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Has Eileen Fisher Changed Or Have I?, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:29am

As it turns out, my favorite outfit for serious heat remains a simple jersey skirt that falls well below my knees, and a t-shirt. Surprise;). Which is to say, when it’s too hot for jeans and shorts don’t feel like me any more, well, here we are.

I am surprised that both top and skirt are from Eileen Fisher, not a brand I’d not been able to wear until I found this skirt several years ago. When it occurred to me last week that I might want to own TWO such skirts, in case one was covered in flour or pollen or lint as has happened, it was off to the mall.

The skirt in and of itself in this color would not have worked worn next to my cool-toned, easily-reddened face. Luckily, I rarely wear skirts on my head. Also luckily, this knit linen t-shirt comes in a periwinkle that makes my eyes twinkle so that I have to make you suffer goofy internal rhyming. (They call it “Light Coast” but I respectfully disagree, the color is not oceanic.) I tuck half the tee into my skirt, as you see, and feel insouciant. I also feel more traditionally feminine, less edgy than usual, but maybe that’s OK.

Also luckily, I own a pair of gold hoops as I hope you all might. (Note, if I were to wear my hair down, I’d have to go for stud earrings, otherwise, too much flapping. Oof, I hate flapping.) If not, here are a few to consider.


Finally, with the greatest of luck, these Mephisto wedge sandals still make my feet forget their sorrows. I have also bought these, which I am wearing repeatedly and like very much, despite the hint of island fishing grandmother style.

Can you tell it’s an optimistic morning in my house? If you’re feeling otherwise today, I send you all my extra cheer. Thank you for sticking around.


Links may generate commissions. Please remember this mirror makes me appear taller and slimmer than is true. I am actually buying a new one because I am uncomfortable with even confessed misrepresentation. Comments are working even though they still look kind of weird;).

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  1. My mirror does the same thing and I haven’t replaced it yet–and I am sorely disappointed when I catch a glimpse of myself in an accurate mirror. I’ve been a bit disappointed in Eileen Fisher lately. The prices are spiraling while the quality seems to be going down. You look good in this outfit and I applaud keeping cool in the summertime.

    1. Mirrors, can’t live with them, can’t live without them;),,,, These pieces weren’t horrifically expensive, I was surprised! And thank you.

  2. I want a mirror like yours!
    I am a fan of Eileen Fisher clothing. I haven’t bought any of her things since Covid but hope to find a few more pieces from her collection later in the summer or early fall.
    The skirt looks very cool and it’s dressy enough to wear out and can be worn for many occasions.
    Stay cool…it’s hot here too!

  3. Actually, I have bought and loved many Eileen Fisher pieces, both skirts and tops. Some are quite old now but I still wear and love them. But I understand that Eileen Fisher is not for everyone. And not all her pieces suit me either. You look very lovely and comfortable in your skirt and t-shirt. I find that a loose fitting shirt dress is much more comfortable in hot, humid weather than shorts or jeans. Bonne week-end!

  4. You wear this very well — and while it skews more “elegant casual” than edgy, it’s still congruent with your style as expressed in jeans and Ts. If that makes any sense. Basically, the insouciance comes through ;-)
    I was never interested in Eileen Fisher — just seemed to belong to a more careful demographic. But somehow I’ve acquired a few pieces over the past few years that suit me surprisingly well: particularly, a pair of indigo linen, loose, bib overalls (perfect over a tank in the summer heat), and an indigo-white striped heavy linen loose-fitting shift dress, with pockets, that I’m wearing as I write this. Honestly, I could live in this through the heat wave we’re experiencing this week. Rumpled chic, I’d like to think ;-) Aiming at insouciance!

    1. Thank you. Maybe the insouciance coming through is why I felt comfortable with the deviation from Tomboy World? I think linen overalls and a striped shift dress are very Bluestocking Chic, and the rumple is required. Good luck in the heat wave, I have found them very draining when they roar through my neighborhood.

  5. love the skirt color! will have to keep my eye out for something similar.

    as for eileen fisher … the pieces i have, i LOVE. but i have to be careful and stick to the more tailored items. they’re pricey, too, but as long as i get a lot of wear from them, i don’t mind.

    1. The skirt color is pretty unique. It comes with a matching top, but, because of my coloring, I didn’t go there. Interesting what you say about being careful in buying from EF, it seems to echo what others have said. Essentially, when her pieces work they really work, and when they don’t well, they aren’t easily worn.

  6. I used to think Eileen Fisher was not for me. I am quite petite and small boned and though the clothes would overwhelm me. Surprisingly they are the pieces I turn to when I want to look put together. Did you know about Eileen fisher Renew, pre worn or reworked pieces? And of course the prices are lower and it keeps them out of landfills. I recently purchased a linen overdyed natural indigo tunic, very comfortable in the New York Summer and I have received complements on it.

    1. I had forgotten about the Renew program. I should check and see if our local store supports it. Thank you.

  7. This isn’t about the Eileen Fisher clothes. I want to tell you I ordered 2 solar fountains and am having so much fun with them. Thank you!

  8. Love the look, and the Mephisto wedge sandals. I may try a pair. (FYI, your link seems to be broken.) I have Eileen Fisher pieces from years ago, specifically an elegant linene sleeveless black fitted midi-length dress, and a women cotton short button-less cardigan, both lovely. I haven’t looked in the store recently, but I’m curious to see what they have. I’m looking for midi-length cotton or linen dresses with half or three-quarter-length sleeves. I may end up having something made. Glad you’re having a good day.

    1. Thanks for letting me know my link was broken. I can imagine you’d have something simple and gorgeous made. One thing that has worked for me is clicking on an Instagram ad that’s close to what I want and then wading through all the similar products that get thrown at me. Ooof. The modern world.

  9. I find when Eileen Fisher hits the mark for me, they’re pieces that become my wardrobe “glue.” (Though they’ve been more miss than hit lately…)

    This looks just lovely on you. Authentic and very much your style. And that blue for you…yes!!!

    1. Oh, I definitely remember your glory days with EF. Maybe as they miss for you they hit for me? Mysterious! And thank you. I think about color much more consciously since you did your Red Leopard analysis.

  10. Loving the cool elegance of this outfit and the feeling of optimism in this post. Life is good once more. Enjoy the weekend and the warm weather.

  11. I wrote my comment above hastily before guests arrived. Only after it posted did I note I’d managed to include multiple typos. I can’t find a way to delete or edit the existing comment. The comment also looks in some cases as if it is a sub-comment of the above comment, and in others as if it is a separate comment. I’m adding this new comment with corrections.

    linene = linen

    women cotton short button-less = woven-cotton, short, button-less

    Apologies for my breathless errors. xo.

    1. Oh, please, no apologies needed! Never! Ever! The sub-comment issue is on my side. I am hoping to get the blog infrastructure completely redone this year.

  12. I love the look and those sandals, and yes I know I admire them before, though I probably couldn’t wear them. When my back is sore, I tend to roll one leg outward from the hip, and have painfully learned that the closer my feet are to the ground, the safer. I may be further into granny territory than you.

    That said, I love the long skirt and you always look insouciant. I adore long skirts and floaty dresses in the summer, but heat and humidity are more of a norm for me, and the period when jeans are too hot is far too long.

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