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High = Experiences

Did I pass all this down to my children? Judge for yourselves. “High”experiences I have had over the years include: As a child, moving from

High = Money, Final Installment

A Beach Rose commented, on one of my previous posts about money, I do not have access to my “education fund” (not 21 yet), and

Saturday Morning at 9:15am

It’s the boy child’s birthday on Monday. He will be 19. First time he’s ever been away from home on his birthday. I, however, have

Saturday Morning at 10:06am

My daughter has been in a dance group at Princeton for several years. This semester, given the demands of her senior thesis, she decided not

What Do I Read? Funny, Midlife, Moms

Continuing the hunt for blogroll optimization, here is the next section of my Reader, decipherable if you squint. I think. Funny (I have a “Funny”

Saturday Morning at 9:49am

I was in the supermarket the other day, Whole Foods to be precise, and the woman ahead of me in the checkout line had a

Saturday Morning at 10:09am

The boy child has gone back to college. This is as it should be. Luckily I sneaked in a little sniff of his head when