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A Brief List Of Some Very Good Looking Products

Somewhere my sisters are laughing. “Good looking” is my mother’s phrase. Mom’s got great taste, and if I could abstract out her theories I would. Would probably make millions. But for today, rather than talking about the how of good looking, let’s focus on the what. Sometimes, in style, you have to start with the details.

For example.
A weekender by Dash. In its favor we’ve got navy, stripes, luggage-colored leather, a classic shape. At least I think that’s what she’d say. The knowledge is deeply buried. $210.

A crisp, highly shaped, white jacket from Jack Rogers. The same people who make sandals. Brisk, efficient, clean. There’s nothing like good heavy sateen, (oh the sheen) and a 3/4 sleeve. $248.

Merino throw rug from Anchini. In the brick red color family my mother adores. And the flowers look cheerful, and classic as medallions. $395.

Linens from Libeco. “Now what’s so good looking about these?” you might ask. “Those are just some blue sheets.” In this case “good looking” is a euphemism. It means that these sheets are made of actual linen. I don’t think we’ve had real linen bedding in my family since 1974. Round about then I put a teenage toenail through a top sheet. Everyone took it very well. I have never forgotten how it felt to sleep in so much smooth and soft.

I’ll refrain from posting prices. We’re not talking about good buying, just “good looking.”

Holiday card from Kate Spade. Plaid. Plaid that looks like an old woolen kilt. Enough said. $25 for 10 cards.

These, on the other hand, she would probably find vulgar. Holidays and family gatherings should make us think first of gambling. But she’s too well-brought up to tell you so.

Have a wonderful weekend. It’s out there waiting, and summer is drawing to a long, sweet, close.

Weekender from Dash
Blazer from Jack Rogers
Linens from Libeco
Throw from Anchini
Kate Spade Holiday Cards from Crane and

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  1. Libeco!

    only I don't understand how can Linen be softer than cotton? When I wear a linen dress, it is more scratchy and harder than the soft cotton. Please educate be!
    You might remember I fell for The Laundress. The shop that sells the Laundress in Vienna happens to sell Libeco, too. Plus "the world's best bathing towel" which is Abyss Super Pile. At least the Wall Street Journal says so. I'd rather rely on you!

  2. Considering what the other items cost, I shudder to think what the price of those linen sheet must be.

    But that Merino throw? NICE.

  3. Love the blazer from Jack Rogers (the skirt, too!) and the kate spade stationery. You can never go wrong with kate.

  4. Actually, the Kate Spade card brings to mind Yahtzee, countless games of which are played at my mother's house during the holidays (along with other old board games). Though I think it a nice design, I do see what you mean. My great-grandmother didn't approve even of Patience.

  5. Love the image of the Anchini throw on the arts and crafts rocker…and this morning it's chilly so I could use it to keep cozy!

  6. This weekend we should don that adorable Jack Rogers outfit, pack our new Anchini throw (in case it's cold on the plane) in our Dash weekender and fly out to visit you! You can just use the plain old cotton sheets, though.

    We can go pool hopping at your Mom's, then send her a gracious Kate Spade thank you!

  7. Miss J loves the linens and might have to display them behind acrylic rather than sleep on them.

  8. My Italian grandmother used to have linen sheets, and my mom has fond memories of sleeping on soft, freshly ironed linen sheets.* What happened to those sheets, nobody knows — but I keep waffling on whether to buy my parents a new set of their own linen sheets. Sometimes Garnet Hill has them on sale …

    * Yes, my grandmother is house-proud enough to have *ironed* her sheets. (At 96, she no longer does so by hand — but her assisted-living center has its residents' sheets pressed via a mangle, so all is well.

    Meanwhile, my peak experience, sheet-wise, is sleeping on freshly *washed* cotton sheets. Sigh. Talk about deteriorating standards.

  9. I love, love, love that bag! The white jacket would be rather nice, too. I am not currently looking for more things to iron, however, so I will just have to take your word on linen sheets.

  10. I love Libeco sheets! so much that I have manage to rationalize the price for two sets (working on saving for two more because I was raised that one should own 3 sets of sheets minimum) and yes, I usually iron them … but they are pretty darn perfect right off the line.

  11. Husband put his calloused runner's heel through set #1 of linen sheets. I've found a small hole in set #2 after a few uses. I want to be more impressed, but they are a bit scratchy and more temperamental than luxurious.

  12. Great images – love them all, but the bag and the white jacket were tops on my list. I feel like I just took a little shopping trip – what fun.

  13. life is now incomplete without the weekender… could take it to MI or DC!



  14. late to the party as usual (busy with the granddaughter, lucky me!). But I have to say that your mother sounds like a very good looking product herself! lucky you!

  15. I love those tartan Christmas cards! kate Spade never fails to provide the cutest products.

  16. My most favorite thing about this post? Your last little paragraph. Pure loveliness. Just like that.

    much love,

  17. Janet – Are we our mothers yet?:)

    Paula – I believe linen gets really soft only after many washes. But I will do my research.

    Jan – I love it when I find something that meets with your approval.

    JMW – I'm really intrigued by Jack Rogers' clothing line.

    Staircase – We love games too, particularly ones like Fictionary, and Charades.

    Hostess – The rocking chair would work well in your bungalow.

  18. Suburban – On the other hand, I am using their pictures…

    Metscan – Another of the issues with linen. I think this warrants an entire post.

    Patsy – Ha! Just tell me when! I'll check with Mom.

    Miss Janey – I kind of know what you mean.

    Susan – Have you recovered from the shock?

    Virago – I wonder what quality the Garnet Hill ones are. Again, I need to do my research and post again.

  19. Nellie – Oh, I'm sleeping in Charisma these days…

    Alexandra – Aha! Someone who can actually report in on how Libeco stacks up. Thank you very much.

    Anon – What brand are you using?

    Refocused – My pleasure:).

    QBS – Concur.

    Mater – Thank you. She is.

  20. Princess – Ms. Spade knows what she is doing. I agree.

    Maria – Thank you. I can imagine one of your image sets to go with the language.

  21. Great list. I have actually heard myself say "this is a good looking" whatever while in a store with my daughter while simultaneously hearing my Mother's voice in my head.

  22. My first set of linen sheets was from LLBean (no longer available). The second was from Cuddledown.

  23. "Good looking" is a phrase my mother bestows on things such as finely tailored clothing, well made jewelry and killer shoes. Our mothers are kindred souls!

  24. I adore that bag.

    I wonder what your mother would think about my brick red bedroom? Too much for her, or secretly fantastic?

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