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One Step Up From Sweatpants Is Farther Than One Expected, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:44am

So one morning I had to go to the post office or something and I put clothes on and they didn’t look terrible.

This startled me. So I took a picture.

Might we derive some useful constructs? I do not know but let’s try.

  • A good if accidental haircut can deliver 60% of your style
  • Your best sunglasses handle the next 15%
  • The remainder can be managed through silhouette (these trousers and cropped jacket make me look long-legged; I am decidedly not), and a color scheme that works for both the hue of your skin (navy and tan are good for a mostly cool-toned human) and for your degree of contrast/intensity (no bright colors here, but blue and orange are opposite on the color wheel so their muted relatives create a tiny spark)
  • Mix up your brands and textures and you don’t have to spend too much (pants are last year from COS, tee is UNIQLO, sunglasses from Ray-Ban, shoes are from Ecco–but tan isn’t online any more, and the corduroy jacket is on sale, Société Anonyme via Farfetch–where you can often find European clothing not available in the USA)

Just think, I could even had added a bracelet. That said, I’m back in sweatpants today.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you can get outside, if not now, then tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, maybe next week.


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  1. I loved your really long hair, but love this haircut as well. You look quite chic!

  2. You look great! The “Appropriateness Meter” from my WASPy upbringing has morphed over time but never disappeared. The rules are long gone, but my desire not to overdo, and yet to present with sufficient self-respect, is undimmed. That bossy little guide in my head registers your outfit as just right for many late pandemic excursions. Plus you just look good. Hurray!

    1. @Wendy, “The rules are long gone, but my desire not to overdo, and yet to present with sufficient self-respect, is undimmed.” Are you me? Sister from another mother, maybe? ;). It is the “Appropriateness Meter,” to be sure.

  3. Stylish but casual, for sure! Really well put together without looking overly studied. Perfect look for “une dame d’un certain âge – mais c’est un bon âge!”

  4. You look great! That jacket looks so much better on you than it does on the model— must be the insouciance with which you carry it off.

  5. You look fabulous! The only thing better than your outfit is your gorgeous hair.

  6. You look great and I love your hair! Now it’s time for me to change to my sweatpants!

  7. Wow, Lisa – looking good! I love the way the big flat buttons on the fly (pants) mirror the big flat buttons on the jacket, and the two tans (shoes and jacket) work together so beautifully.

    I had to get dressed up recently to attend the cemetery portion of a funeral (non-covid), but that was easy – black on black on black, with a warm white jacket. Plus black and white mask, of course. I actually looked rather chic, but I’m hoping that my next dress-up event will be a happier occasion…

    1. @Victoire, I imagine you were very chic, and quite of the moment in so many ways. I hope too that you will have some happier dress-up events soon.

      And thank you. All the details you notice! It was none of it planned, but I think you’re right, it felt stylish despite the simplicity precise because of those small things.

  8. I love your hair! You look gorgeous. The navy and tan are fabulous, and the shoes and sunglasses tie your color palette together in such a carefree-cool way: white laces echoing the white tee, gold frames matching your gold necklace, tan lenses that play perfectly with your jacket.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well, Lisa!

    1. @Jess, Thank you!!!

      As I said above, it wasn’t planned, but I think all of what you noticed was made it feel so much better than sweatpants. Something I will remember for the future.

    1. @Jean B., Thank you! All the effort was made in advance: learning my colors, understanding my silhouette, buying comfortable shoes and a great pair of sunglasses;). Then everything was just there in the closet.

  9. Lovely! Such a beautiful hair!
    We have exactly the same Ecco sneakers :)

  10. Lisa, you look exceptionally gorgeous!!
    Your hairstyle totally delivers — 60% plus.
    I think you may have started a trend.
    I’m going to my hairstylist for the “Lisa” on Tuesday.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    You truly look fabulous — it’s both inner and outer beauty.
    Wishing you the very best,
    Elizabeth (@ElizabethJSays)

  11. You get A+ for dressing stylishly and looking good during pandemic times.. Well done.

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