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Why I Ask You To Watch Carmeon Hamilton’s New Discovery+/HGTV Show, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:09am

In the early days of blogging, an entire decade ago, I read my peers widely. In those days, I made friends I am bonded to even now. The Era of Instagram has been different. I hover on the doorstep, scrolling, watching Stories, posting only now and again, consuming content, as they say. Never mind TikTok, at least not yet.

But when I began to follow Carmeon Hamilton several years ago, for the first time I understood how an influencer, one who maybe doesn’t even know your name, can feel like a friend. Over time, I’ve found myself invested in Carmeon’s life and growing success. I’m going to come right out and say she inspired me in more than just design, particularly through her outspoken support of setting boundaries for yourself. In my generation, in my culture, women didn’t do that.

When I read, at the end of August, that her beloved husband and biggest fan had been killed in a motorcycle accident, it felt personal. This morning, I watched the first episode of her new television show, an opportunity she won on HGTV’s Design Star reboot earlier this year.

It is so good. So good, y’all, as they might say in Carmeon’s home town of Memphis, Tennessee. It’s called Reno My Rental. And I’m asking (yes, asking, not even going to “suggest,” in Carmeon’s honor) that you watch. It’s the best way we can support this now-single 30+ year old mother and her preteen son.

Coincidentally, it’s also an excellent way to get a glimpse of the thought processes of a talented designer, a charismatic human being, and a city I’m now dying to visit. Marcus is part of the show. I can only imagine what it’s like for her watching now.

If you have HGTV on cable, it’ll be on tonight, 11pm East Coast time.

If you don’t, you can stream it (two episodes are available now) on Discovery+. When you click here, you’ll get to the home page. In the upper right hand corner, click the link to use a free code. With  RENO2021 you’ll get 30 days free. You have to give them payment info–credit card or PayPal–but I am 97% sure you won’t regret it. High WASPs are bad at that last 3% of certainty.

Search for Reno My Rental. There you have it.

I don’t expect I’ll ever paint my living room mauve, or create a wall-sized Arabic mural in my bedroom, but I loved the first episode. I took away a sense of a meta-process that left me wishing I did have a rental space to try and make my own, just so that I could see what visuals Carmeon thought might reflect me.

I told you I am, as they say, fangirling hard.

Here’s a link with a picture, because even us old-schoolers get that a photo, thousand words, etc.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, both cozy and safe. And Carmeon, your fans are here for a reason. Thank you.


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  1. I just found her on IG and after going through her feed, I can understand why you feel this way. I’m now following her. I haven’t found the part about boundaries yet (a need to for me right now) but I will. What a tragedy about her husband, but I’m so happy for her success and will absolutely watch the show.
    Thanks Lisa for introducing her to us. Memphis and Nashville are both cities I’ve been wanting to visit. Looking forward to learning more.

  2. Aren’t boundaries a fascinating aspect of ourselves that change as we age? I will try to find your show.
    Have a great weekend.


  3. Thanks for the tip about this show! I happen to be a Memphis gal myself so I’m thrilled that we are in the spotlight. And if you and any of your followers come to Memphis, I’d be delighted to show you around.

    I hope to find a way to watch RENO. We don’t currently have Discovery + but I hope to remedy that.

    1. A Memphis gal! What a generous invitation! I hope I do get a chance to meet you, walking in Memphis as the song goes. Good luck with the Discovery+, it’s pretty easy and if you have questions I’m happy to answer.

  4. I know how it is to follow an influencer and feel as if we were true bonded friends. I felt this reading Brenda Kinsel, and was devastated to learn that she had passed. It was as if I had lost a personal bestie.

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