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Bootvana For A Rainy City

Do you know what drought does to a shoe collection? Encourages a preponderance of suede. And shoes perforated all which ways.

So we’d been having a little rain in Northern California and I needed boots to wear in the city. Boots without perforations. Boots that repel water. Boots that do not bring to mind mucking about on the moors.

Welcome to Bootvana. And an iPhone photo. I felt so cool I was willing to let my belly show.


Those are the the Aquatalia “Yulia” Waterproof Chelsea boots for women. Classic, modern, comfortable, a little sexy. And yes I know water can seep through the gusset despite Aquatalia’s weatherproofing process, but I’m not planning on playing in the puddles.


Not inexpensive. But I am hoping to wear them through many a rainy winter in San Francisco. Poised on the curb, no fear of the gutter, wet wind on my face. Exactly how a Sturdy Gal likes it.

(By the way, it’s probable that yesterday I replaced my painful Caovillas with these Grande Dame jeweled slingbacks because they are 60% off at Saks. I went for navy, needless to say, but they come in taupe and black too. )


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  1. The best shoes I have ever had are a pair of Chelsea boots from ECCO which I got when I lived in London 10 years ago. They are waterproof, super-comfortable and completely classic. I still wear them, and polish them to keep them looking good.

  2. So glad you got the Manolos and on sale!!! I bought a pair of La Canadienne knee high waterproof boots because we’re going to the east coast in December and because we are supposed to get some rain here. I’d prefer something like yours, but it doesn’t rain enough to justify two pair of waterproof boots I don’t think? Such a cute photo.

    1. @Kathy, You steered me, I set sail. I ordered online, so I will report back when they arrive. If I were going back East for winter I would get two pairs of weatherproof boots, one that’s warm for there and one that’s more lightweight for here. But maybe that’s just me. I hate uncomfortable feet. Also we get more rain in Northern California, and we walk in SF a lot, so I have a specific need.

      These wouldn’t do well in snow.

  3. I figured you would spring for the Manolo’s once you tried them. They are stunning. I, too, like the Aquatalias. I have two pair of Aquatalia flat brogues – 1 navy blue, 1 burgundy. They always look sharp and I can walk forever in them no matter the weather. You will definitely get your money’s worth and will look badass at the same time.

    1. @Leslie, I guess I’m more enthusiastic than you even surmised. When I got the Shopstyle sale alert about the Manolos I tried the web, couldn’t get through, tried the app, couldn’t make it work, tried to get ATT info to connect me to Saks in SF, couldn’t get through, finally found the phone number and snagged them. 60% off that price is a big deal. I am so glad you approve! And of the Aquatalias too.

  4. Love your boots. Exactly what I want, except the price. Sprung for traditional LLBean ones that work better for snow. I am a boot fanatic. Cold feet are not fun.

  5. Those Chelsea boots are gorgeous and should last for years. On a cost per wear basis, even at $495, they’re a bargain. The Manolos are beautiful and I love the color (not black), but for me, slingbacks always slip off my heels, due to having feet that are a half size different.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Love Aquatalia’s weatherproofing, which I find has a natural look. Aquatalia is the shoe I mentioned to you that one can often get at Nordstrom’s for less than retail because of their price-matching policy. They’ll match any discount offers you can locate and show them on anything they sell. They told me to take a picture of the alternative offer on my phone.:) I was looking for a boot with a heel, which is rare for me. Most of my boots and shoes have 1″-2″ heels since I try to walk everywhere. I chose the Aquatalia Loren, which I got at a healthy discount. (Aquatalia is having a sale on their site now, and I think the Loren is on sale.) The Loren has a 3″ block heel, which is ultra-high for me. Still, they are comfortable and I love them for a change in line. When 5’4″ me adds a three-inch heel I suddenly feel as if I’m towering over everyone. I got my full 5’4″ height in fourth grade so my brain feels certain I’m tall. I was the tallest child in my grade school classes where they did that horrible line-up-by-height drill. I went for my yearly physical last week and was charmed that the aide who measured my height wrote it down as 5’4.17″ Like Kathy, I have a separate pair of waterproof boots for the East Coast, though mine are a calf-height Stuart Weitzman. Like the Aquatalia, they don’t look like rain boots. I’m glad you found comfortable navy slingbacks. An uncomfortable shoe makes it impossible to enjoy anything. xo.

    1. @Katherine C. James, Such good info on the Aquatalias! I should maybe have asked for price-matching, I had no idea! They usually put the price-matched prices online though, and this isn’t discounted online, but still, I’ll hunt around::).

  7. Those boots look great. Love your casual look and especially the jeans that are not tight fitting without the frump look. What brand are those?

  8. Manolos are beautiful.
    I am so sad that we don’t have neither Aquatalia nor S. Weitzman here (and shoes are something I have to try IRL)

  9. Beautiful sparkly shoes. The boots are also pretty. I really miss wearing cute shoes, but after three foot surgeries those days are over. Looking forward to a picture of you wearing the sling backs.

  10. I have a pair of Blundstones, which are a fair bit chunkier and less refined but along the same lines. They are excellent work boots during harvest, then shine up nicely for the rest of the winter. Plus, they are easy to pull on and off when I go in and out of the house. I got new insoles for my ratty (but serviceable) 10 year old ones and sent them off for my daughter to wear in her animal science practicums on the UC Davis farm. As for the dress shoes, I can only rather hopelessly aspire to such elegance. I love navy blue in a dressy shoe, classic but a little unexpected.

    1. @Kristina, I like the look of Blundstones, particularly for country life, or colder wetter cities. And I agree, navy, if it works for your skin tone, is a great color for all kinds of fancy dress. Classic but unexpected.

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