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Dressing Well Without Chanel; A Memorial Event With That Nautical Twist

Having made my peace with both my inability to take pictures when out and about, and the remote function on my little camera, I wanted to show you what I wore to my uncle’s memorial event.

You may remember this Eileen Fisher navy linen shirtdress,

as well as these Sperry wedges, and Costco sunglasses. My hair’s in a ponytail holder from France Luxe, ornamented with a mod white plastic square. If they can call it “mod,” I can too.

Even when dressing quietly, even at 55, there’s fun to be had with shoes. No pop of color required, these suited a yacht club memorial event for a lifelong sailor.

I felt, as I said then, very Jackie O. The photograph points out, however, that Jackie would most likely have worn a longer necklace. This one rides above the neckline more pronouncedly than I could see from the motel mirror.

I know we are not the sort to forget pearls, but here’s a closeup.

Said closeup happens to bring my neck along. Well, what can you do? We have them, necks. They age, as we do. I blurred this, a little bit, not out of vanity but to protect your morning from intimations of mortality.

Let me say only this. Wear sunscreen between jawline and collar. Let it dry all the way before putting on your pearls. They’ll thank you. Jackie O. would approve, although she’d tell you, Grandes Dames add a hat and command the wind to stand down.

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  1. You know I am going to love anything with a nautical inclination. :) The look is fabulous, even snappier than anticipated from the actual post about the service. You are lovely Miss LPC!

  2. Again, I envy you your style.

    What is it with women of a certain age and our necks? I tend to fret over mine, as well. And I remember Miss Hepburn, who never let hers show after she reached 60 or so. She was the Queen of Sturdy Gals.

  3. Nope, I think the shorter strand of pearls is perfect, particularly with those shoes. Proportionally just right, to my eye. You look great.

  4. At risk of giving an unpopular opinion, I think you should consider cutting your hair again to go back to work. You have a wonderful style but it needs the softer look of chin length hair. Just an opinion.

  5. You make me smile. Firstly, lovely photo. Those shoes are fabulous. And, can one ever go wrong with linen? Secondly, thank you for protecting my morning from intimations of mortality ;)
    I agree with you whole heartedly on the sunscreen issue. Did you know CHANEL makes a fabulous SPF 50 that is thin as water, dries to a matte finish and has no scent? Perfect for pearls – and sun protection.

  6. I remember your post on the memorial event. It was very different to any ones I have attended to. So was the dress code, by which you all respected your uncle´s wish.
    I like your choice of the dress with the pearls.

  7. Oh to be able to “command the wind to stand down”…
    your neck looks just fine and with pearls on board I say Bravo!
    Did you read the book by Nora Ephron about aging the one that focused on her neck? It’s quite funny…

  8. Like Hostess, I also thought of Nora Ephron’s very witty book, “I Hate My Neck”. Your neck, however, looks quite lovely and worthy of showing off. The shoes are perfection.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!

    1. Interesting. In Northern California we don’t have winter looks so much as we just layer. My first instinct would not be to layer linen, but maybe I’m wrong.

  9. Oh, the imagery of Jackie O bending the wind to her will — priceless! I’m still chuckling. Thanks for that!

    I like how the shoes are a “pop” but not overtly so. I would
    have chosen red, being loud and splashy as is my wont, but I really like the cool restraint of your whole look. I have a lot to learn here.

  10. I once nursed my mother for a handful of days after she had her neck “done.”

    The memories I have from that time are so horrific that seeing ANY real neck – stitch free and lined and saggy, whatever it might be – makes my breathe a sigh of relief.

    Hot stuff, in this picture.

  11. Do you have any idea what an utter delight this post is? It’s representative of the unpretentious nature of your blog. I love that you posted that terrific photo of yourself, no airbrushing or fake tan added, or needed.

    Even though you did blur your neck a bit, you did it so minimally that we can still see your neck (you know, no mayonnaise on the lens). And as someone whose complexion is best described as a “moon tan,” I always appreciate seeing others with the same complexion who forgo tanning beds or self-tanners.

    Also, Nora Ephron’s book is actually titled, “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman.”

  12. From what I’ve read about Jackie O she probably owned pearls in every length so she’d always be perfect.

    What to wear to a funeral seems to be a common blogger topic and I think this is an appropriate example for a memorial.

    You didn’t swath yourself in black, it’s respectful and a bit casual, hopefully in keeping with the Uncle’s life, which seems to have included a New England waterfront lifestyle.

  13. Like you in this dress the colour gives you a ‘lift’ much better than the “Audra” which I felt tended to drain you…no offence meant…

    Think Valentine has a point if you cut your hair to chin length you could still wear it tied back.

    You have such a great figure and legs you can carry off clothes as well as any model. Ida

    1. No offense taken. You may be right about the color. I’m experimenting, but navy is my oldest, dearest friend. Thank you for that superb compliment.

  14. Hi Jackie! :-)
    My mum hates my SLR: the sharpness of the lense, combined with high resolution and little to no “noise” all leads to hyper-sharpened portaits. These qualiities are nice when you want to take a photo of a beehive or the muffins you baked, but it is rather annoying when the motiv is your mum. I will try shaking the camera a bit when pushing the button.

  15. Love the pearls and the wedges! I like the length of the pearls, longer would have been a little too “done up”. That touch of imperfection adds character and life. And the neck is fine. You look so pulled together and chic and yet casual; it is a combination that seems difficult to pull off given how rarely I actually see it done. But perhaps I run in the wrong crowd.

  16. Oh man, is that shirtdress ever gorgeous. Brava.

    (And a belated congratulations on your new job! They are lucky to have you.)

  17. Congrats on the new job!! The news made me chuckle at the coincidence as I just started my new job (after only a year off) last week.

    I tried on that shirtdress planning to love it but, unfortunately, on my 5’9″ frame, it landed mid-thigh which is way to short IMHO for a women over 25 (and at 44, I’m not interesting in going there). Glad to see it looks so great on you!!

    I actually like you hair at the length you are wearing it. Personally, I have returned to the bob of my high school years and I love it. But I am a bit jealous of women happy and comfortable to wear their hair longer in our ‘later’ years and am considering growing it out a bit in the near future. You look great.

  18. Lisa you look fabulous, and your neck is fine.

    At 59 mine is getting a lot of spf’s and firming creams (one can only Hope)

    The dress the pearls, the shoes all work so well!

    Art by Karena

  19. I know this is an old post, but I LOVE that dress. I must seek it out! This is a style I have found is very flattering for me (and probably for most people.) I can’t wear collared shirtdresses – too masculine. The “collarless collar,” the color, and the fabric on this are all gorgeous, and would be equally attractive on a younger woman, middle-aged woman, or older woman. This is such a versatile dress, for a somber occasion and happy occasion alike.

  20. Months later, I just found your blog, and had to hunt down that dress. Had to have it. Thanks!


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