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San Francisco Garden Up A Hill, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:59am

After four tech support help sessions, comments are still broken. I have one more trouble-shooting process to try and then it’s a site rewrite, I fear. So for today I’ll keep it simple.

My husband and I went to San Francisco yesterday, and while he did some errands, I went up a hill.

I’d never seen this vertical pocket garden before, up above Sansome, a little north of Green. It was lovely.

Steep, but lovely.

Also apparently a labor of love, as I shared yesterday on Instagram.

And people live in apartments and condos on the adjacent hillside terraces, bringing home their groceries of a weekend afternoon.

The view from the top is particularly San Franciscan.

The city’s waiting for you.

Have a wonderful weekend. If you’d like to say hello, I am on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, as myself. Fingers crossed I can re-enable our conversations here in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. Testing a comment. I know the spot in this piece. I used to take walks there. You make me want to return. Happy Saturday.

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