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Take Back Our Ray-Bans And Show Them What We’ve Got

This post is sponsored by Ray-Ban. All opinions are assuredly my own.


Today I have one message for my fellow baby boomers; remind the young ones we’ve still got it. We still think and feel.

We still style it out.

But we’ve also been around too long to try too hard. You know what’s easy? Let’s take back our sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses. As I have said before, there’s no quicker way to add a little edge than a pair of Ray-Bans. Sturdy Gals rejoice. Why should the young define what’s cool?

I’ve worn iconic Ray-Bans off and on my whole adult life. Here, blurry, blissful, in the Swedish Archipelago. Summer of 2010. A bit like these. Or these, maybe. Or these? It’s possible I’ve worn men’s glasses?


Six years later, hair no longer blond, vision no longer quite so keen, lenses prescribed. But mirrored aviators are up for adventure. Here, in a field alongside Highway 101, preparing for a highway patrol office to pull over and ask my sister and me, “What (implied: in the he**!) are you doing?”


One never has to answer fully.

And recently, at New York Fashion Week. With my adult son behind the camera. Motherhood, cool.


Also on a boat on Lake Austin in Tex. Long-term friendship, diamonds and 60th birthdays. Pretty cool.


But on beyond icons, even a Polished Tomboy occasionally wants a touch of Movie Glam. The aviators didn’t quite work with the Prada dress and pink cardigan that I wore to my niece’s Bat Mitzvah. Impunity takes us only so far.


Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are the best.

Back to style. Imagine I’d had a Jackie Oh-ish pair. Hmm, you might think, we know  our 60s references. How about frosted turquoise? Uhuh.


Ray-Bans, #4191. When it doubt, take it to the Pacific.


By the way, have you ever wondered what style bloggers do when a wave threatens to carry off our tripod and camera? Run like he**. Old enough to laugh at ourselves.


Tickled pink by our own foibles. I’m thinking the frosted Turquoise will go well with my pink and red bikini. The #4191s come in other colors too, including Bordeaux.

Practical with benefits. Coming into focus. Remember that Still Got It thing? We define “It” ourselves.


Iterative footsteps.

By the way, it might seem daunting to buy sunglasses online. But provides measurements. Measure a pair you own that fit, across a lens, across bridge of the nose, and at the length of the temple. Now buy that size again. My aviators are 58-14.

Sunglasses are like shoes, we don’t sacrifice for beauty.

Did we baby boomers make Ray-Bans cool?  No. It was our parents and the pilots of WWII. I think those flyers might wag their wings at us, overhead. Aging loves herself a little courage, and all kinds of encouragement from friends.

And if I pass the flag to my Ray-Ban wearing daughter, I’m thinking she might look great in these. Octagonal lenses, altogether new.

Links may generate commissions. Tunic here, white jeans here, bracelets here and here.


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  1. Love the aviators on you! You’re definitely still a beautiful woman. And you made me laugh a bit to remember something. A couple of years ago, I bought the turquoise flash lenses. The next summer all the under 25 crowd were wearing them. We don’t need to take it back – we’ve still got it! ;)

  2. Loveth your beach, pink shirt and distressed jeans…Throw in the Ray Bans and you are ready to go…Being chic, classic, and understated doesn’t have an expiration (ie. age limit)…And I am so glad of that…THX for the inspiration…Ethel

    1. @maryn, Thank you very much. “Quench” is quite apt, the Pacific was certainly trying, and stole a pair of Havaianas from me to boot:).

  3. I received a pair of small black frame RB aviators for my 5th wedding anniversary. 35.5 years later, I still have them and wear them often–summer and winter. I’m on a buying moratorium, but those blue 4191 style are tempting.

    1. @Stacy, I encourage all buying moratoriums but I will say that the 4191s fit really well and are super light. Also, as I age, I want bigger lenses to really protect my eyes. Blue eyes are susceptible to macular degeneration so the more coverage the better.

  4. Yeah, my signature too. Everyone knows me for my Ray-Bans hanging off one ear. One of life’s dependable joys: slipping on the same pair one has worn since he was 16! Happy Holidays!

  5. Great photos, Lisa. I can almost smell the salty air.

    Ray Ban’s are truly timeless and ageless. I’ve been wearing them for years.

    1. @Leslie K, So many Ray-Ban wearers here! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised:). And the Pacific sunrise was glorious although my feet of course were numb with cold.

  6. Looking very cool lady! Definitly have an edge. Do you think you could blog about your exercise regime and diet regime.You still wear bikinis. I want to know how you do it. Gorgeous! Did you get a ticket or one look at you and he melted?

    1. @Sandra Sallin, You are sweet. No ticket, no melting, just forgiveness for the old ones;). And I can wear a bikini because I just decide the world can survive my middle and its dimples!

  7. Lisa you look like you are having such fun on the beach!
    I particularly like the white jeans and soft linen top…
    the shot of you running is the best!

    I have a pair of aviators in a drawer somewhere and I am going to try them on again and just see if they still suit me.

  8. Love the pink shirt and white jeans, sadly it’s too cold to dress like that here now, but the beach is still just as lovely! I have worn Raybans pretty much all my adult life, in fact I was wearing them all afternoon, classic wayfarers. Can’t beat them in my opinion, I have a pair in black and a pair in tortoiseshell, so I can vary them depending on what I am wearing!

  9. OK, now must head to Ray-Ban website to find out what options they have for those who Must Wear Corrective Lenses at All Times and Can No Longer Tolerate Contacts.

    1. @Barbara W., If it’s sunglasses you want, my optometrist made me the mirrored aviators! From frames in his store:). But they also offer direct from

  10. The picture of you running to rescue your equipment brought the first smile of the day to me, one that I needed badly. And it’s flattering, to boot!

  11. And guess what’s on the Xmas present list for my son and my daughter’s boyfriend? Classic, timeless. Was already on the list, but your post set me into action with internet purchasing. Bit hard to resist a pair for myself.

    1. @Tracey, Wholly unplanned since I dressed in the dark at 4:30am;). But thank you! And I’m dying to know, what styles! But of course don’t tell me here, it’s a surprise!

  12. My trifocal progressives are RayBan frames with polarized lenses from my optometrist. Love!!

  13. I used to wear Ray Bans all the time, and then my allergist told me that I was allergic/hyper sensitive to the metal frames!! Can’t wear any metal glasses except titanium???

    I’m on the hunt for some titanium aviator replacement though – I love aviators and you look spectacular in them.

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