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LPC is at Trust Your Style

Today I am at Trust Your Style for Mary Jo Matsumoto’s Eye on Style feature. You all know Mary Jo from her refined couture line,


Trust, In Funds And Otherwise

I inherited my first slice of our fading family fortunes at 21. I remember sitting with my father in the sunroom. The rattan furniture was

High = Money, Final Installment

A Beach Rose commented, on one of my previous posts about money, I do not have access to my “education fund” (not 21 yet), and

Another Point Of View From A Very Wise Person

The other day Meg, she-who-is-wise-beyond-her-years, commented on my post about family and money. “Hum. That’s funny. My High Wasp family lost all their money (which

High WASP = Money

flickr Was I High WASP with my children about money? In how much I had? In my attitude towards it? In what I tried to