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Three Gold Chains And A Great Big Outfit, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:39am

Jennifer Garner in The Last Thing He Told Me

Sometimes I think I watch overmuch TV. That’s Jennifer Garner, above, in The Last Thing She Told Me. I love Garner as a presence on my screen.

I was enthralled by The Diplomat, with Keri Russell and David Gyasi. Classic, classic binge watch.

And did we know from the git-go what a cultural phenomena Succession would become, and how much of its appeal, like White Lotus, is perhaps pre-conditioned by the brilliant soundtrack and then reinforced by editing? I would think Sarah Snook might find it painful to play Siobhan Roy. But I would most likely be wrong. When I watch these shows with strong women main characters I feel awe. Also, I confess, I want their necklaces. Remember those giant bubbles/beads people wore last decade or two? These are not they. These are chains.

I was inspired to rummage through my jewelry to find old ones I never wear. I say “chains,” plural, because I particularly loved the look of layers. Below, in ascending order, I found a family locket, a “paperclip” chain I bought for myself when I could first claim the moniker “executive,” (evidently it’s “quotation mark day”) and a tiny gold wisp of a thing from Blue Nile that holds an even tinier circle with the teeniest tiniest amethyst chip. That last one I fastened so the extender hung down, mirroring the Victorian locket’s chain. You want the right admixture of things that are the same and things that are different: across length, size of links, and any pendant shapes.

It’s a know it when you see it situation. No quotation marks. Moving on.

Best worn with a collared shirt. So, my oversized Nili Logan.

And having donned all this, experimenting, enthusiastic, I dug up a pair of UNIQLO white wide-legged jeans, and the gold ankle booties with pearl trim about which I pestered you last year.

Then I sat on a chair I bought in the late 1970s, at an unfinished wood furniture store somewhere near Broadway and 1o4th street in upper Manhattan. It came with three fellow seats, and a round table, and I ate breakfast there all alone in my early 20s, sad about the things only 20-year olds know. Which, in 1979, did not as I recall, involve power.

At 66, however, on a random afternoon in the San Francisco suburbs, I was giddy with good cheer and chains. If you don’t have any such locked away somewhere, they aren’t inexpensive these days, but they do exist. So does cheer.

Three necklaces, a big ol’ shirt, giant jeans and pearl-studded booties. It’s fun to be big. Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I finished Season 1 of The Diplomat last night, and can’t believe I have to wait a year before Season 2. One more episode of The Last Thing He Told Me, and her necklace has caught my attention enough that I’ve Googled it, but really no information? Love the chunky and delicate layered chains and have for years. You look great in yours and how wonderful that you already had them. Have you added darker streaks to your hair? Is that OK to ask? Looks great whatever you’ve done. I haven’t really gotten into this season’s Succession, but I love seeing Shiv’s clothing and jewelry.

    1. I absolutely had lowlights added. At a certain point the white hair on top of my head makes me feel a bit like a q-tip so I get semi-permanent lowlights on the whitest streak and then let it wear out over 6 months and then I do it again. Totally OK to ask. Thank you! A year to wait for more Diplomat does feel cruel and unusual;)

  2. Love the chains, Lisa. Thanks for reminding me to dig mine out. I tried the layering necklaces thing a couple of years ago, then forgot about it because I’m not intuitively a necklace person. I have to remind myself to wear them. Considering getting some lowlights myself. Not sure I will because I’ve become rather fond of my “q-tip” locks. Ha.
    P.S. That was not meant to be snarky even though it kind of sounds snarky. xo

    1. Does not sound snarky at all! Your white hair looks much better than mine because you have so much more body. My hair, when it is fully white, kind of disappears. I have been wearing a little pendant for ages, this urge to layer chains really was a result of TV shows LOL.

  3. We knew if you tracked down those gold boots there would be outfits to wear them with!

    ‘The Diplomat’ was a not-binge watch for me. The plot and characters were fast and furious and I needed breaks inbetween episodes to let them be commited to memory. In a different but not unrelated show, have you watched season 2 of Perry Mason?

    1. I am grateful to you all for urging me to the boots! The Diplomat was very full of twists and turns. I haven’t watched Season 2 of PM. Should I?

  4. I’m not usually a fan of the all-white look, except for ceremonial occasions (weddings, graduations, confirmations, coronations), but that full-length picture of you in all white with gold and pearls is aesthetically perfect, including the wavy reflection in the shoe closet glass. Whoever took it is really talented! Of course, having the right model helps…
    And I’m glad to see that those fab gold booties with pearls are still in the rotation!

  5. That second (seated) photo is a fabulous self-portrait!

    I’ve been wearing a chunky link necklace from Tarra Rosenbaum almost daily, usually with a chain lariat. Now you’ve inspired me to add a 3rd piece.

    1. Thank you. I can’t wait to see your version of three chains. You’re like the Necklace Queen!

  6. When I see photos of you, I think “effortless chic”. You’ve got it going on.

    1. Well that’s a spectacular compliment and I thank you so much! My cultural imperative not to show that I’m trying is very, very strong;).

