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Stationery, With An “E”

Paper refuses to surrender. Sure, we can text, tweet, post, email, and distribute words in all sorts of esoteric ways. But it seems we still


The Best House Guest Present Ever

Hand towels. Is there anything more perfect than an embellished hand towel? That’s a rhetorical question, hyberbolic, even. And yet. The season for house guest

Madeleine Albright Says, "Read My Pins".

We are not alone, pin-wearers. Jill, at Stella’s Roar, brought this to my attention. Ms. Albright, our former Secretary of State (and a Wellesley graduate),

Monograms and Doc Martens

Writing about monograms (and continuing to find beautiful pictures) I have found myself thinking about identity. One might with good reason tell me I have

Bags Without Logos, The Budget Version

So let’s say you want a bag without a manufacturer’s monogram. Otherwise known as a logo. Logos and other branding tchotchkes (Yiddish word of the

Monograms In The Year 2009

I’m game for a little good-natured deconstruction of monograms in this day and age if you are. Symbols are symbols, after all, and I am

The History And Meaning Of Monograms

TP asked me last week what my thinking was on monograms and where one ought to find them. In truth, my thinking on monograms has