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If I Were Shopping At Nordstrom Today

A long time ago I bought this dress. It’s by Eileen Fisher, the only piece from that line I’ve ever owned. (It’s not dissimilar to this, available today.)


I still have it. But it’s self-belted, and looks one notch below polished.

Recently, no longer feeling like someone who wants to wear seersucker ankle-tied wedges, I bought these shoes. (Marked down now from $395 to $264)


I still have them. They are perfectly polished, in a naked leather 70s-referent kind of way.

So finally, I feel ready for the dress to come into its own, and get ironed for heaven’s sake. I want it to act like a lady, albeit of a Northern California persuasion. A lady who has replaced her Costco sunglasses with RayBans.

I’m thinking about this belt.


Thinking hard. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is in the Early Access phase. Of course, Sue’s the Nordstrom expert, and I urge you to hightail it on over to her site for the real story. But if you happen to own a navy linen dress, and a pair of light tan leather block-heeled sandals, you too just might want a navy quilted belt. Alternatively, a tan one with chain detailing, if you’re feeling wild.

It’s possible.

















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  1. Love that belt. BTW, I think the dress has its own sort of polish – linen-style. It’s going to wrinkle as many times as you iron it. So I say, put on the new shoes and have at it (self-tie or new belt).

  2. “One notch below polished” is now my new fashion goal. Especially now that I’m trying (trying, mind you) to allow my curly hair to go its own way. At least a little bit. Must dig out my tan block-heeled sandals that I saved from the nineties and try them with my blue dress.

    1. @Sue Burpee, We will all meet up in the 2nd notch from the left;). Would love to see a photo of your block sandals and to know if you wear them, needless to say!

  3. Funny, I bought that exact dress the summer of 1980 at a boutique in Rancho Santa Fe. Also wore it with block heeled sandles in saddle tan. However, I only kept it for a year because I realized that the plum color wasn’t right for my gold jewelry and spring coloring. Navy, however, might have worked.

    Boo-hoo. It was a REALLY nice dress!

    Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs

  4. Hi Lisa, been following for a long time from Australia and have recently moved to DC with my husband as he was offered a position here (ie not a relocation). I looked at the Nordstrom sale and have so many things in my wishlist for Christmas as my university aged children will be here. But I cannot even think of applying for a Nordstrom card as we just got a debit/credit card (ie not really a credit card) from our bank and were told not to apply for credit on line as rejection may jeopardise us finally getting a “proper” credit card. We may have to wait a year to get a US credit record even though for example had an Amex with very large limit for around 25 years which does not qualify for US credit rating. (This story is common with other Australians we know who have moved here.) Just hope that my items are still there when the sale goes off early access. Due to the hatred I have to my thick ankles (thin everywhere else) I adore ankle-tied shoes of all descriptions and they look fantastic on your terrific legs. Co-incidentally wearing a very, very similar navy linen dress today by the English brand Whistles. Love the belt though the waist on my dress is slightly dropped so a belt is not really an option for me. DC is far hotter and humid than Sydney which is a shock and so missing a sea breeze, saltwater – or even a public swimming pool!! cheers Y

    1. @Yvonne, Hello! Nice to meet you. So sorry our credit institutions are being so inhospitable. And, I skedaddled back to California because I couldn’t really ever get used to the East Coast humidity – I feel for you. I think people in D.C. go to Maryland, or to the shore to escape the heat?

  5. You look fabulous, and those sandals are perfect!

    I just put in an order with Nordstrom using Early Access — will pick it up when I’m in RI in August. And funnily enough, I got two pieces from Eileen Fisher. I only dare to buy her things on sale, but wow is the cost-per-wear excellent. I have a few pieces — very gently cared for, natch — that are more than ten years old. I find it so much more satisfying to buy a good garment, for a little more money, and have it last and last. I’ve bought lookalikes from jjill that were somewhat less expensive, but didn’t make it past the one-year mark. Humph.

    The Nordie’s sale is also when I do my twice-a-year unmentionables purge. TMI? But that’s what we practical WASP types do, right?

    1. @Rubiatonta, Ha! That’s totally what we practical types do. Unless we shop at Target instead;). And I couldn’t agree more about spending more on fewer pieces. The stuff that gets holes in it after less than a year is really driving me nuts these days. (J. Crew and Jigsaw I am looking at you!)

  6. Yay! for rehabilating these pieces. Especially love the shoes. I didn’t save anything previous errands, must have worn it out, or moved too frequently. Looking good Lisa!

    1. @Susannah, Thank you so much! I saved this dress out of pure stubborness because I kept needing a lunch dress, kept thinking this one would work, and kept realizing I needed new shoes and a belt:).

  7. I’m not buying anything new from Nordstrom. (I don’t use credit cards anymore, including theirs.) Anyway, as previously established, I have more clothes than I need. I can’t justify the expense.

    I’m glad you got the dress out. It’s so pretty, your color, and just right for your climate. The self-belt works, but the new belt will, too.

    I wear a lot of Eileen Fisher’s pieces because they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and she uses natural fibers, unusual in plus sizes. If well cared for, they last forever.

  8. Love that linen dress, although I’d skip the self belt. It would be perfectly polished with those sandals, and perhaps a different belt. I might opt for the contrast.

    I’ve had mixed results with Eileen Fisher, but they remain one of my best local options, unless I want to drive at least 3 hours or shop online. Maybe I’ll check out Nordstrom, or maybe not. I’m in a bit of a transitional phase right now, so I might just hold tight.

    1. @Mardel, Letting things play out is a practice I am trying hard to learn. Patience can be difficult, but I need more.

  9. Try the chain belt! It will make you smile.
    And I wish for you smiles these days.

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