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An Exhibition At Milan Design Week, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:10am

WORK. This is the work of my son, in fact.

This is a photo of Jonathan Anderson, of Loewe,  J.W. Anderson and many other inspirations of culture, and my son, Patrick Carroll. During Milan Design Week 2024 (closing tomorrow) Anderson presented a collection of my son’s work at his flagship J.W. Anderson store. Apparently the opening crowd extended to the sidewalk outside.

I could look at this all day. That one pennant.

The exhibition has been written up in Vogue, Dezeen, Wallpaper, and for those of you who can read Italian, which does not include me, Marie Claire and Vogue Italia. Patrick is interviewed about the thinking behind his work, and about how great it is as an artist to work with Anderson.

And yes, this feels amazing to his mother. Hope you don’t mind my overflowing pride and joy. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. Amazing in so many ways and for so many reasons. Congratulations to Patrick and to you ♥️

  2. That is wonderful that your son’s work is getting this amazing recognition. It has always caught my eye as you’ve posted his art in the past. Makes total sense for Loewe to showcase him. Kudos!

  3. A wonderful recognition for your son. Very well deserved. Proud Mama – thank you for sharing the good news.

  4. I could read this week’s post all day long! Pat’s work is beyond beautiful. That it’s being recognized during the most prestigious design week of the year is high praise for this most talented and articulate artist. You have every reason to be beaming right now!

  5. Wow!!! I’ve always thought that Jonathan Anderson had a great sense of design and an ability to merge art with fashion. This confirms it. I love Patrick’s work, and to see it presented like this is spectacular. You have every reason to be incredibly proud and busting at the seams. Congratulations to both mother and son. xo

  6. Love the beauty and the depth of your son’s work. I can think about a single piece for an extended time. I love where his work takes me. It makes sense to me that Patrick’s art would catch the eye of JW Anderson. The photograph of the two of them together is wonderful. It’s especially delightful that your son is wearing his own creation with the name of the ferryman of dead souls across the Styx to Hades. Patrick’s work is complex, layered, moving. It deserves beautiful presentations, and JW Anderson curated it with a respect that indicates his understanding of the importance of the work. Congratulations to Patrick and to you.

  7. How exciting! Congratulations, Patrick! And proud mama, of course. <3 Thanks for sharing the happy news. A very joyful weekend to you and your family!

  8. I love this Lisa! Your son is so talented. I think his work is so unique and worthy.

  9. Wow! Congratulations go out to your son Patrick!
    You have every right to be proud…it is fabulous that your son’s work has been showcased in Milan!

    Hostess of The Humble Bungalow

  10. Congratulations to Patrick! I remember very well when you introduced your son’s work to your readers long time ago. His creations appeared to me immediately different, interesting, complex and intelligent and meaningful in multiple ways. I am glad his talent has been recognised, his success is fully deserved. I am Italian, so I have read Patrik’s interviews on the Italian magazines. I love the way he describes how he chooses the words for his works, how words become so important and the creative process behind “Days”, the title of the exhibition. Thank you for sharing and again congratulations to Patrick and to you!

  11. Of course you are proud! I have been following him for awhile and he is very talented. Congratulations to both of you ❤️

  12. Wow! You must be bursting with pride! Well done, Patrick ! And congratulations. Such impressive work and worthy of recognition.

  13. Thank you all so very much for your appreciation and support!!!!

    I am happy for this crew here:).

  14. what a great thing to be able to share! congrats to both you and patrick – you, for your love and support and pride, and Patrick for his talent and verve and perseverance. bravo!

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