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The Great Charm Of A World Beyond Blue, Or Saturday Morning at 10:05am

Two years and a couple of months ago I bought a little ice blue wristlet pouch from Hobo. Quite loved it. Good for dashing out of the car, packing into a tote for the single flight I’ve taken in this time, etc. However, as I have moved away from jeans (forever known now as “hard pants) to Eileen Fisher and her forgiving elastic waists, I’ve felt my style quotient fall. I cannot give up the desire to present as someone a little quirky, a little artistic, perhaps prone to indulgence.

Also tough but squishy. Perhaps because I am all of the above. Style for me has always been about identity; aesthetics are but one component. Also the corners of the Hobo bag are dirty. No one’s fault but my own.


From Loewe, in Rosemary. 7″x9.4″ Magnetic inner clasp, no inner pockets, shoulder strap adjustable and detachable. That little black seam is delicious and the leather–buttery to die for.

Comes in 18 colors, if you go to the Loewe site. The possibilities asymptotically approach endless.

Below with Eileen Fisher lantern pants in Graphite, a wrinkled linen Eileen Fisher tee, and 30-year old Doc Martins. Platinum bead drop earrings from Blue Nile for just the right amount of frippery. Could probably do without the wrinkle in the tee but couldn’t, as the British say, be arsed to iron. (Yes, in High WASP culture it is OK to publicly curse in another language. Just not your own.)

Look ma, new bag!

Actually my mother cared not one whit for bags as objects. They were New England functional to her. We are not always apples, falling close to our trees.

I haven’t generally liked green. But again, in the move away from jeans, one’s color possibilities change. This green is grayed, and not overly yellow. Remember these taupe lantern pants?


Now imagine the bag with this sweater from my son and the taupe pants? Helpful reference. I’ll probably have to wear blue earrings so as not to lose my bearings.

Reminding me I do need another haircut. Possibly I haven’t had one since last September? Yeah that sounds about right. Assume I have the haircut. What am I ready for then? Opportunity. (Yes, yes, I’m still masking inside and in crowds.)

Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. I recently rearranged my closet by color (I used to group by type of garment) and was amazed to see that at least 2/3 of it is black, white or blue, and much of that blue is denim! Yet when I try to shop for other colors, I fear leaving my comfort zone. I have small capsules of orange/rust/coral, army green/avocado/khaki and red/pink/burgundy and I’m trying to build on those, although I’m not CERTAIN I could go big on an accessory that’s not a neutral. Will have to ponder. BTW that bag is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you. As I pretty much only carry one bag at a time, this color sort of orients my other wardrobe building, if that makes sense. Your capsules sound lovely. Tonal shades are so cool.

  2. Lisa, we are SO on the same wavelength these days. I picked up the same bag in a bright aqua color right before our trip. Loewe just does that elegance-with-wit aesthetic so well.

    (P.S. don’t forget to send me your address…)

  3. As you know I’m crazy over the bag and have been looking at the colors for a long time. I almost bought a Flamenco in NY in the early 2000s – the bag was actually first made in the 1970s.

    So – I just ordered it in the lime yellowy green and the prune – and hopefully just one will speak to me more loudly than the other.

    My mother also didn’t care about bags, which I never understood.
    Thanks for your permission to care about presenting myself as quirky, artistic, prone to indulgence and even some luxury.


  4. @unefemmedecertainage ~ Sue, the aqua is fabulous! Will look so great on you. You’re 100% right, elegance with wit describes Loewe so well.

  5. I like the drawstring and how it morphs back to an envelope type bag from there. I’m sure it looks great on the long strap too.

  6. That’s a fun bag in a great color!

    But I must confess that it looks exactly like a bag I used to make for myself back in my more bohemian days, as a 20-something in Berkeley. My fave was black and white mattress ticking, with black leather ties from an old Shakespearian costume. As gifts for friends, I usually used upholstery fabric in interesting patterns. Whatever – they all went great with jeans and tees or loose tops!

