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Friendsmas Has To Come Early Because Friends Make Presents By Hand

Here’s an early thought about Christmas. Why early? I’m a last minuter myself, and here in the USA we need to take time for Thanksgiving. But today we’re celebrating Friendsmas, in which I let you know who in this community is making goods, or offering services, that you or someone you know might like.

And the Friends, small businesses all, really appreciate some time to schedule your photo shoot or make up your order.

Meg at Pigtown*Designs, household sundries

Last year Meg brought us mother-of-pearl flatware. That’s still on offer, but here’s the real news. Tea towels! Designed by Meg, printed in on a cotton/linen blend with non-toxic inks, made in the USA. Some feature Alice in Wonderland images.


And for anyone living in Maryland, a must. Crab Flag!


The full catalog is here, and everything can be purchased at Pigtown*Design’s Etsy store, here. Perfect to hang insouciantly about the kitchen.

Note: Tea towel orders must be placed by this Sunday, November 20th, for Christmas deliver.

Carol at French Flower Farm, skin care

Carol comments often here on Privilege, and you might have caught a conversation she and I had about a skin care serum. Well, although Carol’s main line of business is candle-making, she also offers a French peptide-based serum that increases collagen in the skin. We shall call it Carol’s Serum.


That’s my bottle.

I’ve been using it for maybe 6 weeks now on my eye and mouth, and I haven’t measured with my micrometer but I swear that lines are lessening! In combination with hyaluronic acid for the rest of my face and a light layer of marula oil over everything, I’ve found a new skin care routine.

You can contact Carol at her email address, She will make Carol’s Serum for you in pink, green, or colorless, and in one of her two scents, or unscented. I chose pink, in the floral. Both scents are perfume-like vs. essential oil-ish. She’ll send you an invoice, $51.20 to my neck of the woods, with shippping.

Cuyana, via Jane at @simplepretty (Twitter, Instagram)

Jane put together a guide to SF for a local store, Cuyana, which she kindly sent me. It was so lovely I took a look at the company’s goods. Fewer but better is their motto. For $295, a bag with Céline-esque lines.


Patsy at her jewelry site, Patsy Kane

Last year we loved her latitude/longitude pieces. This year I like her rigger bracelets, especially this one. The contrast of rope and steel.


Not just for sailors any more. Also Patsy is a crack up, which should never be undervalued.

Brigitte Carnochan, fine art photography

I will remind you of my stepmother’s photography. This year she gave each of us kids one of her pieces. I chose this one, of a California grass.


It is spectacularly beautiful, the palladium printing process bringing light to detail in a way the web cannot begin to replicate. I am going to buy this one next year to hang next to it.

platinum/palladium | 15"x24" Edition of 25 | 33"x21" Edition of 25
platinum/palladium | 15″x24″ Edition of 25 | 33″x21″ Edition of 25

She generously insists on giving us her work, not letting us purchase, but I think I can do it in stealth mode. You can find her work here, at Modernbook Gallery. She has something for peony lovers too.

Cara at Bluebird And The Bear, family photography

I’ve loved Cara’s work forever. You can see why.




Cara’s in North Uist now, far north, off the coast of Scotland. She travels to London, and points south. She works in color too, but I wanted to show her moody side. Reach her at her email,, to schedule a family photo shoot. And go to North Uist if you can, it’s spectacular.

Laura at Baby Picture This, family photography

I wrote about Laura’s work last year, she’s done nothing but get better and win awards ever since.



Laura’s still in Brighton, she travels to London, and points north. Reach her at her email,, to schedule a family photo shoot.

Thank you all for supporting the Privilege community. I appreciate each and every one of you.

This post is not sponsored, no links are monetized, let’s support the gang!








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  1. This friend is amazed and grateful to be included in this collection of brilliant makers/doers/artists! Thank you, sweet Lisa!

  2. I have that bracelet Patsy makes, in navy. I love it. Also love her funny comments. She is truly both talented and funny.

  3. Dear Lisa, thank you for including me in this Friendsmas Post. Since “mas” relates to celebration, I like the idea of celebrating one’s friends.

    Smiles, Carol

  4. P.S. I really like the Tea Towels from Pigtown Design. My D-I-L LOVES Alice in Wonderland. May have to add some Tea Towels to my Christmas shopping list!


  5. So, time moves on and regardless, Christmas and finding the perfect gift is here…Thank you for the offerings from these talented artisans…It will be therapeutic to think of happy things…

    1. @Deede, Giving presents to friends and family can continue. Maybe some of those gifts will be to magazines like the New Yorker;). Or Mother Jones.

  6. Your step mothers photography is lovely, Lisa. And that Cuyana bag. But my favourite is the bracelet from Patsy Kane. I love that it’s gorgeous, but not fussy or too feminine. Not to mention the fact that she calls herself Patsy. I knew so many kids called Patsy when I was a kid myself. And you never hear that diminutive of Patricia anymore.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Lisa! xo

    1. @Sue Burpee, Thank you, Sue! So kind! My parents both have sisters named Patsy (for Patricia). One is still called Patsy and one shortened to Pat as she got older.

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