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A Proposed Methodology For Lips Over 50

I’ve written about lipstick before, here, and here. But I stumbled upon my current favorite when shopping with my daughter. Motivated by a desire for safer ingredients, we found this, by Bare Minerals.

A matte liquid lipstick, it’s quickly kicked all my other lip colorants to the curb. The first application surprises, this stuff slips on like liquid clay. But it’s also surprisingly easy to use precisely, so no need for pencil outlining. I let it dry, then add lip balm on top. This is the most natural look I’ve ever found – not cake-y like some lipsticks, not overly shiny like a gloss. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say matte liquid lipstick + lip balm looks like an actual lip. Miraculous.

I first bought the shade above that renders either as a  cool dusty pink or a slightly warm brown pink, depending on the colors you’re wearing. It’s called Boss, and they say it’s a dirty pink beige. I like my descriptors better. Works for my coloring about 95% of the time.

But on those occasions when I wear a fuchsia scarf, I need to go brighter and pinker on the lip. So I just bought this from the Sephora line, in Sweet Raspberry. Inexpensive, also safe ingredients. Not quite as luxe in feeling as the Bare Minerals, and technically a “cream lip stain,” whatever that means, but so many colors!

I’m not sure I’ll ever wear solid lipstick again.

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  1. Yes, how is the lasting power? Also, do either of them make your lips dry? Stains sometimes do that.

    1. @Mary anne, The Bare Minerals product, when worn with lip balm, is not drying at all. I haven’t used the Sephora product yet enough to be able to say.

  2. If you have the time or inclination – a repeat of your makeup video with these would be great! As you know, I loved that first one and would love to see these in action.

  3. I’ve loved liquid lipstick for years. I recently stumbled upon Kat Von D’s “Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.” Almost true to its name, “Everlasting” really does stay on all day. It’s matte, not drying, no pencil outlining needed, with no animal testing and animal ingredients. In the short time I’ve paid attention to the Kat Von D brand, Kat has regularly added new “Everlasting” shades – both vibrant and natural. It’s pricier than the liquid lipsticks I’ve used, but worth it.

    1. The Sephora product stayed on for four hours – fading a little but not much. After I ate, it was much faded, but, not gone, which seemed pretty good to me.

    1. Just Burt’s Bees. Usually in pomegranate, which has a light tint, so that kind of layers the color on. My lips haven’t dried at all.

  4. I am very sorry,but we don’t have neither Bare Minerals (I hope,yet) or Sephora ( didn’t stay for a long time here)
    I find matte lipsticks dry (although lip balm could help and it’s worth a try-I assume no ugly stains on glasses)- my favourites are Coco stylo from Chanel in Histoire or Roman (red or berry shades). I don’t wear eye make up at all,so lipstick shade could be distinct.
    The Sympathiser, as Pulitzer price winner, is on my radar-thank you for Lillian Boxfish…. recommendation,it sounds very good
    I started to read The Sellout-it seems that P. Beatty would have a lot of material for his second book,with the recent political situation

  5. Your Bare Minerals lip product is on sale at Dermstore. At their reduced price, I decided to give your rec a try, just in a different shade. (Don’t tell Sephora.)

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