  7. ha! we agree again. i raced through the diplomat … thankfully, there will be a season 2. want keri russell’s pendant necklace but no luck tracking the source. so i wait. <3

    the theme song to succession definitely sold me as i started watching when hbo was playing ads for it non-stop before season 2. (my brilliant friend is also brilliantly scored and i am eagerly anticipating the final season.)

    1. i also think i need to get some lowlights as i overdid the blond at my last visit. you look effortlessly chic, as always.

    2. Why will they not tell us about the necklaces? The jewelry! This is something I have asked before…My Brilliant Friend is amazing. If I look effortlessly chic to you I can wear a plastic bag for the rest of my life and still count as having had style. You are the most perfect minimal style person I know.

      1. agreed. give us the (necklace) source, universe! i feel out of my minimal-chic groove here in deep suburbia (where an “outing” is likely a target run), but i thank you all the same. x

        1. I’m wondering if the Van Cleef and Arpels astrological pendant? But I agree, just tell us already!

          1. LOL. I wonder where to ask. On Twitter? Also, google tells me they used a lot of vintage jewelry in the show, but, she seems to wear the same one all the time, right?

        2. Deep suburbia, where I live too, is so decidedly-unaesthetic most of the time, IMHO. Except for gardens.

  8. You look fantastic! The full-length photo is pure art and, indeed, a perfect self-portrait. I love the white and gold outfit — and we knew you’d love those boots! :) Happy Mother’s Day weekend. I love you!

    1. Thank you, Jess! I hope your Mother’s Day is peaceful and content. You all did me a real favor, urging me on with the boots. xoxoxoxox

  9. I’ve ordered the white blouse–exactly what I’ve been looking for. And your ensemble is perfect. Time to pull out my Mother’s gold necklaces and layer them. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Dawn, I love this shirt. Now, I have to tell you, I checked again and the shirt I have is the Kristen, and carelessly I put a link to the Yorke. The fabric is the same, which is my favorite part, and both are oversized, a bit. But the Kristen has a curved front hem and the Yorke has a straight one. So, if your shirt arrives and you wanted the curve (which didn’t really show in my seated photo, but still, I need to have more attention to detail), return and get the Kristen. My apologies for my lack of precision and Happy Mother and her Necklaces Day to you too:).

      1. Re: this shirt. I am sure I will be pleased, and thank you for calling my attention to that detail. There’s been some discussion of “Succession” here and I agree with you on all points. As a palette cleanser, may I suggest a program on PBS Passport? It’s a Danish program called”Seaside Hotel.” In addition to the musicality of the Danish language, the art direction, the clothing and the room decor and the visual presentation of the foods, are a pleasure to behold. Looking forward to the arrival of my shirt on Wednesday!

        1. Dawn, it’s the least I can do, i.e. give accurate information. Enjoy the shirt! I would love a palette cleanser, AKA something to watch before sleep so my dreams are free of clashing families and gonging soundtracks.

    1. LOL I knew what you meant:). Retired style bloggers still gotta style now and again, right? Thank you!

  10. Love the white outfit Lisa! The chains are a fun accessory…Happy Mother’s Day!

  11. Addendum: In today’s NY Times Sunday Styles section, there is a feature on the wide range of spring clothes being worn around town. And in reference to a young woman taking her leisure on a park bench while wearing a black tank top and pale blue rumpled shorts, note is taken of her neckwear: “No outfits are too simple for a statement necklace, or three…”

    So you are right on trend, as they say! (not that you would care)

  12. Your over sized shirt and wide leg jeans in white on white looks terrific. The gold touches add a richness to the outfit. Nicely done.

  13. I agree that you look great. Evidently you don’t watch the Today show, however, as Savanna Guthrie (usually) and Hoda Kotb (always) wear layered necklaces. I love the look but all of my old chains seem too heavy. And between retirement, years of Covid curtailing my social life, and moving to the very informal PNW, I feel like it shows that I’m trying too hard if I wear jewelry. You may have inspired me to give it a go.

  14. Like others have said, that outfit is perfection. And swoon, those BOOTS!
    That’s a great photo you took, wonderful composition, framing and lighting. And aren’t those iPhone cameras amazing.
    Also feel a year is a long time to wait for the Diplomat.
    If you’re looking for something very different, Beef is a quirky series. I had to calm myself because I really wanted them to make better choices “No, don’t do that”.
    Thanks for posting.
    Suz from Vancouver

  15. I too have chains and necklaces and, despite this, I rarely seem to wear them. I keep them in plain view but still, they tend not to be worn much. Perhaps because I feel that they get in my way somewhat. However, like you I am today wearing a big white shirt and a pair of stone coloured linen trousers. And now I shall go upstairs, find a chain or two and put them on. Silly not to.

  16. Thanks for recommending The Diplomat, which we’ve started and are really enjoying. Also have been enjoying The Last Thing He Told Me (a bit impatient with the week-by-week roll-out, having got used to the possibility of bingeing way back when CD box sets became a thing ;-)
    I really like Jennifer Garner as well — she’s so beautiful and manages to convey thoughtfulness and strength and intelligence.. .
    And I love your white outfit! Especially those pants!

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