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The World Can Be Unexpectedly Beautiful, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:21a,

I didn’t have any milk this morning, so first thing I walked to the corner store.

When do you exercise? In New York, between college and business school, I belonged to a gym. I have absolutely no memory of how I incorporated it into my habits. But later, working for Air Products and Chemicals in Macungie, Pennsylvania in the 1980s, I’d take company-sponsored aerobics class at the end of the day. Van Halen’s Jump, and we did. And then sporadically, in the next couple of decades, I’d join gyms out here in Silicon Valley, or find one at my workplace. Bridges, planks, elements of physical construction. None of this is very interesting. I’m thinking out loud.

Recently, since I started writing this blog, and then having a go at fiction, I’ve been using the early hours of the morning to write. Out walking, this morning, so green, so early, struck me. Does your heart lift at the sight of things growing? At the sheer optimism of leaves? These are the questions we have the time for at this age.

There’s something about getting outside first thing, breathing hard, moving forward, before having a chance to wander down the long pathways of our thoughts–something bright. Maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow. And you? What do you do with your wild and precious early mornings?

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends, early, late, outside of time altogether.

(photos from my walk this morning. I moan about my neighborhood being boring, but the garden would beg to differ)

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  1. I don’t think I feel that rush of endorphins after exercise, that I did when I was younger and would jog or go to a spinning class first thing in the morning. I feel relaxed, but less energetic (really dislike this part of aging) so depending on my creative plans for the day, is pretty much how I decide when I’ll exercise. It works the best for me if I do it mid to late afternoon, when it shakes off the day, and it’s OK to feel relaxed, contented and without mojo!

    1. That makes sense. Prioritizing what does the best for you. I wish I could exercise mid-late afternoon, but from 2-4pm-ish my energy level is flat, almost gone. Has always been that way.

      1. Edit: I should have mentioned that’s my routine most of the year. However once summer hits (which is now) I do switch to early morning before it’s 100 degrees. But I’m less productive after that which I’ve decided is ok – it’s all a rhythm.

  2. I don’t find your neighborhood “boring” at all! These pix show interesting architecture, non-ho-hum-manicured landscapes, no neon-colored yard ornaments or chat sets. Easy on the [these] eyes, and I bet there’s nary a leaf blower in any of those garages!

    1. After 38 years here, it’s growing on me;). The architecture all started out as developer-built mid-century ranchers, and has evolved over time. However, no leaf blowers in the garage but they arrive with the landscaping crews. There’s a new ordinance requiring electric blowers, along with free equipment from the city, so that should lessen the noise burden.

  3. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous walk. You remind me I need to get out early–I miss my neighborhood walks. (Ugh, up to 95° here now.)

  4. I used to write first thing as well and have also changed my habits. I now start my morning with meditation and yoga–and when the classes are in the yoga studio, I walk there–and then transition into writing. I find this pathway into the day so much more centering and my mind so much more prepared for the creative heavy lifting to come.

  5. Imagine my surprise when I saw that you have a photo of the building I lived in for two years. Even during the drought the plantings were beautiful and I loved nothing more than being out and walking around the neighborhood.

      1. Unfortunately, we returned to the DC area following the end of my husband’s sabbatical. However, based on visits to us while we were there, our son relocated from the DC area and lives about a quarter of mile away. I dearly love the Bay Area and now I have a reason to return several times a year.
        Your writing resonants with me, so I hope you continue to blog in the future.

  6. Your morning walk provides lovely landscape views and interesting home architecture. I do love an early morning walk before everybody awakens. It’s quiet and even a gentle breeze in the trees is noticeable as the branches sway. The birds are in song as the sun rises. The air is cool as a new day begins. Gyms and exercise classes have never appealed to me. My exercise is achieved primarily in my garden taking care of all my trees, shrubs and plantings. Walking and hiking in the forest with my dog is also a preferred activity.

  7. My mornings start with a walk thru’ a wooded area which used to have a rail line taking workers to a chocolate factory . Now it leads to a major road with a swimming pool – which also used to be for the factory workers ! So I get a swim before breakfast !

  8. I really enjoy reading your thoughts, Lisa and other contributors. I’m now back at our morning walks after knee surgery. I couldn’t wait to get back out and walk through all the trees and listen to all the birds singing in the park. Lots of wee ones on the swings and up and down the slides and their young mothers able to enjoy the break. Any troubles are on the back burner.

  9. I am up and out early most mornings, walking through my village and enjoying everyone’s gardens on my way to work; it’s a fine start to the day. At the moment, the Euros (football) are taking place, meaning that nearly everyone is inside watching TV in the evenings, so that makes a fine time to walk and enjoy the cooler temperatures in peace. Early or late, for me they are the best times to stretch my legs and give my brain a bit of a break.

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