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My Life In Lipsticks, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:51am

All the tube-contained lip unguents I own. I use that tortured descriptor to exclude neither the necessary lip gloss, nor lipstick nor lip balms. Oh, and a pencil.

Here’s a game, with lots of hints.

  • Guess which one I bought in an airport years ago to attend a New Year’s Eve get-together in Shanghai?
  • Guess which I have worn only once, bought because I had convinced myself I needed more blue-toned makeup and keep now just in case I might some day wear a black dress and feel like fuchsia?
  • Guess which I keep trying to like but it’s just too dang perky for me?
  • Guess which ones cost $5 each?
  • Guess which one is supposed to plump my lips and guess which one I don’t wear any more? They’re one and the same.

And you don’t have to guess what I’d choose if I could only keep that lip pencil, and one tube. It’d be that Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip dohicky, second from right. For running out of the house and applying in the car, on its lonesome. For fancy dinner, pencil under, pomegranate to finish.

P.S. I like the lip balm on the far right because the tube is fat and using it feels like I’m making out with a vanilla bean.

Let me know in the comments if you want quiz answers, I say with my tongue fully in my cheek, or links.

Now my friends, I will send you to a lipstick Zoom, with Brian of the makeup and skincare company By Brian. It’s actually called a Zoom Master Color Event for Lips and Cheeks, and our friend Sue from Une Femme will be there too. Not only is this an unsolicited link, they have no idea I’m posting it. Surprise!

The Zoom starts at 9:30am, Pacific Time, today Saturday, May 11. You’ll need to register, but that should be simple. Link is in this Instagram story:

A wonderful, happy and well-tinted weekend to all.

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  1. Huge surprise I’m sure but Burt’s Bees pomegranate is my go-to lip thing. If you, like me for its qualities but want to up it a bit, buy the new Augustine Bader lip balm in color #1. I just got #1 ( very much like pomegranate, but more staying power) and shade #2 (more red) to put a dab on top for going out in the evening. I’ve missed the Zoom already, but actually don’t like real lipstick on me anymore – at all.

    1. i bought the augustinus bader balm in 1, too. it is fantastic. it definitely is an underpromise overdeliver product. and yes, pricey.

    2. Presently, and forever, I’ve never liked real lipstick. A combination of being a pale person with very pigmented lips, and not enjoying what I experience as the goopiness of lipstick, makes it too much of a commitment. A bright red Chanel lipstick from a beautifully designed narrow tube I wore to an evening event in Los Angeles, having flow from Chicago to attend, was a memorable exception. I assume my lips in my twenties were more receptive to slicking on a color. No pencil.

      I looked at your Augustinus Bader lip balm in #1, and of course I can’t really tell the color because we’re on screens, but just in case you might find it interesting, I have two lip tubes. They’re both from Henné. My Kjaer Weis and Rituel de Fille have fallen by the wayside. My everyday is the clear lip balm (in the tube, not the pot). If I’m feeling fancier, I use Henné Bare, which they describe as a “delicate rosy nude,” but which I experience as a bit more neutral. I wish it was slightly more pink. It’s possible to wear it dabbed on my eyelids and cheeks to brighten up my face if I’m going out and want to look rosier. I’ve also experimented with Sunlit and Intrigue from the line. The colors are sheer, but buildable, so Sunlit’s pale peach and Intrigue’s brick red are both very wearable. I’ve asked Laura, the owner of Henné, to add a pale pink, but I don’t think she’s inspired. The packaging’s beautiful. There’s no weird flavor or scent. I also have Henné Blomma (floral) hand cream in my purse and at my bedside. My one design alteration would be a dot to show the color in the lip-tint tube.

      IG swatches:

      (Happy Saturday to you, Lisa. Thank you for writing this post!)

        1. You enablers, you!

          Kidding. Not kidding. I’m trying to hold off even looking at the AB lip balms, we’ll see how long I last;)

  2. That’s a minimal lipstick collection.
    I have so many lipsticks that I have banned any more lipsticks coming into my collection until I use them up.
    When I happen onto articles about “your right lipstick color” I go look at my inventory to see what I already have that fits the latest recommendation.

    My guesses: Questions are numbered, answers are lettered left to right

    1-b, 2-1, 3-f, 4 g-i, 5 c.

    1. I bow to you and thank you for actually reading the brief;))

      1-b, Correct
      2-a, which I think is what you meant, rather than 1, YES!
      3- as in which is too perky, is actually e., the Ilia balm to the left. Too coral-tending, I think
      4- g Correct! Silk Naturals forever! A little glossy, saturated, but not blatant
      5-c Definitively.

      I would not have pegged your for a lipstick collector, good to know!

  3. Our kids are in their thirties now, but I have a mom friend with whom I share a lipstick code. We could tell what kind of night our babies had had by how intense our colors were the following day. Colic Coral was a thing. We still keep it up, so it’s evolved to Frantic Fuchsia and Poleaxed Plum. Good times.

    1. I could not love this more if I tried. Do your kids know? I feel this should be a book.

  4. I was a Burt’s Bees pomegranate until I tried a Clinque’s Chubby Stick. I’m so afraid they’ll discontinue that I must have 10 of them stashed away.

  5. I must ask: do you like those Ilia Balmy Tints? I’m very sorry if you’ve mentioned them on the blog before – I can’t remember and a quick search didn’t solve my memory problems. I’ve never tried the brand but have been thinking about it.

    I’ve had a lifelong struggle to find even one proper lipstick that doesn’t result in painfully dry, peeling lips… I gave up years ago and own zero at present. I do have a few glosses but am just a lip balm girl unless very fancy things are happening. Even the Burt’s Bees was too drying for me (and Clinique was one of the worst for some reason – maybe an allergy), but I do love Badger lip balm.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend full of joy and color. ❤

    1. So sorry lip products give you trouble:(. I do like the Illia Balmy Tints. The one I like, on the right, is Wanderlust. The lighter/brighter one is Lullaby. A nice middle ground between glossy and matte.

      1. Thanks so much for the helpful answer, Lisa – I appreciate the color guidance and may give them a try.

        Happy Mother’s Day! xoxox

  6. When my mother was in her mid-90s, I was about to venture out of the house with her. She stopped and said, “Wait, I have to go put on my lipstick.” This astonished me as she had seemly given up on her appearance but suddenly she had to put on lipstick? I realized that a habit from her past had made her remember to put on her red lipstick. Somehow this was very poignant to me. I’ve never been a lipstick person myself. Always a good lip balm and I really like the one by Laura Mercier. Although these days, I am just as happy with the one from the supermarket.

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