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What To Wear When You Are Over 60 And It’s Too Hot For Jeans

As must be evident, I mostly wear jeans. The thing is, it’s gotten too hot to wear them in summer, at least around here. Long dresses are great, but, what if you just want something to throw on with a t-shirt? And if you’re thinking, wait, it’s fall, not here. In California we often get some of our hottest days in September.

Enter a jersey tube skirt. This is what I asked my sister to give me as a birthday present, lo and behold her success. Some would wear this with a long shirt, on me I think it’s best with an adult crop top, AKA a short tee.

From Eileen Fisher, size S/PS, organic cotton jersey. Worn with my SEA tee, white Gizeh Birkenstocks, an Eric Javits hat from Nordstrom, simple Blue Nile gold ball posts, and Ray-Ban aviators. Matte liquid lipstick from Bare Minerals, color is Juju, a lighter, rosier tone than Boss, my other favorite.

La di da and out the late summer door, no sweat, literally or figuratively. (BTW, this mirror is quite slimming, so trust me when I tell you that I look a little broader than this in the flesh, and trust me when I tell you la di da to that too;)). Being over 60 has its perks.


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  1. Très chic! Very cosmopolitan. I’m going to copy this look. Don’t worry, we won’t run into each other.

  2. My dilemma exactly!!! I made myself a pencil skirt (which hides my knees) out of stretch cotton twill, not too tight. I will check out this one, too! I love your style!

  3. Hello from inside the Beltway.

    We’ve been wearing hazmat gear exclusively since that orange orangutanian narcissist moved in over at Pennsylvania Ave.

    So any issue regarding what to wear at what age and in what weather is subordinated to the need for protection against the ghastly caca that pervades our sensibilities 24/7.

    Denim don’t currently stand no chance around here… regardless of the temperature.

    And lighter, looser fare like linen, batik, madras, and other filmy-gauzy humidity friendly draping just scream “go ahead and make me and America be and do whatever the hell you want”. It simply fails to protect.

    I’m all about sartorial splendor and I thought that just being mentally tough would be enough to gird oneself against the adverbial assaults of mister small hands.

    Had that been the case, I could have preened in denim or linen etc as usual. Alas.

    But no, we are for now ensconced in our white hazmat onesies…at least until your fellow Princetonian Mister Mueller can intervene.

    I’m happy that I decided to peek in on you!

    1. @Dustin, Holy Mother of…Max! What is taking Mueller so &#@/%# long, press teasers all day long every day re the no prisoners members of his team, nothing! xo to you and Ms Golden Hair

    2. @Dustin, Well hey buddy! For you I am making an except on my no politics in the blog comments, but, it’s you. I have to let Dusty be Dusty. So nice to hear from you, hope you have found some seersucker hazmat, and yes, as Flo says, hope Ms. Golden Hair is doing well and you too).

    3. @Dustin, Ohmigosh, Lisa, I got carried away at the presence of Max, forgive me. Please DELETE my comment, totally forgot about making references to. ZAP IT, thank you!

    4. @Dustin,

      I am SO sorry to have colored outside of the comment lines. I’ll keep the politics out of it from now on.

      It’s been a long time since I’ve even looked at a blog post. I think I kinda got carried away and ended up writing a demi-blog post.

      The Golden Hair grew up. Driving. Steady boyfriend. College applications. Campus visits. We are visiting Tulane in a few weeks. Wake Forest thereafter. Vanderbilt after that. Wants two undegrad degrees. Dance and Bio.

    5. @Dustin, No worries. You, as I said, get a bye. Golden Hairs will grow up, and go to college. Good thinking, keeping her local;). And Dance and Bio make perfect sense. Pre-med?

    6. @Dustin, The best news of all is your saying that GH wants to major in dance. One of your last communiques was that she’d suffered through [ankle, was it?] surgery, and a not-so-good return to her dance company. Hurrah, she’s back, I’m thrilled for her!

  4. I have two pairs of Uzi pants, a very unstructured loose look I love. With a nice v-neck tee or a loose short sleeved shirt, and my Camper sandals or my silver Kate Spade slip ons, very good look for my home city, Vancouver, which has a bit of funk in its style.