    As they say, fashion rises from the streets, and plus ca change, etc…

  7. I was guessing how much the bag was… pretty shocked at the near 2k price tag.
    So not relevant for me.

    1. Elaine, here’s one that Kim at Northern California Style just posted. (sorry for the long link, just want her to have the credit if there’s any to give.) Priced more like the Hobo bag, but a similar look and color to the Loewe.

  8. I like your description of jeans as “hard pants.” So right! I could wear only Eileen Fisher soft clothes and happily feel like myself. Your hair looks great, and the bag is darling. But does it really cost nearly $2,000??? Holy moly. Could one possibly run up a similar one out of fabric scraps and still look “a little quirky, a little artistic” — if not “perhaps prone to indulgence”? I truly do not mean to criticize; you have lovely taste. And 20-year-old Doc Martins! I’ve just been exploring recently why we all choose to buy certain things and what they do for us. So please indulge the musings of a Saturday night.

    1. Marygb1920, I don’t take this as criticism, but thanks for making that explicit. This is the kind of object that doesn’t translate fully online. The detailing is spectacular. The way leather cording is wrapped around the drawstring ends. The way the inner closure is covered in that green leather. The suede lining. The leather itself is of a grade we don’t see much any more. The green is unique, must have taken many tries to get right. That said, the shape and general color would be totally achievable with other materials. Fabric would be difficult to keep out of “granny” territory I think, but someone with great skills could probably make it work!

  9. I love this bag. I love this color. I love Loewe. If only it had a lovely, long strap drop….but I’m afraid some of my must-have features are on the outs when it comes to bag fashion.
    Even so, that color may have me rethinking my deal-breakers.

    1. Oh but it DOES have a long shoulder strap! It’s removable and adjustable too!

  10. I love Loewe, and love the color of that bag. I also like how changing a color or adding a color can shift and revitalize an outfit or a wardrobe. Don’t fall out of balance though; I think we can really only absorb new things at a fairly slow rate although the world wants to tell us otherwise. Oops. Maybe that is just me.

    1. I think it’s you and many others. The love of/tolerance for novelty seems to be almost genetic, in the way it’s so varied and clear across different people.

  11. Back then, actually working with animal skins gave me the willies, although I didn’t mind buying/using finished animal products (when I could afford them!). But I have always preferred designing and sewing with fabric or yarn, and I get a special kick from fashioning new items out of older clothes. In fact, I have an old tweed skirt that I just may turn into my own “Loewe’s wristlet” for my autumn wardrobe!

    1. If you’ve got the skills I think tweed just might have enough heft to work!

  12. Oh, I’m so glad you wrote a post about clothing and style. I’ve missed them.Not that I have any where to wear anything. Yes, I’m still masked inside and in crowds. But I have no desire to wear my jeans. Don’t even want to try them on to see if they fit. I’m sure they won’t. But I love those Eileen Fisher pants, and love that Bag. So much style.First thing I’ve seen in a long time that has tempted me. Also love your blunt cut hair. Yes, I do think it needs a trim But you look Fabulous!!!

    1. Thank you! And I have already taken the jeans that don’t fit any more to Goodwill:)

  13. Fabulous is right ! But only the green would work for me being different colouring and although petite overall my feet are too big and my ankles are too thick for the very stylish trousers .
    (I have to wear them very wide to avoid looking like a circus clown !) I gave up on denim when the price went up and it became compulsory like sneakers . I love clothes and all accessories but don’t react well to being told what I must wear – and that includes those ‘seasons’ !

    1. I think as an artist you have such an eye that the color guidance systems might feel like handcuffs.

  14. The details you describe are definitely swoon-worthy — sounds like you will get a lot of pleasure from this bag. Enjoy!

  15. This is a very good style post. We all seem more style relaxed and casual since/during Covid times. EF has some nice pieces to choose from. My bag is green and about the size of your green bag. The only difference is, it is leather and sports either a long or short strap. Small-medium and portable seems to work.

    1. Thank you! This bag, FWIW, is also leather, and also has an adjustable strap.So we are more style-aligned than at first look:)

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