often like my dresses to pretend they are t-shirts but it is nice to have a defined waistline on occasion, especially when the skirt flares out to hide my less than svelte belly. Looking forward to warmer weather when a dress makes sense again.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I say yes to dresses. But I don’t own many summer dresses. But a midi-dress or skirt with sneakers or sandals and a sweater or a white blazer… yes, yes to that. Right now I am simply loving not having to wear boots all the time. Or when I do wear boots they’re my Hunter rubber boots. Mud can be a good thing when it heralds the absence of snow and the advent of spring.
    Happy spring, Lisa. xo

  3. I wanted you to know that I read your post last week, thought about it, and how to respond a lot. Never came up with the right words for me. Another bad gun week. I too have been turning my attention to dresses and sandals, and comfort.
    I bought the Jenni Kayne James dress in navy and am looking for others like that – easy and done. It’s great in ivory too, but I’m afraid I won’t wear it often because I’ll be concerned about getting it dirty. Like you, mine has to take the place of sweats for the summer. I love the look of the Paul Smith dress you posted, very Safari Chic! xo

  4. You just reminded me of a DRESS! that I have – a red shirtwaist in a cotton that holds its slightly flared shape with white flowers trailing around it. I didn’t wear it a single time last spring because I literally went nowhere for so long except for an occasional walk around the neighborhood. I might just pull it out and wear it this year, perhaps to a socially-distanced dinner outdoors with friends who are also vaccinated. Just the prospect of wearing something fresh and spring-like and not the same jeans that I’ve been wearing for most of the year is immensely cheering. Thank you!

  5. I’ve been thinking about dresses too . I used to be a great fan of Laura Ashley back in the day – ie the ’70s & ’80s . It seems to me that I do plain coloured separates pretty well but wish I had my mother’s eye for prints . And a cotton shirtwaister in a floral print is such a classic for English summers ! I particularly like your choosing midi length examples .

  6. Dresses tend to be my summer version of sweats with the advantage that they are simply easier to take out in public. I started upgrading my summer dresses a bit last summer, and hope to continue in that vein, although, like all of us, life has thrown a few hiccups in my path.

  7. I wear jeans now several times a week to remind me that I won’t have a waistline at all if I don’t watch my cookie intake. The sugar free cookie I found last fall has been , well, my downfall. But I love a good t-shirt dress in the summer and when ours rolls around sometime in July here in Seattle, that’ll be my uniform. Over 60 can now get vaccinated here starting Wednesday. I’ll be on the phone at 8am..

  8. I bought several dresses last year and even made two, very much the first time I have done so. My black t-shirt dress is one of the best things ever – dress it up, dress it down – and the others tend to be long and quite loose for lounging in sunshine. Last year it seemed totally right to buy dresses because all of life was taking off its belt and slackening off. As soon as the fabric shops re-open I will head out for more linen and get the machine going again. Question: am I brave enough for white linen?

  9. I MISS PEOPLE TOO BUT KIM FROM “NorthernCaliforniaSTYLE” came by and we had a fun time!SEE her POST on ME!CALIFORNIANS AT HOME!
    You will enjoy I think or CRINGE with all MY STUFF!

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