    1. @MarcyLuna, Sounds very cool and comfortable. Also I think maybe our hot days can come in longer spates and slightly higher temps than you, hence forsaken pants. Am I wrong? We used to get out of the 80s very rarely, but this year had weeks in the 90s:(

  5. You manage to pull off looking cool, comfy and chic quite well. I love this outfit.

    We have gotten cooler evenings, a couple of cooler days, but September is usually hot and I expect this to be a simple little bubble of coolish air.

    1. @Mardel, Thank you. I love the term, “simple little bubble of coolish air,” for a break in late summer heat. It does feel like a bubble.

  6. First of all, I want that mirror.

    Skirt hm? My first thought was boyfriend chinos. But now I will look for a skirt. You look very cool! I oh so many ways!

  7. You look fabulous! I generally avoid skirts like that because they tend to further flatten my already flat bottom, but I’m so tempted to try it.

  8. Lovely outfit! It is very well put together and it looks comfortable and nice
    I would like a mirror like that :-)
    Linen or silk wide dresses saved my life during this very warm and very long summer
    Last years my choice were linen trousers and tees,but this year it was too much

  9. Love that outfit, Lisa. Wish I could look that cool in hats instead of … well…let’s not go there. That length of tee is so versatile, isn’t it? My white schlubby (but not too schlubby) Vince tee is that length. For me that means it covers the bulge without looking like there’s a bulge that needs covering.
    Hope it cools down for you soon so that you can wear your autumn jeans and boots. Love whoever Dustin is. Love that you left his comment up there. Guess I’m feelin’ the love today:) xx

    1. @Sue Burpee, Love high-waisted pants, they prompted these shorter tees, and yes, they work wonders on the middle by sort of sailing out away from the body;). Also, hat wearing is just about practice. I felt like a doofus when I first started but I persisted for sun protection and I’m finally used to it. Anyone can look OK in a hat, and your dermatologist will cheer.

  10. Cuffed shorts in all colours with a loose flowing cotton or georgette short sleeved blouse and Sally Hansen spray on leg tan in Medium. Lots of leg tan. No skirts. You need a flat stomach and slim hips to do the tube skirt. Nice idea if you got the bod. I also quite like the idea of seersucker hazmat with blue surgical booties. Wait, don’t surgeon’s wear Crocs?

    1. @Tracey, Surgeons wear clogs but Dusty is a well-suited consultant who has also blogged for a long time. He’s got fantastic gentleman dandy style. He stopped blogging and went to Tumblr and I just couldn’t handle the new platform, so I’m super happy to hear from him and and have indulged his prose because he’s so much fun.

      I suddenly looked around, about two three years ago, and thought, “I am not wearing shorts out and about any more.” Doesn’t feel attractive on me any more.

  11. Lisa, Love this look. I’m in the same boat and have been alternating between two simple dresses and I have a few shorter cotton gauze skirts. I cannot bear jeans right now- hot flashes and all. I am really looking forward to fall. Love your Birks. I just bought myself a suede pair for fall- the California version of back to school shoes! Stay cool! Kim

    1. @kim, Stay cool! I’m really wondering what September will bring us. Birks are the California state shoe now;). I would like of like some in sky blue suede, but I have to remind myself it rains these days!

    1. @Ann, Thank you! And that’s Sibyll Bliss Carnochan, as a young girl and as a woman. My father’s mother, who died in 1965 or thereabouts. Her long dark blonde hair…

  12. I really love this on you Lisa. I would wear one of these skirts myself! I’m glad EF has SOMETHING that works for you. Today, I’m wearing a new EF dress I purchased from Garnet Hill (on sale) with elbow length sleeves in a color called Midnight. It’s a winner!

    1. @Susan D., I was so surprised that my sister found this at EF, as you know the brand doesn’t usually work on me but hey, this time makes up for any other misfits! I am happy to be an EF pal with you today.

  13. You know how much I adore that tee. I’ve tracked down the skirt in a Petite length, and am going to give it a try. You are too cool for school.

    1. @Susan B, I wanted to be cool all my life, so maybe it was never going to happen until I tried the la di da. Thank you. And I will never forget our trip to NY. Where are we going next?

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