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Scamp Style, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:15am

I was asked a couple of weeks ago what I wear to the market. Good question, not because going to the market is a big style opp per se, but it is something most of us must do.

The Eileen Fisher pants are for dinners out. In the house I wear sweatpants and sweatshirt. I have quite the collection by now. For exercise, i.e. walking fast with an audiobook playing in my ear, or doing various physical therapy squirming, I wear yoga tights. Occasionally those slip into my errands, but only because it’s that or no exercise for the day.

So to the market we go and it is in this moment, and really only here, that I wear jeans. Oh, also to move boxes of my parents’ old photos from place to place, escaping extreme storage temperatures, pending the time when my siblings and I might figure out what exactly to do with them. Anyway. Hi.

The only thing ihere that cost more than $100 are the sneakers. I invest in my feetsies. (Jeans: Levis on sale, Tee: Target (just have to go browse the aisles, always good colors), Sneakers: Veja, Earrings: Pearl Source)

Grocery shopping is utilitarian but I often (not always because at the end of the day the bin of russet potatoes doesn’t care) try to squeeze in a little burst of style. For example, here, my pearl earrings match my white sneakers. This brings me joy, and makes me feel like I am presenting my impish, occasionally elegant, oxymoronic self to the world. Or at least to the beets. The shirt, although it’s hard to tell because my mirror’s so dusty, is a gorgeous shade of marine blue.

I guess I often like to play with color. For example, an olive brown faux suede jacket from Target (I bought my usual small. Unless you like the baggy cropped silhouette, size down.) Discordant with the marine tee and blue denim, but, like, on purpose? Again. Gives me joy. I feel like the self I’m finally recovering after history and loss. A scamp.

Next week, my sweatpants/shirts collection? Have a wonderful weekend everyone. May the selves you present reflect the selves you dearly want to inhabit.


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  1. Curious why you gave up jeans except for the occasions mentioned? Are the
    Vegas comfortable? Does your husband like the EF lantern pants? You look great no matter what you’re wearing.

    1. Kathy, you are a good friend;). Jeans are not very comfortable on me anymore. Hard cloth + Lisa is not a good experience. The Vegas were a little stiff at first, but, yes, they’re comfortable. No bad rubbing, and I kind of need a stiff sole these days. My husband is very diplomatic about the EF lantern pants. I do not press him…

  2. I used to never wear jeans very much, but since my husband retired–I’m wearing them more as our life is so much more casual than it was. The grocery store is my only trip out of the house today and I wore jeans, a Lillap long sleeved knit top, my new boots, and an Eileen Fisher knit poncho from years ago. Oh–and my 50 year old dangling silver earrings.

    1. Susan, I’m so glad you’ve found Lilla P and tops you like. It’s nice when easy, casual dressing feels good in all the ways.

  3. “I guess I often like . . . ” I love this beginning, are we belatedly figuring out what we “often like”?
    And also, Oh you scamp! ;-) Happy Weekend!

  4. For years, after college, I refused to wear jeans. I thought the denim and those thick seams were uncomfortable…and I was concerned with looking professional for work. Now almost all I wear is jeans with the exception of yoga wear. Go figure.

    You always look completely comfortable and stylish! Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have an excuse to wear the EF lantern pants.

  5. I’m quite small but have a curvy lower half, so jeans are almost always painful and ill-fitting for me too. I took a chance and ordered some Mother jeans last year, though (they’re usually out of my price range; I got mine on sale)… and fell in love. It probably varies with the fabric composition, but mine are as soft and comfy as clouds. The waistband is magic and somehow doesn’t cut into my stomach. I had come across them by Googling some variation of “jeans as comfortable as sweatpants.” :) You might love them too if you ever feel like giving them a try.

    I’m like you: I could never tolerate uncomfortable shoes, and now I can’t imagine how I ever tolerated uncomfortable clothing. Life is hard enough; our clothing should be kind to us.

    You look lovely, and I hope you have a lovely weekend!! Thank you, as always, for brightening mine. <3

  6. I have reduced how much I wear jeans substituting my workout clothes.
    I no longer feel they are as comfortable as I once did. I remember in high school you could pay a dollar to wear jeans on Fridays. It is funny how we once thought jeans were so comfortable but now “the hard cloth” does seem to make life less enjoyable.
    Have a great weekend.


  7. All hail! Welcome aboard, “Scamp” – a new [4th] Style Archetype – looking forward to Lisa’s full description of “The Scamp” in her header!

  8. The fact that your pearl earrings mirroring your white sneakers gives you joy gives me joy. Just that little frisson of cool, not shouty (as Allyson Walsh says) style gives me a bit of joy every day. Why oh why do I put on two necklaces and then take one off if not for that reason? Why the debate to roll pants or not roll pants if not to achieve that feeling of satisfaction? Especially if no one else sees. Not even the beets. :) xox

  9. I like the idea of the scamp, and that the white of your earrings matches the white of your sneakers. That is the kind of thing that always tends to make me happy, well that an an intentionally discordant note. All hail the process of owning what we “often like”. And that entire process of presenting the selves we would like to inhabit. Isn’t the something it also seems to take some time to own?

  10. Love your posts and you always look great. Funny question, how do those cuffs on your jeans stay put, in place? Have you added a few stitches? I’m a shorty so sometimes have tried that option instead of immediately getting them hemmed. But they just don’t stay “cuffed”. And I’ve only had success cuffing with some narrow legs.
    Thanks for sharing any tips!
    Suz from Vancouver

  11. Love your posts and you always look great. Funny question, how do those cuffs on your jeans stay put, in place? I’m a shorty so sometimes have tried that option instead of immediately getting them hemmed. But they just don’t stay “cuffed”. I’ve only had success cuffing with some narrow legs.
    Thanks for sharing any tips!
    Suz from Vancouver

  12. I love to play with color in my outfits, too. Often love “clashing” colors, such as various greens worn together. The greens must be accented with a scarf, perhaps in a soft purple or aqua. I keep the color wheel in mind, if needed, to suggest colors for an outfit. I prefer softened colors, not too bright, often grayed.

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