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Reader’s Choice: “Raw Diamonds”

Barbara, who has been commenting here for several years as “BarbaraG,” wrote in to recommend a 2012 post on raw diamonds. Since it’s a fairly


Show Us Your Brooches!

Do you wear brooches? A bar pin can be particularly nice.


When Statement Jewelry Says, “Shhhh!”

Quiet dressers have had a rough couple of years. Beset by ubiquitous pops of color, huge bags, inches of platform soles, and bling, (the term


What Is An “Arm Party?”

If you follow the fashion press, you may recently have come across the term, “arm parties.”  Coined, as it turns out, by the Man Repeller.


Jewelry To Wear When You Are Almost There

Let’s talk jewelry. Why? Because it’s sparkly, and pretty, and fun to wear? Well, yes, but there’s more to the story. Let’s talk jewelry at