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A Rapture On Leaving The House And Meeting Some Humans

Blogger Meetup

Sometimes the universe reminds you to get on out.

Tuesday, I met the bloggers above. Wednesday, I attended a conference for independent web publishers, given by one of the ad companies I use in my sidebar. Both events proved the glory of the new.

Sandra Salin, of Apart from My Art, organized the San Francisco lunch. Several midlife bloggers attended, none of whom I knew well. All are notable. Jennifer of A Well Styled Life writes for the Huffington Post. Elizabeth at The Vintage Contessa was featured in Advanced Style’s Instagram feed. Beth of Style At A Certain Age started blogging in March but has 13,000 Instagram followers.

No, I didn’t add a zero by mistake. Oh, and Sandra herself was a BlogHer 2013 Voice of the Year.

The thing is, 6 years on, I explore less of the blogosphere than I used to. And I further confess, these days I pretty much follow for similar taste. So when Elizabeth led Sandra, Jennifer and me to a store full of big jewelry, I watched them shop outside my style, and felt as though I were having an adventure as big as these necklaces.


When you take the time to simply sit, suspending judgment, enjoying what’s in front of you, it can be just as much fun as a peak experience you already knew you’d enjoy.

I won’t start wearing statement necklaces, but that wasn’t the point.

Next day, the universe seemed intent on making sure I’d understood. When I walked into the Fairmont Hotel for Sovrn’s i2 conference, memories of all the trade shows I’ve worked over the year came flooding back. Worked being the operative term. The anxiety and thrill of networking, pitching product repeatedly but newly for each listener. My poor dear feet.

This time I said to myself, “Lisa, it doesn’t matter one whit what you do here. Talk to people, don’t talk to people. Feel free to look weird standing by yourself. Act however you please.” I only hope I didn’t say it out loud, one never knows these days.

And I proceeded to meet, in order:

I’m not saying life has to be a series of skydives. I think these events were more fun precisely because they were new, exactly because I do live a quiet life these days. The trick is to manage two things at once  — to believe in what we’ve worked so hard to know but still challenge those tricky assumptions.


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  1. This seemed like so much fun. I love how you guys are color-coordinated. I’m sure that was not planned, but makes for a fun picture.

    1. @Mary anne, It was fun, and, totally unplanned. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it, I had morning commitments, so I was wearing Nike workout pants and no makeup! Luckily everyone else made up for my no-style:).

  2. It was great fun meeting you. The jewelry was out of my comfort zone but I finally managed to find a simple piece. Probably the only one Angela Caputi has ever made. Let me know when you’re over my way next!

  3. It is a great photo with the color contrast and coordination!

    Mmmm…Hatch green chiles are the best. I grew up with them in Colorado, and am always happy to find them now.

  4. I love those green shirts.

    At one time I was very active in an online support group. Every now and then we’d have a luncheon meet-up and it was always worthwhile to put voices and faces with their online selves.

    On one occasion we ended our lunch with some shopping and I have to say I didn’t come home with an outfit that lasted very long in my closet. I chalked the price up in the entertainment column.

  5. So good to know you had a fun outing with fellow blogger friends. A balance of our busy on-line lives with the real world is so important and I cannot think of anything more pleasant than connecting with like-minded people.

    Lovely photo of you all and so very color coordinated!

  6. ZONA MODA is the name of the SHOP!AT the GIFT CENTER.
    Lovely meeting YOU TOO!Sandra did a fine job of gathering different beings together.We will all stay connected now because of HER.
    I too tend to stay HOME a lot and rarely get into the CITY.I always think when I do WHY don’t I do this MORE OFTEN?!!
    I have SUBSCRIBED to your BLOG but still no email announcing it!Seems all my subscription BLOGS are not being RECEIVED BY ME!
    ANY suggestions there?I have tried to re-subscribe to some that I know I am missing out on and it tells me I’m already SUBSCRIBED!I find this FUNNY as my last POST was about “CHECKING OUT” for awhile……..looks like someone HEARD ME and DID IT FOR ME!!!
    THANK YOU for this lovely mention…………..did you LIKE ME on ADVANCED STYLE??!!!!I told you HOW TO DO IT!

    1. @LA CONTESSA, Thank you for the details! And you won’t get mine until Tuesday, because I send a weekly digest, not an email every post. Seems like a little less overwhelming in terms of volume for the readers.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to all these lovely women. I am so enamored of the “older blogger” – and of course count myself in this tribe. So much fun!

    1. @Loretta, My pleasure. I imagine you’d really enjoy some of their blogs – Sandra is an artist, Elizabeth a veritable artist – so I imagine you will have real points of connection!

  8. Let a hundred flowers bloom……I’m glad you had fun! It so good to go out and meet people from time to time,no?
    You look classy
    I like the last sentence,too :-)

  9. Please. More about the top you’re wearing w/ the workout bottoms. One shouldered? Asymmetrical V? It’s fabulous, LOVE it!

    1. @TheHuntingHouse, Ah, would that I were so adventurous and Artsy! That’s a J. Crew v-neck tee, in Vintage Cotton, and the strap you see is simply my Duluth backpack! I’m holding a 20-year old black Coach bucket bag and wearing brown and black New Balances. I figured I could at least do monochrome in the chance that I’d make it to the lunch;). Last ditch strategy.

  10. -Love the subject heading, feel it applies particularly at new lonely mom phase where you feel stuck and need to commiserate, and then when we get older, and kids are older and we get stuck on how to meet new people
    -Makes me wish I was on Facebook and a blogger. Social media-phobe/ludite I am.
    -I love your candor with internal monologue
    -You (all) look great at happy in second act of womanhood


    1. @meg, Peace out! And I absolutely felt this way when I was a young mother, I met my best friend by putting on loud leggings and walking through the neighborhood:). Also, unfortunately I can’t change the ad code, I don’t know how, but thank you very much for letting me know.

  11. Psssst – I clicked on an ad and rather than opening a new tab it sent me away from Privilege.

    I assume that is not your intention?

    Just a heads-up.

  12. I tend to be an introvert and get a little anxious meeting new people, but usually have more fun than I anticipated. Looks like a great afternoon and you all look beautiful! Sandra is so great and outgoing, and a good organizer.

    1. @kathy, Thank you. She is so great and outgoing, a natural connector. I am glad to hear you usually enjoy meeting new people, once you get there;).

  13. Sounds like a fun luncheon…I read most of those blogs and will explore the one that is new. Like you my life tends to be a little more on the quiet side. Grandchildren, gardening, reading and home keeping.
    Oh and yes to that last sentence!

  14. I think you look great in the photo exactly because you keep it simple. And very youthful.

    It’s a funny coincidence but a friend of mine and I who used to go for really big pieces, especially earrings have both independently decided to scale down. We feel it looks fresher that way. Guess you’re on to something …

    1. @mademarian, Thank you so much. I think someone my size and coloring just can’t carry off the big and bright so well as others do. So, default, clean and monochromatic. The small jewelry thing has been instinctual;).

  15. Picking up on your map love comment. If you ever think of an angle to post about regarding maps I for one would find it interesting. Maps are beautiful!

  16. Love your title, and the closing sentence, and, well everything in between, but the opening and closing make it all of a piece. I can get myself all worked up about getting out and meeting people but have a fabulous time once I do. I think blogging has, in a weird way, made me more socially comfortable. Kind of strange that, but there it is.

  17. A group of very stylish and attractive, brainy women! I love your line, “Act however you please.” Isn’t that a privilege of age?

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