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The Sturdy Gal Hears The Call Of The Moors And Succumbs

I meant to get a J. Crew field jacket in black, but they discontinued the color. So, here I am now that California is raining. And raining. And raining.

We shall call this Queen Elizabeth tromps the moors and then gets on a motorcycle.

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A Barbour Beadnell in waxed cotton. Classic, meaning boxy as heck. Meant to last for eons, if you send it back for rewaxing now and again. Worn with these Aquatalia boots, Citizens of Humanity jeans, a Stutterheim hat, and an old, old, grommeted belt. A little moto always saves the Sturdy Gal from her proudly dowdy heart.

I am so glad to see the rain again.

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  1. I bought myself a beadnell this winter as a congratulations gift for getting this new job and the courage to up and move here, and I could not be more thrilled with it. (Though I, embarrassingly, spent more time than was probably strictly necessary comparing and contrasting whether I should get the olive at full price, or the sage at 25% off.)

  2. I’ve just returned from a walk – sans umbrella – as, stupidly, I did not see the rain coming. And, when it came, it dumped! I was wearing jeans and my quilted Barbour, which I’m pleased to say was only wet on the outside.

    1. @Chronica Domus, It POURED! I was walking in this outfit (well, wellies instead of chelsea boots plus add an umbrella) right around 9am. Buckets I tell you, buckets, but I stayed dry.

  3. I have a black Babour lined in a Liberty floral, I really love it. It has huge pockets and is warm enough for spring and fall, perfect for walks. I also have the matching hat which I don’t wear much.
    So I very much approve of the outfit. Laughing too QE moors&motorcycle.
    Very happy that you have rain. I love walking in the rain, with the right gear of course. xx

  4. Appropriate for all conditions and circumstances. Approved by HRM,as well as 007 (as the company!)
    Love Babour!

  5. So glad for California rain. I have a quilted Barbour. Don’t care for the waxed one. More upkeep than I’m willing to do.

    You look really cute.

  6. Ha! I thought it was just me. I ordered one of these a few years ago (black with the most beautiful Liberty print) ago but returned it because I didn’t want to deal with the waxing, and it wasn’t terribly comfortable. I just ordered one of their quilted jackets in olive with a complementary Wedgwood print. Due here any day now. Hoping it will go with my Barbour Wax Rose Hat – one of my favorite things ever.

    You look fabulous, BTW.

    1. @Flo, Very helpful guys! I too will be sending this back to HQ, as my Sturdy Gal credentials do not extend to DYI;). I’m also thinking of asking them to tailor it at the waist just a tad. I think HRM would be OK with that, right?

    2. @Flo, Lisa, there’s no doubt in my mind that Her Sturdiness Elizabeth II has returned her jackets to HQ over the years for a gusset to expand the fit, and then again for ahem a wider gusset and well another one wider still. The piece they remove from yours may even await E’s next alteration order. You’re doing it for the crown!

  7. My dad’s motorbike gear fifty years ago was his Barbour stuff which is made not far from here . This was long before they were famous , fashionable & worn all over the world . He would be flabbergasted by their image these days , I don’t have one but they are SO popular amongst our outdoor types

  8. Being from a rainy area, appropriate outerwear is essential. You nailed it and look great! Thank you for posting.
    Suz from Vancouver

  9. Your shopping expertise is very evident! You look great in that jacket!
    I have a black Barbour quilted jacket and it is so warm and has an inner zip pocket where I kept extra Euros when i took it with me to Paris. We get a lot of rain here in the PNW so I have quite a few rain coats and numerous brollies…as well as boots.
    Today the sun is shining but yesterday there was a torrential downpour.
    Sending you a warm Canadian hug today!

  10. I have two Barbour wax jackets and one quilted jacket. Love the quality. For cold days I zip in the liner. The detachable hood comes in handy in the rain and snow. The zipper is of the highest quality and the only zipper, among my jackets, that I have not had to replace. My husband is British so we love Barbour. Muffy Aldridge (The Daily Prep blog) is a great resource.

    BTW – you look great in your new Barbour jacket!

  11. I have a Barbour coat! I bought it ahead of our Thanksgiving trip to Santa Fe. It’s a different style from yours, but destined to be a favorite in my closet.

  12. Love your rainy-day get-up and titling. And as always, love reading your words. Happy 2017 to us all.

  13. Lisa, you’re one of the few people I know who can manage to make this look Cool AF. After the last few dry years, I haven’t been tempted to invest in a casual rain jacket, but this lovely wet January has me re-thinking.

  14. I love the way you’ve worked that studded belt with the jacket. Unexpected but it ties in so nicely.

    I have those COH ripped knee jeans, I believe they are the Agnes cut? Getting lots of wear out of them even in our Australian summer. On the lookout for the edition with intact knees now.

    SSG xxx

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