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And After Color We Want What, Or, Saturday Morning at 12:42am

Even I tire of wistful musing on the meaning of life. Instead, let’s wonder what we might wear when the weather warms. In your case this might be spring, although in my neck of the woods we just take off our jackets come March or April, all “Fare-thee-well, winter!” but don’t switch out wardrobes altogether ’til summer.

I’m thinking all white. I have no idea why.

I lied. I do have an idea. Maybe this year we need to reflect light. To beam. No matter how many windows, inside is always darker than out, and we might be looking forward to the out-of-doors, more free as the pandemic eases. Two ideas. Maybe we crave a palette cleanser, as our interiors seems to be getting more and more colorful. White clothes become, essentially, the antidote to murals and wallpaper, even of the pretty variety.

If Christopher John Rogers can do white, wizard of neon and rainbow he, a trend might be nigh.

So imagine, a white denim skirt,

and maybe a linen shirt with volume?


Orange Birkenstocks? (only one size left, on sale)

Or if we do have spring, or can at least might hope for some non-furnace summer days, hand on heart I would love a white boiler suit,

with white sneakers I already own, always a plus in these kind of schemes. And a colored bag.

For those of you less committed to Tomboy Chic than is your quixotic narrator, tapered white ankle pants,

never go amiss. But the top has to be white too. I’m only going to be happy if we’re head-to-toe. Maybe this. A little collarbone with a side of ankle.

Do you have any warm weather clothing impulses? Hunches? Considered plans for only incremental purchases that will instantly make everything in your closet more wearable and appealing?

LMK, as we say online! And have an absolutely wonderful weekend.


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  1. SAME!!!! I’m only interested in white clothing right now. I just ordered a white, lightweight denim dress from Frank and Eileen. I don’t even want pops of any color – I would carry a raffia/straw bag and white sneakers or maybe a natural leather sandal, or the taupe Arizona Birkenstocks. So, in short/long, white with natural textures…

  2. All white makes me rather anxious but I have just bought a rather good white linen shirt. I live in fear of coastal grandmother so will pair it carefully. I am controversially going splendidly colourful this year after far too long in a sea of black, white and grey.

  3. I’ve long enjoyed all white as a refreshing palette for summer. I especially like that last photo as lately, I’ve embraced green. Recently bought a pair of green and white striped Keds slip-ons from Nordstrom. Like walking on a cloud and a perfect complement to an all-white outfit.

  4. Hmmm … white does flatter my newly gray head of hair. On the other hand, I’d need to accessorize with a lobster bib to prevent food stains. Decisions, decisions!

  5. Gray hair here too and when I see optic white I give it a good look-over. I had an attractive merino sweater blink past me but upon closer inspection it was ivory, which is OK but not as glowy as white.
    This week has seen more than one Californian out gardening flash past my social media, but here in the Mid-Atlantic there is still at least a month of wintery weather possible.

    1. RoseAG, I so well remember the chills of March. On the other hand, the peonies out your way are unsurpassed!

  6. Oh dear ! I never wear white (unless I am a serious tennis player in a dream ? When I might afford the laundry bills …)
    I do like cream but I’m sure that isn’t good enough , is it ? I am at least 50% oriental and so love vivid colour which suits me – even in an English summer .

    1. Rukshana, I think cream would be wholly good enough. More than good enough! If you were in the mood in the English summer.

  7. Black, white, and gray, with some navy blue has been my color palette for years, and I’m usually in a crazy mood to add in navy blue.:) Most of my blouses are white. I’ve been longing for a black and white midi dress in a flowery pattern. I have never worn white pants or an all-white dress, but both sound interesting to me. I do love white, and according to color theory we True Winters can wear the heck out of white. So maybe… Happy Saturday to you. xo.

  8. White for a spring? Or do you include ivory? While I love the look of white on others it makes me look ill, unless I confine it to pants or skirts. Loved the palette/palate cleanser.

    1. MJ, I absolutely include ivory! And it’s funny, although I’m technically an Autumn, I do best, IMO, in actual white, so flexibility and instinct prevail.

  9. Living in Massachusetts and still seeing a bit of white snow and ice on the stream behind my house, I can’t even think about white clothes. White be gone! When the temperatures warm and the snow disappears completely, maybe I’ll consider some white. Thank you for your recommendations on where to buy.

  10. Have to laugh at this because I NEVER wear white. Reason 1. Very fair skin and I always look washed out. 2 Catastrophe-prone and know from experience that white clothing is a veritable canvas for spills seeking a place to happen. 3. Winter drags on long enough here that the last thing anyone wants to see come spring is white.
    Right now, the city is awash in red since the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. And let me say, that color is not a good look on me either. LOL ;)

  11. In the fall I was head over heels for pink, a particular not too bright, not too cool, not to warm pink. Lately I’ve been obsessing about white wide leg jeans, and I might do a white dress as well. White is not typically cold weather dressing, but I love it and can’t get enough. Perhaps I am dreaming of ice and snow, which I actually do miss.

    White is not my color as my skin is too pale, but I love it in wintertime, as opposed to summer, where it only seems to accent my ghostly nature. By the time it gets hot, who knows what my obsession du jour might be.

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