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In The Bleak Midwinter Shelter From The Storm, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:43 am

It’s winter in California. There’s frost on my neighbor’s roof most mornings and the leaves have fallen from our alder, leaving only spring green catkins.

Time to turn inwards; time to get quiet. Time to welcome family; time to get loud!

I’ll be off until mid-January. Until then, let me just say thank you for showing up to this loud quiet space as you do, thoughtful, funny, and highly original. Sending you all my best wishes for this year’s close and the opening of the next.

Yr fren, Lisa

(title reference is to this, and yes, it was hardly like to have been bleak in Jerusalem in December but it is the human enterprise to create and evolve meaning, as it is our great task to try and love each other. trick is to do both at once. somehow I remember the lyrics as ‘shelter from a storm’ but actually, reasonably, it’s ‘give my heart.’)


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  1. So many changes but press on we must. Such is life. Wishing you a warm and joyful holiday with your family and friends! And a happy new year!

  2. Best wishes this holiday and cheers to 2024. My Saturday mornings are not the same when you don’t post.

    1. I know. Isn’t it something? I’ve had a long-standing, “I’m not leaving the house until Lisa posts,” Saturday thing. Now what?

      All best to you and the C-clan over the various celebrations of your holidays, Lisa. xo

  3. All best wishes to you at the close of this year and the opening of the next. Six days to the winter solstice, and the coming of the light. Seattle is in the midst of an El Niño, and therefore a more sunny and mild winter than the last few La Niña years. Our sunset is a half hour before yours, but I am to my surprise unaffected by the early dark. Somehow, it still seems light. I find it all quite cheery, which helps with my long Covid symptoms which are hanging on. Thank you for the link to the Annie Lennox song. She’s long been a personal favorite. It’s Bob Dylan who wrote Shelter from the Storm in 1974, so maybe that is residing in your brain as well. I love that song of his, though it’s not a Christmas song. Here’s a link to that just in case you’d like to take a current listen. Take care. xoxoxo.

  4. Love that song, and her performance is stunning. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Best wishes for a very happy and healthy new year.

  5. Happy holidays, Lisa! I’ll miss your Saturday posts and look forward to your return in January. I hope you have a joyful and safe holiday season. Very best hopes and wishes to you, to all of the lovely readers here, and to our world for the new year. <3

  6. Have a happy holiday and winter sequester Lisa! And may the next year please bring more peace and goodwill to all

  7. Sang that in a choral group I was once in and it is a magnificent piece because Rosetti’s words are so perfectly brought into music by Holst. Merry Christmas and thanks for showing up for us with your Saturday reveries!

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