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Tiaras And Timberlands, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:12am

Not literal tiaras. We’ll let other countries put jewels on their heads. But a neck tiara, well, yes.

Remember the necklace Wendy Brandes made for me? Remember the discussion about how to wear it? One answer: as though it’s nothing special despite all evidence to the contrary.

See, I was going to dinner with some former colleagues, but I wanted to walk to the restaurant. So, Timberlands. If Timberlands, these old Citizen of Humanity jeans are the only pants I have that are narrow, comfortable at the seat, and not wholly ridiculous with working boots.

If COH jeans, must elevate, somehow. Enter Wendy’s necklace. I also wore these tiny turquoise studs because you just have to know when to stop.

And once Wendy’s necklace has entered the discussion, well,  a white shirt makes a perfect frame. In this case, Nili Lotan. (BTW I’m also looking for an elegant, close-fitting black turtleneck. Thought I’d found one but it was too small so I gave it to my daughter. Lucky woman.)

Finally, having flown the coop to Loewe, the green bag has to come along. Wrist brace as grace note. Isn’t it great to be 65? I mean that in all sincerity, physical mewling aside.

Have a wonderful weekend. (P.S. Yes I got a haircut and sometimes I look like aged Mandy Moore in This Is Us and sometimes I look kind of cool.)


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  1. Surprised because I got the same haircut- it looks great on you! The Loewe bag is perfection, too. It’s getting too warm to wear jeans and boots around here but I think you nailed it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Everything is just working so well together here. The necklace & bag add some “artsy” to balance out the “sturdy” of the rest of the look. Well played!

    Love your haircut too!

    1. Sue, thank you! What’s the use of getting old if we can’t play around is what I say;)

  3. That’s exactly the way I wear my jewelry. In fact when I get dressed up (hardly remember that) I wear very little jewelry.
    You look fantastic – it all works so well, and isn’t it just such a great bag? I’m enjoying mine so much.

  4. Why are you dressed like a wannabe lumberjack? If I had your money, figure and climate, I would be in a silk dress and sneakers. At least ditch the ripped jeans. You look like you’re trying hard to look like you’re not trying hard.

    1. Kay, well, if you were in a silk dress and sneakers you wouldn’t be me, so there you go!

  5. I think your new haircut is FABULOUS…love your outfit too…a friend recently reminded me …it was ok to be myself…she said “you do you” which is such a good mantra to remember (you could never look like a lumberjack)

  6. That outfit is the perfect foil for the neck tiara.

    And, yes. I love being 65.

    1. Shawn, thank you! I feel like maybe 65 should be like a Sweet 16 occasion. Celebrated wildly and with joy.

  7. Love love LOVE your hair! And you may be a lumberjack, but you are definitely okay! More than okay – you look crisp and casual, with just enough shinery-finery to grace the occasion and catch the eye. Well done!

  8. Perfection!
    Lisa, you are a knockout. So beautiful, inside and out.
    You look fabulous. I love, love, love your hair. The best ever!! I want to ask my stylist for “the Lisa.”
    You look like the very definition of the “”impossible cool.” Every piece works and looks spectacularly well on you. Bravo!

  9. I, too, am 65. Your life is very different from mine but I enjoy peeking into it. I’m an artist in California. All my style and beauty goes into my work. :-)

  10. I adore your haircut, and love the vibe of the whole outfit. Did you cut the jeans yourself? Do you know the style of them? It’s so difficult to find jeans at this point in life (early 60s)

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