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The Friendsmas Market Bazaar

Over the years online, I’ve come to know some very talented people. This pleases me. I love recognizing talent, the moment of, “Hey, that one’s got something,” and watching success ensue.

So today we have Friendsmas, i.e. a list of my friends who make and sell stuff you might like to put on your Christmas lists. I’ve mentioned them all before, but there’s no time like the present. Present. Get it? Guess the holiday preparations are making me goofy as well as grateful.

Cara of Peonies and Polaroids has holiday cards on sale at Etsy. I own a set of her tiny prints, they hang from my desk shelf, here. I am not sure I know anyone who captures the many meanings of light quite the way Cara does. Order by Sunday for international delivery. If you will have already done your mailings (go you) these would be lovely as cards on presents under your tree.

Peonies and Polaroids Holiday Cards

Laura, at Baby, Picture This on Society6.I’ve pointed out Laura’s talent with family shoots previously, she also sells art prints. I bought the one below, impelled by movement and implied sound. It’s called Murmurations Over Brighton. So beautiful. I ordered it framed (in white) – the print was beautiful but the frame broke in shipping. Happily, Society6 offered to simply send a new one. Hey, Sturdy support for Artsy aesthetics even the Grande Dame would endorse.

Murmurations Over Brighton by Baby Picture This

Speaking of the Grande Dame, she would find this Central Park scene by Patricia van Essche, of PVE Design, “So attractive.” “So cheery,” she’d say, not realizing that warm feeling in her center was love for her fellow man and nostalgia for childhood.

PVE Central Park

Meg Fairfax Fielding of Pigtown Design has stocked even more pearl-handled flatware in her Etsy shop. If it was good for Thanksgiving just imagine it for Christmas or New Year’s dinner.

Mother of Pearl Flatware on Pigtown Design

Sarah Ryhanen’s Saipua, offers handmade soaps that sound amazing (I haven’t tried them, but I cannot imagine Sarah selling anything sub-par.) This is the packaging for Sandalwood with Tangerine Oil. Sarah did the flowers for my wedding, but is known primarily for enormous and wildly creative events. Her mom makes the soap. Never forget family in fame.


Nor let us forget the wonderful symbol jewelry of Mark deFrates. I have an extra-small pentagram but this gold star is so Christmassy to me. Also, hopeful. Also not dreadfully expensive.

Giotto Star from Mark deFrates

And finally, but not least (never least), the inimitable Patsy Kane. Patsy makes me laugh nigh on every time she comments here. I suppose that’s not sufficient reason to buy her latitude and longitude jewelry, or a rigger bracelet, but this photo? The memories of driftwood and the smell of beach grass? The horseshoe crab egg sacs, the seaweed, the sea? I know. I’m not playing fair. But it’s Friendsmas.

Bracelets by Patsy Kane

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope all your preparations are going well. And if you don’t, well, I hope you haven’t been subjected to Sir Paul McCartney singing “Having A Wonderful Time” more than once. Hey, I hope that for all of us. Whatever holidays you celebrate, here’s to the good friends of winter.


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  1. This post is like a gift in itself. Such talent that you’ve highlighted. I think the photo you purchased (Murmurations Over Brighton) is absolutely stunning and I can see what moved you to buy it. Funny, I instantly liked the image without recognizing it to be Brighton, but there it is, that famous pier. Lovely!

  2. Oh, to be included with this group! Such an honor – thank you!

    I feel some Friendmas shopping coming on….

    Went to check on the soap, found it was made in NY by a retired home ec teacher (way too young to be a former teacher of mine) and fell down the rabbit hole of Worlds End Farm. I went to Ag school in that general area – it is indeed Worlds End, but also, God’s Country. Sarah – amazing!

  3. So nice. I have and love my bracelet that I bought from Patsy. Have also purchased cards from pve. Time to check out the others. An online boutique to be relished.

  4. Lisa thank you for featuring some of my dear friends in this group of women!!

    The Arts by Karena
    More Books for the Holidays!

  5. Love the print you bought and everything else.
    I don’t know if you have a doppelganger in the states but your real doppelg√§nger resides in Sydney and is a mother of a tween boy who played in summer soccer grand final on 7/12. It was stinking hot in Sydney and your “twin” wore clothes you’d like I’m sure. No sparkly caftan for you. I nearly yelled out Lisa but refrained.

  6. Friendsmas Market-great idea and great friend! I like the paintings and photos very much

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