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Collaborating With An Artist For Friendsmas, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:59am

As a nod to Friendsmases of years past (last year’s is here, for example), I wanted to show you the quilt I commissioned from my cousin Linda. I needed a present for a young British friend of mine and her first baby, and thought something custom-made would be really special.

The family likes black and white, and strong colors. Also animal prints. So Linda and I collaborated:). She sent me to her Pinterest page to choose a design. We both liked the Kaleidoscope. Then she pinned together what I can only call prototypes, and sent me photos, so we could decide on a color scheme.

We went from full-on black and white to bits of color.

And on to a royal blue as a backing.

Then added little subtle prints in some of the squares. BTW, this is kind of crib-sized, or pram-sized, if we’re aiming for Britishism as we always should.

I love it, and I think the family quite liked it too. I hope their new baby has fun finding animals over the years, and maybe remembers the pattern as he grows.

If you have friends or family with talent, support them. It’s so rewarding. Merry Going On Christmas, and have a wonderful weekend all.

Linda’s Etsy store is here. No compensation has been received for this post, and I purchased the quilt myself. Gladly.

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  1. This is the most wonderful baby gift, all the love and labour and collaboration that went into it, and it’s a whimsical delight. Your cousin is so talented, and I’m guessing she loved the commission.

  2. What a lovely gift :-)! You and your cousin are very talented-it is personalized and beautiful and full of riddles

  3. I love beginnings! You have made someone else feel very special. How wonderful that you were able to utilize your cousin and work with black in an expressive and whimsical way.


  4. I love the quilt and I’m going to need a special baby gift soon – so will be looking at her site. I think the couple would love this.

  5. I LOVE the look of this quilt. I’m going to commission Linda to make a quilt as wall art for my office.

  6. A lovely gift for the baby…and perfect for the pram!
    I made a quilt once…it took me ages, but that was when my two were just tots and so I worked on it in the evenings…it wore out from use and I really wish that I had kept it now…even though it was tattered.

  7. What a perfect quilt! I love how you tried to match it with the family’s preferences and I especially like the hidden colorful treasures within the quilt.

  8. That quilt is gorgeous. How thoughtful of you to design it to their taste,
    I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. You and your cousin cooked up such a sophisticated yet buoyant pattern, beautifully executed by talented Linda (is she your “Artistic Cousin”?). I think Dottoressa said it best: “beautiful and full of riddles.” What a treat for the new parents – and for that baby as he grows into toddlerhood and discovers all the hidden treats in his special blankie…(if they use that word in Merrie Olde England!)

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