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Happy Green Things, Or, Saturday Morning At 9:56 am

One thing about living in the same house for 35 years is exquisite familiarity with what it looks like at particular and specific times of the year. I have always said that if I were to sell this place, I’d do it at Easter. Please excuse the venality. It’s a convenient way of saying, “Wow, everything sure looks beautiful today. Might even be the most beautiful day of the year.”

The flowers in the ground are happy.

The flowers in the pots are happy. I don’t believe they know that they’ll be replaced, in the not too far distant future, by something orange. Maybe zinnias.

Happy for now.

The trees are happy.

Oh those drops of water.

Even the flowers on the trees are happy.

And to add to the usual flourishing of this time of year, we had actual rain last night. The kind that wakes you up, and if you’ve been living in a decade of drought, makes you hope that roof is done leaking. And even so you’re happy for the water falling hard.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend. I wish you joy for any holiday you might be celebrating, and for the simple day if you’ve got no celebrations planned.


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  1. Love your pictures and your garden, with their fifty shades of green!

    Our daffodils have been fabulous this year – positively Wordsworthian – and I find my own hope springing eternal for good days to come …

  2. Amazing that you’ve lived in the same place for 35 years. My first childhood home was a fabulous Spartan Imperial Mansion trailer: (Page down to her Bobby Dazzler project.) The trailer moved from USGS mapping project to project. I was 3 when I lived in my first home without wheels. It was a California ranch near the Sacramento USGS offices, my second was another California ranch near the Menlo Park USGS offices. As an adult, I’ve been relatively nomadic: Cupertino, Newport Beach, Chicago, Palo Alto, San Francisco, in either a home or a condo at each location. I’ve loved the variations and experiences, but I feel a wistful wonderment at the idea of the longtime familiarity you have with your home and all that has transpired there. Your photos are beautiful.

    Wasn’t the rain lovely? I sleep with my windows open, and the pattering woke me. It’s a cheering, welcome sound. Happy spring weekend to you. xoxoxo.

  3. We know we have to sell our home of 28 years in an odd number year because the black walnut tree over our deck bears nuts only in the even years. Otherwise, May is the optimum time here in Kansas for the brief but glorious beauty of spring blooming!

  4. Your garden looks beautiful and happy. All of a sudden I’m into orange…flowers and other things too! I’m enjoying my garden as well, before the scorching summer turns it mostly brown.

  5. OK, this may not count but, you should see my weeds.Not only are my plants growing but the weeds are huge and very green! HAPPY EASTER!

  6. Aren’t spring yards wonderful? I’ve loved seeing the photos from your yard. I go out in our backyard several times a day now and always notice something new.

  7. Spring is rebirth for our gardens and it is a beautiful time of year. Your garden looks very robust and bursting with color. A well planned garden is always enjoyed.

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