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As Discussed, Silk Blouse, Jacquard Pants, And Crystal-Toed Pumps, Or, Saturday Morning At 10:53am

Because one has, after all, responsibilities, and one has, after all, a deep love for information, here’s what my silk blouse outfit looked like in situ. Or, in medias res, if you prefer. All archaic phrases welcome.

Also, I have blue eyes.

Senior woman in blue silk blouse for holiday festivities

  • Blouse: Vince
  • Pants: Dries van Noten, 2020
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo, 2013 (similar, with higher heel)
  • Necklace: Unknown enamel artist, some century that is not this one. My mother’s, and possibly a grandmother’s but that provenance is lost in the sands of time
  • Earrings: Hiding in my hair, decades old, similar here

Pants in a jacquard weave; necklace features a drawing of two people with strange limbs and random headgear. At the very least, for me, the level of visual interest/texture is constant across the whole outfit, flap and sheen, ornamentation, squiggles–like a musical rhythm. Enough. It’s just clothes.

But, clothes that work for me, to use a phrase not yet archaic. Comfortable, casual in construction/luxurious in materials. Such is the way.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. May we somehow find peace and concurrent justice.


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22 Responses

  1. You look great! Perfect blue shirt, perfect black pants, shimmery shoes, shimmery hair – and I’m sure there is a female ancestor of yours somewhere in Heaven exclaiming with delight that you have found a perfect occasion to wear that rococo enamel necklace – and wearing it with flair!

    Shine on, silver girl …

  2. Beautiful Lisa! And the shoes do look great. Like SusanD – love that the jewelry has provenance. I hope your party doesn’t get canceled…..xoxo

    1. I was even going to write in the post, the shoes may still look off but I think they’re OK:). I hope a party, some party, will materialize this year.

  3. Looking very elegant and relaxed…love the details….fabric and embroidery. The antique pendant necklace looks great and adds a nice touch.
    Hope you get to enjoy the Diwali gathering soon.

  4. You were right. Those shoes work perfectly – that bit of crystal makes all the difference. Shine on!

    1. Thanks, for the kind words but also for a much-needed guffaw. Have a dinner party and invite me, I’ll dress up;)

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