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Two Shows For The Times, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:36am

It’s hard to know, these days, the role of hope, and if hope is appropriate, where? I don’t have the answers.

However, I do have two television shows for you that address the question, from absolute opposite corners of the conceptual universe. On the one hand, zoom. On the other, LOL.

First, Snowpiercer. Seasons One and Two are on HBO. Three, currently in progress, can be seen on TNT. Think Season 11 post-apocalyptic (except more bad guys) meets Speed (except on a train not a bus). Seriously, seven years after climate change causes an unprecedented Ice Age, human beings sustain life by riding on a train that never stops. But, oops, the challenge of organizing a new society. Add Daveed Diggs, Jennifer Connolly, Mickey Sumner, and in the third season, Sean Bean, to the fact that it originated in a movie made by Bong Joon-ho, who is still involved, and all I can say is give it a try. It starts slowly, but worth hanging in there. Hope in love and leadership.

Maybe not right before bedtime. It’s pretty exciting.

Second, Superstore. Originated on NBC, all six seasons now on Hulu. I love shows about nice people. I love anything that makes me laugh. And I love a story about workers that includes tiny specific details of their jobs. I also love America Ferrara, one of the show’s stars and producers. I’m on the fifth season now, and it’s lagging a bit, but the first three made me laugh out loud in amusement and delight. Hope in community and characters.

Really good right before bedtime. Laughter is good for sleep.

Have a good weekend everyone.




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  1. Have you seen Somebody Somewhere on HBO? A show about nice people! I gave it a try last week and didn’t budge until I’d watched 3 episodes and rarely stopped smiling. It’s been renewed for a second season!

  2. It’s hard to keep a TV show going more than 2-3 seasons.
    A good show starts out strong, and usually can make it through a second season, but after that seems to be when it gets challenging.
    All the same, finding a show you like with a lot of seasons is in the same category has happening onto an author with a character you like, who has already written a whole bunch of books.
    A joy!

    I’ve been watching a show in Netflix, “Rita” which is from Denmark, subtitled. She’s a teacher, and it’s amazing she hasn’t been fired. It’s a tad raunchy but fun to watch.

  3. I loved Bonus Family on Netflix. I think it’s Swedish. A blended family dealing with challenges of parenting, infidelity, aging parents, dating after divorce, a Down Syndrome baby and so on. A chaotic life to be sure yet they keep on trying and never give up. Somehow it comes across as very life affirming and positive.

  4. Did you try “Kim’s Convenience” – talk about community & oh my the characters (lead & supporting) so so so good. Please try. It’ll warm your heart.

    After the pilot episode it gets great!!

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