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The Enduring Value Of A Scarf, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:20am

This past week I drove to Marin County for lunch with a writer I’d met on a fiction course. It was so fun. I just love people. What miracles!

Anyway, the outing warranted putting on actual clothes. How many times I have worn these brown Eileen Fisher lantern pants, or what I will do when they wear out, I can’t tell you. Because I don’t know! So good! Big pants forever!

With Church oxfords (because big pants do love a big shoe), Theory jacket from last year, and an Etro scarf my brother gave me decades ago.

To ensure that casual dressing holds up its part of the moderately polished bargain, subtle color is my friend. Scarf can be valuable allies, and this one is dark teal, with some olive green, mustard and tiny swirls of a vivid lavender. Somehow, to me, wearing only two colors feels sad. Three’s a party, and an almost invisible fourth, well, illuminate that disco ball. But given my coloring or lack thereof I need lowish contrast and smoky hues. Booyah.

My t-shirt’s from Target. It’s that marine blue I’ve been advised, and concur, is good for me. I added tiny turquoise studs! I wore eyebrow pencil!

It takes everything and nothing to make us happy. Good backlighting always a plus.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. I remember that beautiful scarf from oh so long ago. I do admire how you wear your clothes over and over. I’m aspiring to do just that. No saving for special occasions. Lunch with a friend is special enough. You look beautiful.

  2. Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen had a post about caring for cashmere items, and completely forgot to mention that a scarf at the neck is the perfect accessory because it not only adds some variety, it also protects your ‘was expensive, should be dry cleaned but that’s expensive and a bother to send it out’ sweater from picking up oil and sweat from your skin.

    Whenever I’ve been to California we’ve always managed to end up sitting someplace where it wasn’t warm and it’s nice to have a scarf .

    1. LOL I love the practicality of this scarf use case! The Sturdiness! And yes, that’s the thing about Northern California, at least. We cool down in the evenings and layers are imperative.

    1. You do such good work, Sue! And I’m addicted to them too. I can’t believe they aren’t available, how could Eileen do that to us.

  3. You look beautiful. Agree you look good in marine blue. Love your shoes.

    In human color theory—fashion color theory? I don’t really know what it’s called—I’m told I’m a true winter, which makes sense since I look best in white, black, gray, and blue. I’m a high contrast of pale and dark, or was, but evidently, silver hair keeps the high contrast going. My clothing is chosen for its longevity, natural fibers, and classic lines with a twist, in the aforementioned colors, and I always, always, always wear a scarf. My top closet shelf has folded piles of scarves from winter wool and cashmere to summer silk chiffon and cotton. Once, I tried to add color to my wardrobe via scarves. It was a failed experiment. All those beautiful scarves were passed on to others. For me, it’s the pattern and texture that add interest, rather than the color, but I do love the feeling of wrapping a scarf around my neck. My usual style, which requires long scarves, is to put the middle of the scarf against the front of my neck, and circle the ends around so they hang down in front, or I cross them in front. The style seems cozy and attractive. In summer, I sometimes just drape the long scarf around my neck and let the ends hang. I love your brown ensemble. Brown clothing doesn’t look good on me, but I love it in accessories that complement my white/black/gray/blue clothing. Brown shoes and a brown purse, or a black/brown of either, give me a cheery lift. Happy Saturday.

    1. I hope you had a happy Saturday too, Katherine. I love the idea of pattern and texture in neutrals to add depth to an outfit in your color palette. Both soothing and intriguing at once.

    1. All the way!

      In fact, I think we’re due for an eyebrows only blog post. I look in the mirror and marvel at my aging north-south-east-west [and one new boomerang per day] eyebrows growth pattern.

      Also, Lisa, order a backup pair of those EF “lantern pants” immediately. Now.

      1. I guess eyebrows and pants are their own kind of hi/lo;). Thank you both! I wish I could order a backup pair, but the style isn’t offered so far this year. Fingers crossed. And a post on eyebrows? An area in which I have absolutely no domain expertise? Actually, a little research on pencils and tweezers might be fun, given that it would involve a trip to Sephora. I just might do it!

  4. You look gorgeous, Lisa. The proportions and colours of that outfit are perfect. So cool. I aspire to be so cool. Maybe lantern pants would help me. But on my long skinny legs, I’m worried that I might look like Olive Oyl in pants. Ha.
    I’m always happy to hear the ping of my email announcing your post on Saturday afternoon as I am banging away on the computer writing my own Saturday post. That fellow-blogger feeling. xox

    1. Sue, I’m honored to have fellow-blogger feeling with you. I always aspired to have long legs! You are remarkably cool, and an exemplar of refined casual, in my opinion. Not remotely Olive Oil, unless you have a secret wig with a bun you’ve been hiding from us.

  5. You look Fabulous!

    Any possibility of a link to the tee? Target has sooo many and that’s a great color!

  6. I love the marine blue on you. i’d be tempted to buy an entire outfit in the color. Meeting up with a friend from your earlier course sounds like good fun. When I find clothing or shoes that are perfect, I buy two or three because good quality and appealing dress items are hard to find.

    1. Thank you. In fact I do have a dress in that color! And a pair of cotton lantern pants. I have found, however, through trial and error, that the cotton jersey ones pill very quickly. Sadly, the ponte ones aren’t available right now, but I will hope.

  7. I very much love the combo of brown and teal blue/dark turquoise — which is what your T-shirt looks like (more than “marine” blue per se, which skews more to navy). And three cheers for scarves, which, done right, can completely elevate a look. Your choice here is perfect! I have a turquoise cashmere crewneck sweater (scored on deep discount) that I wear with the Met Museum’s “William Morris Mixed Patterns” scarf of gorgeous blues, greens, and accents of cranberry red, and it’s such a great combination that makes me feel fabulous. I confess to having probably too many scarves, from delicate neck wear to heavenly swaths of thick color to keep me warm in the winter. They are the such delightful garnishments!

    1. I think you’re right, that this color is more accurately a dark teal. Thank you for the term! I love the sound of your outfit. Those colors are so William Morris, and kept such good company by turquoise. I believe your part of the world requires many, many scarves, for warmth and imputed sunshine.

  8. Love the outfit, just perfect for a lunch. Comfort is my thing at the moment and I appreciate your combos – a big help.

    1. Thank you, and you are more than welcome! Once I put on stretchy pants, and felt so comfortable, it was impossible to go back!

  9. What a treat to see you dressed up. I remember the days when you dressed up each week. Love the outfit and with that quality it will never wear out. I also remember the luncheon of bloggers so long ago.

    1. I remember too! I used to dress up, to an extent, every day and walk to work in San Francisco! Such a fertile use case for outfit photos! I’d carry a little digital camera (remember little cameras?) and a tripod in a gym bag, and set it up and take photos on the streets somewhere on the way to my office. Good times:).

      I remember our luncheon too. Thank you so much for that organizing. If you hold another one up here I’ll come, and if you hold in in LA I will try my best.

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