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One Of The Most Beautiful House Designs I’ve Ever Seen, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:22am

I will be surprised if there are many of you who don’t already follow Amy Beth Cupp on Instagram. You are people of taste. But her eye is so wonderful, her work so compelling, I’ll post this for you and we who are already familiar won’t mind. That’s her kitchen above. Those are checkerboard marble floors and walnut cabinets, but that’s also just the beginning.

Amy has been redesigning and renovating her house in northwest Connecticut for a while. A longish while, given COVID. She’s now about to move in. And I find her design(s) to be remarkable both singularly (the flow and use pattern of the house), and myriad (each space, each wall, each detail). This is not because I expect to be emulating her any time soon; I don’t have access to her budget, I don’t entertain at any scale, I don’t live on the East Coast. I am more Sturdy than Grande.

But her commitment to personal preference, the intentionality, the mix of formal and wildly artistic, and the color–o my friends the color–that I would aspire to any day of the week.

Because I love you so much I am sending you over here today.

That’s the floor of her primary bathroom reflected in glossy green cabinets. I don’t even like green, generally. What magic is this? The tile is from Fillmore Clark in Los Angeles.

Take your time. Scroll through Amy’s feed, then watch her Stories. I apologize if you cannot immediately return to this world.

Have a wonderful weekend. And paint all your metaphorical ceilings red.



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  1. Having a creative sense of decor is invaluable. Beautiful tile floors. Putting things together well brings everything to a level of perfection. Are you looking to renovate and incorporate some of these outstanding features?

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