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How Long Has It Been Since You Thought About Paisley, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:26am

The only piece of clothing I’m craving at the moment is a brand-new, no pilling, no fading, no sunscreen-bleaching-at-the-neck patterned t-shirt.

Most recently in this category I’ve worn a Ted Baker floral. Florals are nice, and the cleverness of the word cloud would appeal if it were half the price,


and yet, this year, no idea why, I’m thinking paisley. Yes? No?


The imagined outfit to look something like this, adding linen lantern pants, a cropped olive utility jacket, orange Birkenstocks and gold disc earrings-not small, not large, hammered for texture. With baggy trousers I like a cropped jacket.

A veritable riot of non-primary colors. In fact that may be my unvoiced ’til now philosophy of consciousness.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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14 Responses

  1. I have not (yet) seen any paisley T-shirts . How amazing they look ! I don’t usually wear T-shirts except as unseen extra warm layers but these could change my mind …

    1. Just after I wrote this I went to our mall and guess what I spotted in the window of our American heritage brand, Brooks Brothers. Paisley. My jaw dropped!

  2. If you haven’t done so already, order that Vivienne Westwood “absolute favorite” now! There’s only an S and an XS left as of this hour. You must have it!

  3. Paisley! It takes me back to my youth. A few weeks ago I decided that I’m tired of solid color t-shirts for summer, but patterns that are too twee aren’t for me. Paisley might be just what I need. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. You’re so welcome! I remember the paisley of the late 60s so well. And you know what? I had that exact same moment with solid color tees a couple of days ago, and I don’t want to do stripes. Something in the air…

  4. Have adored paisley since I was a child in the 60s. My dad and brothers had gorgeous silk paisley ties. I have sought it and bought it in any fabric I could find my whole life. Love all the variations you shared. Don’t wear t-shirts but any of those would look fabulous on you!

    1. I love this. Men’s silk paisley ties are so evocative, and that you’ve been dedicated to the pattern your whole life speaks volumes.

  5. I think about paisley quite often, but usually as scarves or shawls that I swathe about my upper body – but tee-shirts? I dunno. All my tees are solid color, but maybe for spring I could try a paisley tee with tan or beige pants? But spending more than $35 on a tee-shirt is beyond my comprehension, so I may have to stick to my trieds and trues…

  6. Hmm, a paisley tee. I think I could do that. I thought I was in the mood for a stripe, but you have me thinking…

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