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Handing Over The September Baton, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:29am

Good morning!

It’s September, a month for which I have a particular fondness. The 30th is my birthday. Hooray for me! (Excuse me, if aging can’t give us permission to celebrate ourselves, what gives, universe?)

As Sue and Frances return, I will in turn take a month off. Not that we planned this, not that I’ve even informed them of my thinking, but hey, we’re all friends here.

Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the week. Enjoy the month. Today I am excited about life.

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  1. Lisa, Happy Birthday on September 30th ! Happy month off.

    I just signed up for Frances’ blog. Thank you. I’ve been a long-time Sue fan, and subscribe to her blog.

    Wishing you fun celebrating, extraordinary woman!
    xox Elizabeth

  2. Enjoy the pleasures of your birthday month! Maybe let’s try to meet somewhere in Menlo Park for a drink of some kind in October? I need goals. xo.

  3. Happy birthday tomorrow, Lisa! From another September baby — mine was this week, too. I hope your day is magnificent! <3

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