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A Gift Guide From Someone Who Knows How

And today, I’m going to send you to Verhext’s blog, who has put together a gift guide for her Fancy Friend(s). Let’s pretend that’s us,

News And A Thank You

Guess what? Here’s something fun. I won the Naturalizer Style At Any Age contest. I know! I’m really pleased, and surprised. I also need to

Ask LPC Is Back In Action

After a long hiatus, the Ask LPC part of this site is now up and functioning. I deleted some old questions, and have begun to

Literature & the Arts

Discovering Artists, By The Score

I like fashion, intellectually, because it’s such clear evidence of the human urge to decorate and present. Clothing is our most accessible art. But what


And, after the most commented upon giveaway in Privilege history, we have a winner. Carla Yocum, come on down! She has a Facebook page too,