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The Road Back, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:12am

In 2015, 2017 (which for some reason I can’t remember I didn’t recap here), and 2018, my husband, my kids spent a few nights at the Four Seasons Hualalai on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Oh yeah, and again in 2024. Last week. This time my kids brought their partners. After six years of non-happy events in my family (and the world) this was, well, so happy. I’ll leave it at that. Except for photos. The drive to Hualalai from the airport looks like this. Volcanic.

The adult pool, known as Palm Grove (for non-subtle reasons), looks like this at night. Who invented moonlight on the Pacific? Very nice work. 11/10

Like this in the daytime.

And with four happy people standing therein, like this.

The ocean looks like the ocean in a warm climate. With two other very happy people standing therein.

Lava persists; we make paths through but respect it as we walk.

The sky hands out rainbows. Thanks, celestial refraction! On the road to Waimea, a town up in the hills where rain falls in quantity.

I know it’s gray, and snowy or rainy, in a lot of places right now. Including my backyard. Thanks for keeping me company in remembering blue.

Have a lovely weekend.

P.S. My bathing suit is J. Crew’s ruched v-neck one-piece, in Long Torso, navy size 4. Thumbs up. P.P.S., next time we go to Hawaii I’m thinking of staying in a place owned by Hawaiians. For example.




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  1. We leave tomorrow for the Mauna Kea on the big island! Just David and me. The big island is my favorite, for many reasons. We’ll be gone 9 whole days. I hope you had a fantastic trip (it looks like it) and I’m so glad you’re celebrating what is hopefully the end of your six years of hell. Wonderful photos and they make me all that more excited to get there.

    1. Oh my gosh, wonderful!!! I will have to quiz you on the Mauna Kea, to see what you think, as it’s supposed to be fantastic:) Have a great time.Thank you for the well wishes.

      1. I’ve been there, but not for years. We like a very swimmable ocean – so it’s a great fit for us.
        But we’ll discuss after our stay.

  2. I’ve never vacationed in Hawaii but your photos do make me want to go! I’m glad it was such a happy trip.

    1. Thank you. I think you’d enjoy it. Hawaii is a beautiful place, and so its own place too.

  3. Such absolutely gorgeous photos! I’ve also never been to Hawaii, but you’ve made me want to go. I’ve had a bad case of Covid yet again, quite soon after the last, and really needed the good cheer. Thank you so much for sharing, and it’s lovely to see that you had such a wonderful time. I hope your weekend is full of joy and love!

    1. So sorry you got sick yet again:(. I hope you recover and can stay free and clear for a long, long time! Hawaii is lovely, and can be visited and experienced in so many ways.

  4. Looks like a lovely vacation with the kids. It’s hard to get everyone in the same place so kudos! Glad you had a nice time. Haven’t visited Hawaii but your photos encourage me to keep it on the list!

    1. It took a fair amount of planning. My daughter’s residency plans their vacations for the whole year, so we had to get in there and lock down the days LOL. Hawaii is really a lot more than just a pretty state, if that makes sense. It’s a whole culture and a whole land and more and more that way of thinking is encouraged.

  5. Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful place. Glad you got away with your husband, your children, and their partners. Love your bathing suit, which I looked up because I was having trouble picturing a v-neck and ruching, but now I get it and think it’s lovely, particularly in navy. Your suit reminds me of my black bathing suit with white vertical piping that I bought when I was 28 and about to fly from Chicago to LA for an event. We were staying in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and I was using the pool. The suit can be worn with the ties tied around the neck, or with the ties tied in front, as a strapless suit. Miraculously, it’s still in perfect condition. Periodically, I put it on to gauge how I’m doing staying in shape. I hope your trip was renewing. You inspire me to get my new place finished—this move it taking longer than I planned—and take a trip. I have hopes for some American travel, and then some European travel. Happy Saturday.

    1. What a great story, K. That bathing suit sounds iconic! I can’t imagine how it’s still intact, much less in perfection condition. I hope you get your travel soon.

  6. What a refreshing post! Light and positive. Not sure you remember my mom is Filipina Hawaiian born and raised on Kauai! Spent every year visiting the “Garden Island,” where ( honestly) it feels like the most authentic of the bigger islands. It will always be my second home even though we no longer own property there. Yes Hawaii is a breath of fresh air ! Every time I climb off the plane.

    1. Not to worry, I can pivot and dwell on the meaning of life and mortality, on a dime;)

      I do remember that your mom is Filipina, but I didn’t know she was born and raised in Hawaii! No wonder it feels like your second home.

  7. I spent 8 days with my daughter at Christmas in Kawai. She found the perfect condo close to
    the ocean, with all the amenities of home. I, too love the Big Island, both Kona and Hilo.
    So nice you could enjoy it with your family.

    1. 8 days at Christmas on Kauai. Sounds like heaven. It is really wonderful share that kind of time and space with family.

  8. This long-time reader remembers HI to be an annual holiday gathering place for your family over the years. Heart warming to see the now-matriarch continuing the clan tradition. Why am I teary? Tears for you, dear Lisa, and all you’ve endured over these past few years.

  9. The last time we were in Hawaii was at the Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. I think that was in 2017. We loved it for its low key mid-century classic feel. Loved seeing the manta rays at night nearby. We used to enjoy an Outrigger hotel that has since been torn down. It was on land owned by Kamehameha Schools that the Hawaiian people consider sacred. I think it’s since been restored as a cultural center for Hawaiian studies. So grateful we got a chance to experience it before it was dismantled. It was amazing. One of the local Hawaiian hula schools would practice on its lawn and often local Hawaiian residents would stop by the terrace in the evening to do impromptu singing and traditional hula to entertain themselves and their friends. Love the Big Island!

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