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News! Or, Saturday Morning at 9:13am

Tomorrow night in Milan the JW Anderson show will feature an installation of my son’s clothing/art. The announcement is here.

That was a really great sentence to write. Understatement.

Jonathan Anderson is an astonishing creator. He designs the JW Anderson and all of Loewe too.He collaborates with UNIQLO. He’s on the board of the Victoria and Albert museum, and has birthed so many other projects I can’t even hold them all in my mind at the same time. Including generous and sustained support for emerging artists and small businesses.

Here are a couple of things from the JW Anderson women’s line.

The “Bumper” bag, Moon variant. Comes in many colors and more than one shape. Pretty much an instant classic.

Resin chain-link lace halter top. Make an entrance!

A cropped jacket. Make a statement. I’m pretty sure Anderson believes this, too.

I just adore their logo. Half marine preppy, half subversive satyr.


And yes, I did know about the project when I bought that Loewe bag. If there is ever a time to splurge, it’s in support of an enterprise that does something cool for your kid, no?

Oh, this is my son, Patrick. Needless to say, you’ve already met him, maybe on his 25th birthday 7 years ago. Mothers, innit?

I’m torn between the very WASP-y desire to say absolutely nothing about my pride and excitement (under the cultural assumption that what is omitted is felt more strongly than what’s said) and the absolute tumble of words of love and happiness piled up in my throat. Let’s surrender to love. My son transformed tragedy, the death of his father from a difficult disease, and just as a global pandemic stripped us of all bodily support bought himself a knitting machine and made these pieces. All while working as a teaching assistant and finishing his MFA in Creative Writing.

Also he’s a lovely guy. Patrick, honey, I celebrate your spirit and extraordinary mind.

If Anderson livestreams, I’ll be watching here, Sunday at 7pm Milan time, even though I’m not even sure Patrick’s installation will be shown online. Like I said, someone does something good for your child, you show up in thanks.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


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  1. I honestly have goosebumps reading this post. I think Jonathan Anderson is the most artistic fashion designer working these days, and I bought the Loewe bag (and other Loewe items) not knowing about Patrick!!!

    Patrick, who I do follow on IG, has achieved artistic greatness and my guess is that he’s headed for even more. What an incredible, and well deserved honor.
    It’s amazing what tragedy can bring out in people and their art – it never surprises me as artists often need something to “push against”.

    Congratulation to his mama as well. You fostered a very profound and creative guy. I share your joy, truly.

    1. Kathy, I feel like only an artist could’ve written this comment. I love the concept artist needing something to push against. Something to explore. And thank you for the word “foster.” It does feel that when you give birth to or adopt a newborn baby they’ve already lived for a while in somebody else’s care, and then you foster them.

  2. Wow! This is wonderful for Patrick and for those who will get to see his work! He is so creative. The pieces he makes are true works of art. I would love to read his writing. There is nothing better than being a proud mom. Love for our children is just about everything.

  3. Everything that Kathy Leeds said above plus more. Patrick’s work, which I feel privileged to see on IG, is beautiful. The combination of creativity, intelligence, and courage he displays is rare and moving. His use of his body as part of his art presentations is stunning. I wish him success in this show and in the years to come. Congratulations to you, mama, and to your boy. xoxoxo.

    1. Katherine, you’ve been one of his earliest and best fans. Thank you so much for understanding and supporting his work.

  4. Oh, he is so your son. Those words. That creativity. What a joy to see. Please brag to the heavens. What joy to take pride in your kids. Congratulations.I’ll start following him now!!!

  5. Congratulations, Patrick (and Lisa)!! This post put such a much-needed smile on my face. Surrendering to love is the best, for proud mamas and all of us. I hope you both have an absolutely fantastic weekend!

    1. Jess, thank you. I am very happy to put a smile on your face. If only, as you say, we could all surrender to love.

  6. Big hug and congratulations to you and Patrick! Of course you should shout it out – it’s an amazing accomplishment and you deserve to be proud. And this is just the start! Can’t wait to see what he does next.

  7. I’m in tears of happiness and joy for you and your amazing son, Lisa.

  8. Congratulations to your very talented son! What a well deserved honor. All I can do is echo all said above. Revel in your giddy happiness.

  9. I love your son’s knitting and it’s always so interesting to hear about the background of his artistic life. Congratulations to Patrick. That you love him and his work is apparent. Congratulations!


  10. This is such wonderful news — huge cause for celebration! I only wish that you could be there, in Milan, new Loewe bag and all, to view the installation. . .
    (and of course, as a lifelong knitter, I love the brilliantly subversive — and aesthetically beautiful — way he’s stitched up these garments. Their forceful fineness. And the gorgeous texts he’s chosen for each, so resonant, even redolent.)

    1. Thank you, Frances. Forceful fineness indeed. I feel that’s a term only a lifelong knitter and professor could bring to this party. Thank you!

  11. How wonderful to read this celebration of your son and his art! Congratulations to Patrick.

  12. Wow! Congratulations to Patrick! So glad you overcame your WASP-y reticence to let us all know about, and in a small way share in, your justifiable pride in your son and in his work.

  13. Such happy news! Thanks for going with love rather than restraint. And now I understand much better why you splurged on the green bag. It must make your heart happy when you carry it, yes?

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